Mainstream Press? What Mainstream Press?

I have many friends who regard the "mainstream press" dealing with political news as conspirators who diligently refuse to report on stories (or who have editors who diligently refuse to print them) that discuss issues outside what they have decided are "the norms."

Get real.

You ever talk to a mainstream reporter?

These are devolved mutant canid predators bred to do one thing -- hunt aggressively for that which is dead, dying, swarming with maggots, and is also not big enough to fight back.

For this reason, press reports of -- for example -- the unwholesome Mr Cheney have been noticeably missing in recent years, so I assume he has more weapons than the virulent stinkeye he laid on Wolf Blitzer during his recent interview.

The Bush family, of course has ALWAYS made it clear that any criticism of their doings would result in removal from access, meaning that a Washington Correspondent (or an Austin one in former days) was going to be back in Ozona at 1/10th the salary and his precious babies would not be getting braces or going to private school.

The old axiom: "Set a thief to catch a thief," holds true here. In the case of political reporting, it's "Set a ghoul to catch a ghoul."

The few exceptions are such people as Lou Dobbs, who at least has the decency to dress like a gentleman, the education and courtesy to use the English language properly, and the balls to follow up bullshit answers with actual, potentially embarrassing questions.


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