Love it.

Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, et al all saying: "Oh it was the INCOMPETENCE of the conduct of the war that made the whole Iraq debacle manifest fully as the debacle it was destined to be from before Day One.

Sorry. Oh those doofuses were tripping over their dicks all along unable to chew gum and kiss Christian Fundamentalist ass at the same time, but ...

There was this earlier thing ....

... a megalomaniacal criminal plan to establish hegemony over oil (and water) distribution for the next century. All it would take is a few (thousand ... hundred thousands?) well-placed murders (um, collateral damagees), starting with, or at least culminating with the man our PREVIOUS megalo's put in because they understand via Realpolitik he was the only beast feral enough to keep the lid on the artificial country.

And who came up with that plan?

Oh, Perle, Wolfowitz, etc...

PERLE is now claiming high moral ground?

Richard Perle, the man whom Eliot Abrams -- ELIOT ABRAMS? who is STILL stinking of the sulfur that encompassed him when he rose from the 9th circle of Hell to run the Central American Murder Inc (aka Contra War) along with John Negroponte (the only man in Central America, they used to say, who didn't know there were death squads -- more precisely -- said he didn't know the men to whom he was handing loads of money and weapons WERE Death Squads) -- Richard Perle was the man THEY considered "The Prince of Darkness."

Visionary architects oif World Policy? Sociopathic stoners, more like it.

But wait ... what about the Brits?

Monkey Boy kissing up to Tony Blair, the same way Ronnie Reagan worshipfully sniffed Maggie Thatcher's undies , the Anglophiles racking up a whole lot moredevastation of lives than the Pedophiles (see Law & Order SVU for details).

Because it was Queen Vicki's idiot bastard kid who fucked it all up (golly, kind of like George HW's retardo* kiddie nearly a century later), who sent Lawrence of Arabia in to cut a piece of Kurdistan off of Turkey, roll Iraq and Mesopotamia up into a ball and cut off a piece with ocean-front property and call it Kuwait and give it to other pals --- and the multi-thousand year old territorial tribes are still trying to re-balance the natural order of the region.

SO, yeah, Bush et al are fuckups, sociopaths, murdering scum who can't even commit their crimes with any degree of competence ... but it's not all their fault.

They were doomed before they even picked up the first lying justification.


* Someone -- a comic -- recently pointed out that you can NOT use "retard" to refer to anyone with a mental impariment, BUT it can use used to refer to someone presumably possessed of a functional brain... hmmm, given the IMMENSE and OBVIOUS mental impairment of the Prez and his Vice Prez and his former Secty of War, and his advisors -- the NEOCONS, so-called -- maybe I shouldn't use it here. )


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