The Demo-debate -- Like the JFK-Nixon debate -- it depended on whether one was watching or listening

(It was a demo, wasn't it -- Beta version politics)

I was working and had the tv on, was recording it, so I listened to the whole thing, but didn't watch the candidates except for an occasional turn to see what/who.

Without seeing his excellent political poster face, Barack Obama sounded shallow and callow -- a man with much intelligence but no gravitas.

Hillary's voice -- JEEZUS H KEERIST!! Without her possibly mitigating practiced facial expressions, it was as grating and annoying as fingernails on blackboard... I came close to expecting to hear her to say "And your little dog too" -- despite her claims/headlines today that her "southern twang" will stand her in good stead. Hey Hillary -- the less attention youy call to your voice,the better off you'll be. It contains all the elements that anyone biased against a woman as executive constantly points out as "nagging," "strident," etc. She SOUNDS harsh and cold and emotionless... like Mike Dukakis or the late William Burroughs -- she makes Dukakis sound like Dr Phil...

Mike Gravel is a trip -- the white version of 2004's Rev Sharpton, i.e., the one with no hope to win, but who hangs in and says the things you might want to hear and that all the voters NEED to hear, but that none of the others would dare to say, even if they thought them.

He's coming from an important and refreshing, if sometimes irrelevant (to the issue at hand) point of view. This time, overdone, but perhaps that's because he needed to be introduced and to introduce himself.

He calls things by their rightful name -- i.e., soldiers died in vain, war was lost from the day we went in, you people are scary -- and as was observed by John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, a brilliant but much MUCH more vile man than even as portrayed by Johnny Depp in "Libertine" ---

"Any man who calls things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."

Gravel's barbs were refreshing, since all the others were taking themselves WAAAY too seriously --- gravitas, guys, not self-pomp.

For starters, even a Beatles revival tour with John lennon and George harrison resurrected wouldn't hold public interest for an 18 month long tour -- even if it was all free concerts in every city over 250,000 ... I think we will come to despise these people before too long.

And I predict John Edwards may well be the big winner (i.e., least despised) when the big Tuesdays come around.


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