Was it something I said? Scroll down a few to see the Dead Set post from November 10.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thought The Walking Dead was .... ahhh ... creatively deficient, especially when compared to the British Dead Set  you can still see it, sometimes on IFC, a cable premium channel.

If Walking Dead understood the Brit approach to stories ..."Hmmm, I think we told the story completely in 5 episodes. Let's do something else."

But American TV's philosophy is: "Let's milk it until it's dry:
How much better for people to say -- "Remember The Walking Dead? -- wonder if it would have gotten better after a few more episodes."  much better than "Shit -- they shoulda quit after the first season."

Or ARE THEY getting the message? They fired the entire writing staff.
Nahhh -- that means they're blaming someone else (the writers) rather than Frank Daramont's low-rent shallowness and greed.

‘Walking Dead’ Writing Staff “Fired”

WalkingDeadImg3Deadline reports that Frank Darabont, executive producer and writer/director of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, has released all of the writing staff from season one of the popular comic book-based Zombie series.

The fact that there will be “changes to the writing staff” was confirmed today by AMC.

The site says it’s rumored that Frank Darabont may ultimately opt to not replace the staff, but instead go with freelance writers. Half of the six episodes of this first short season were written by Darabont himself (penning two), and one by comic book creator Robert Kirkman. Perhaps he plans to work out the plotline of the entire 13-episode second season himself (or with Kirkman), and simply assign scripts to freelancers.

This is not entirely unprecedented;  BABYLON 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski dumped his entire writing staff after two seasons.  He wrote the bulk of the next three years himself, with only two freelance scripts, if memory serves.

It’s unlikely that Frank Darabont intends to go that far.


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