Two thoughts on Bush's speech today:

1. Watching him read the speech someone wrote for him, realizing it's only taken him 6 years of coaching to get the body language up to the level of a high school player doing Mr Roboto...

("Don't move your eyes when you look across the audience -- you look really shifty doing that. Rotate your head NOT move your eyes -- is there something we can give him, like botox, to keep those eyes ... that little mark on the prompter means for you to make a SUBTLE emphasis .. does he know how to do subtle? .. just a bit of a smile, a TINY bit .... " etc)

I kept thinking of the song by Charles Manson:

"I am a mechanical boy ... I am my mother's toy..."

2. If he's so goddamned hot for what he so laughingly calls "FREEDOM," then why has he and his masters made it more or less illegal to say anything -- like the old Texican saying -- "A horse-whipping might do that boy some good."


I see the rest of the country has caught up with my long-time lonely perception that the man is a liar, that if he told me the sky was blue AND I looked up to see it LOOKED blue to me, I would immediately call my Optometrist, the beautiful Dr. Moonsamy, and make an appointment to have my eyes checked.

I do not believe ANYTHING he says. Nor anything Dick Cheney says (the man who insisted he would testify before the congress but ONLY if he didn't have to swear an oath to tell the truth -- how obvious is that? Either he knows he is a liar OR he's the sort of creature who would touch a bible and scream "IT BURNS! IT BURNS!") Nor anything any of the hench-creatures says -- Rice, Feith, Hadley, et al.

It's not as if he didn't earn that reputation.


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