They're all the same

Rumsfeld, Bush, Dr York, the late unlamented Richard Nixon, et al ---

it's NEVER "I wasn't good enough to handle it."

No, it's always "You people just don't understand."

It's never "They beat us -- the people want what THEY'RE OFFERING."
No it's always "We didn't make our message clear enough.

Oh, you made it clear enough -- whether it's Dr. John York, owner of the 49ers, or George W Bush, owner of his daddy's name, or Donald Rumsfeld, owner of the debacle in Iraq --- it's the same message:

"I'll do what I want and fuck you. Me and my rich pals NEVER pay for anything -- YOU DO. And whatever goes wrong -- it's YOUR fault. It's not that I wasn't up to the game -- it's that YOU didn't support me."


Tell us about the excuses Dwight Eisenhower made for losing the war against Germany, guys.


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