Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders --

No bullshit
No politics
Nothing but medical care everywhere for anyone and everyone who needs it.

Everywhere, but especially in Haiti --
earthquake, devastation, cholera epidemic -- they're there.

We Americans tend to be compassionate and generous ...
very few heartless, soulless, hateful monsters posing as Christians, monsters like Pat Robertson ...
but despite our generosity, we do seem to have a short attention span.

(And besides, there are -- as always -- other situations of abject horror needing help (i.e., Pakistan,  etc)

But the fact remains -- a year later, things in Haiti are WORSE.
Doctors Without Borders are STILL there, doing the good work.

Please note the link above
and send them whatever you can, as often as you can  -- all the money goes to doing the job of angels.


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