BP wants to shake us down?

They say: "Give us permission to go back to deep water drilling or we won't be able to afford to pay the people whose lives we destroyed the $20 billion we pledged."


They've already proved they don't know HOW to do deep water drilling.

And now -- they're using their bookkeeping system to try  extortion (because they're doing the numbers on BP USA only.  BP is multi-national and doing very very well.)

At the same time, they're blaming US for the explosion and spill -- really. 

Because we didn't do enough enforcement of the regulations they violated.

Like some sociopath who says "You shouldn'ta left your door unlocked. It's YOUR fault that I robbed and raped and murdered the people in your house. Otherwise I wouldn'ta been able to get in there."

So, here's the only answer we can give them:


Nationalize all of BP's assets in the USA and sell those assets to American oil companies -- Gulf, Exxon, etc.

File felony charges against their entire Board of Directors for Criminal Negligence, Negligent Homicide, Murder (if people die when someone is committing a crime, then it's murder) and extradite them.

If they really want to play Capone-style Chicken, they should remember -- THEY'RE asking US to give THEM permission. And all their stuff is in OUR yard. And we HAVE $20 billion to distribute among the damaged people. So I don't see how they can think they're in a position to make demands.

And, oh, yeah, speaking of the way the late Al Capone did business -- our president is from Chicago.


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