John McCain -- he coulda been a contender... you know the rest of that line

John McCain -- to quote Alan Rickman's character in the movie January Man: "So many people are just so FINISHED"

I do not intend to make light of McCain’s grit and persistence — even courage -- nor am I minimizng the hideousness of mistreatment during his internment by the people we were dropping bombs on (Gee, I wonder why they were so pissed off)* — but getting yourself captured by the enemy — no matter how well you held up — is not in and of itself actually an accomplishment to brag about.

His ability to kiss ass was integral to his survival and IS, I suppose, an important skill, one he apparently perfected, judging from the way he's been using it so liberally (if you pardon the expression) these past few years.

It’s one thing when a slimebag like Joey Lieberman does it, whining all the way.

But it’s disheartening when a man we ASSUMED had a great deal of integrity turns out to be down on all fours, lined up for his turn to smooch the Monkey Boy’s behind.


* Wesley Clark -- a man who SHOULD be president -- said in a recent CSPAN interview: "People ... when you drop bombs on them and kill their family and friends, they get ANGRY."

The interviewer looked at him as if this were an amazingly brilliant, never-before-heard-of concept: people get angry.


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