It's a Biz - biz - biz- Bizarro World -- Seven Footprints to the New World Ordure

So ok:

1. The Bush-wahs want to get it on with Iran, militarily -- bringing up that old schoolyard taunt: "You and whose army?"

2. The Bush-wahs won't tell us where they get their intelligence for basing their Charlie Brown and the Football Iran policy -- but they send journalists to jail for not discolsing the sources of stories they didn't write.

3. Little Joey Lieberman -- what is it about that slack-mouthed whining little bitch from Connecticut that makes him so accepted by Republicans (because if he actually WERE Republican, they wouldn't put up with his whining fawning cavilling little puppy-dog peeing all over himself subservience for a minute). And then I realized -- that big, slack-mouthed, loose-lipped smile -- he's not only fellating the Big Boss Man politically and psychologically in public. I once knew a woman with those very same lips and an equally creepy desire for approval...

4. The Republicans in the House are attacking the Democrats (for their non-binding statement) --as "staying the course." What? What course? Who's been staying the course?

5. The Democrats in the House WERE (until maybe someone told them we haven't ALL lost our short-term and mid-term memory) attacking the Republicans for a potential filibuster, saying "This deserves a straight up-or-down vote." Haven't I heard those words before? And not so long ago, coming from the other side.

6. One Republican in the House was shouting that the Mid-Term elections CLEARLY showed the the American Public WANTED Bush-wah to institute The Surge. WHAT? It's more like the American Public felt the SURGING GEORGE was a RISING GORGE.

7. If THOSE PEOPLE (politicians) want to play the games they play -- AND GET AWAY WITH THEM, it's simple (and budget-balancing) -- eliminate the War on Drugs and let everyone get stoned legally and without fear of even the minimal risk of arrest. And then we'll all say things like "Congress declared war on the Moon? Far out."

---Many years ago -- as what I thought of as a joke -- I proposed that we could do better than term limits -- put congress on hiatus, refurbish both House and Senate in plastic with big drains in the floor, and when they reconvene, issue them axes, swords, knives, and Morningstars as they enter. Whoever is left alive gets his or her bills passed ... and is taken out and hanged as a danger to Public Safety for being too savage and sociopathic to be allowed to live.


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