Erica Jong says? She barely knows the English language, so who cares what she says?


Why is Mommy so mad?

Erica Jong, the novelist/essayist/feminist, does not like attachment parenting. No, siree, she does not. And she let everybody know about it last week via an essay in the Wall Street Journal, a pulled pin in a grenade attack that is only the latest offensive in the so-called Mommy Wars. In it, she derides the attachment parenting movement, asserting, among other things, that its philosophy of constant contact with your child favors the wealthy and keeps you from being a complete person. She also doesn't care for the "green" parenting movement; between the homemade baby food and the cloth diapers, women are more oppressed and stressed out than ever....
OK, ever since Ms Jong's hot-shit super-cosmic-truth piece of fictional crap ("Fear of Flying") came out, I couldn't understand why anyone accepted that Ms Jong's catch-phrase ("zipless fuck")  meant what she said it meant.

A Zipless Fuck -- it means a fuck without any zip ... a fuck without any joy, verve, laughter, intensity, sweat, ecstasy, style, passion...

What she meant was a "zipperless fuck." 
Meaning the sex was as immediate and amazing as existed more or less only in porn films, what Richard Grossinger described, in Solar Journal  as portraying an "impossibly hospitable world." ("Hi, I'm the plumber and I'm here to clean your pipes.") 
Same kind of sex that, occasionally, during the wonderful years of grass, acid, went "Hi, wow, OH WOW."
But the issue was never important enough -- nor was she, in my estimation, to make an issue of it. I have been surprised somewhat, in later years, to see that her fans were NOT limited to illiterate devotees of the Jerry Springer Show. 

On the other hand, I have no doubt she told the truth in that book when she said she'd never had one of them thar things, given that from the first we ever knew of her she had, in the phrase Ed Dorn used in Gunslinger*:  "An attitude a mile long."

But hey -- who am I to criticize -- I'm just one of those people the write-for-money media has marginalized as "just some blogger." And she's an certified authority on dissatisfaction, no doubt from years of experience with it, with lack of zip in her sex, and countless questions about her nose (job?).
Why anyone would publish her opinions is still a mystery to me.
I would think Noam Chomsky and the Dalai Lama know more about the realities of parentingthan she ever will.
*Gunslinger may be one of the great epic poems of the 20th century. Deceptively simple, easily read, but has worlds within worlds beneath that surface. This link takes you to the University of Pennsylvania's MP3 recording (free) of Mr. Dorn reading the poem, other works, and spoken commentary in various venues.


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