Petraeus, Crocker, Bush -- Charlie Brown and the Iran Hostage Football

I find myself asking so often "How dumb do they think we are?"

The answer -- Apparently, THAT dumb.

Any populace who bought the inaugural day release of the Iranian Hostages but refused to believe that (1) the unelected George H.W. Bush had actually committed treason by negotiating foreign treaties, trading weapons for hostages, or (2) refused to believe that Bush Pere and Ronnie had actually arranged to DELAY the release of the hostages until their inaugural day deserves, I guess, what they get.

But I wasn't one of the coprophagic believers then and I'm not one now.

So is the public ready to buy yet another AMAZING COINCIDENCE?

That the Most Honorable General Petraeus thinks the strategically appropriate thing to do is to reduce troops JUST IN TIME for the 2008 election.

Just one more coincidentally partisan political happenstance.

This band of vermin in the Executive Branch has destroyed the integrity of more than one Army or Marine General -- so why should Petraeus be any different.

Remember, he's working for his boss, the man who promotes and appoints.

This -- Petraeus -- is a man who has made his career out of killing and maiming people. Granted, he does it in a uniform and with a flag, but still... his willingness to murder for the government is not necessarily an indication of honor and integrity.

Why should it be so incredible that he's also willing to cherry-pick facts and stats to serve his master? You either follow orders or you resign.

Peter Piper and "On this Rock I will build my house of cards" Petraeus and the rest made their choices. Colin Powell went along like a good little soldier and compromised pretty much everything he'd ever wanted to believe in -- but finally his gorge rose too high to swallow any more. And even though he'd already lost so much of his honor, he still decided to walk.
Good for him.

So fuck 'em. There's no reason I have to give respect to a man who has no respect for me or, apparently -- given his refusal to listen to senators or shut up long enough for them to ask the questions, but instead learned his political lessons well, i.e., just keep talking until the Senator (or congressman) runs out of time -- a man who has no respect for the constitution he swore to uphold and defend. (None of the people in uniform ever swore to give fealty to any President. It's the Constitution -- and apparently, General Petraeus has as little respect for that as do his Chain of Comman masters Bush and Cheney.)

The fact that he shows up wearing a costume with all sorts of bling, the same costume traditionally worn by men of honor, doesn't mean he deserves it.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the game all along was to fuck things up so incredibly that the USA will have to (1) either take a moral stand, or (2) given how laughable that would be to imagine a prez doing, keep killing our soldiers and the Iraqis' civilians.

Did anyone actually think that there was any effort being made to end this abominable crime as soon as possible? Did anyone believe the aim was ever ANYTHING other than to create situation where we have to stay there, at war forever, ringing that "shut up for security or get abducted" bell.

Well, as Lord Buckley said in a routine, "Boy you keep ringing that bell, you're gonna bend that bell."

I think it's already bent and the arrogant pricks in power don't realize it yet.

They also don't realize that the media knows the nature of vicissitudes, i.e., "be careful the asses you kick on the way up -- same ones you'll have to kiss on the way down."

You think the press isn't waiting for Monkey Boy and the Spider in the alley?

Maybe they don't care yet.

If the Democrats had any backbone at all,
Monkey Boy and the Spider would be in real trouble.


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