So now let's all forgive and forget and get behind the president and support him? Really?


How about the president gets behind me -- and kisses my ass, even if I'm not a big-time bribery-monger ... uhh, contributor.

The expression is "My country right or wrong" and -- oh, forgive me, I know it's sexist and nasty, but I can't resist playing the pun with the English pejorative -- and not "That cunt in the White House right or wrong."

Well, actually, we're still waiting for him to be right at least as often as a stopped clock.

The President is NOT the country.

L'etat c'est moi is French.

(What Would Jefferson Do?)

The patriotic, America-loving thing to do, when we see this strutting prancing fool taking us over a cliff, the patriotic thing to do is resist him, obstruct him, interfere with his destruction of our land and out people, loudly, aggressively, and unremittingly.



Congress can't do it all, not enough of them and they're all mostly on the same money-spigot.

But there ARE enough of us to examine and resist and attack EVERY action he takes, EVERY action Cheney takes, EVERY action any one of his people takes ---

If he nominates a man for Attorney General who has NO principles other than "My capo, right or wrong," resist.

If he nominates some sociopathic religious freak who's channeling Torquemada -- resist!

If he decides 100,000 dead Iraqis are NOT enough to satisfy his bloodthirsty deity -- RESIST!

There are millions of us, enough for a few or more to get on his case on every move he makes.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

Most of all -- make fun of him.

Publish outrageously insulting drawings of him on your blogs.

Photoshop pictures of him and his pals.

Resistance is the first step but it won't go all the way.

Mockery and laughter are the next step.

None of them can stand it when people make fun of them.

Ain't no law against laughing at a fool.

Expose him --- over and over again -- for the terribly bad joke he is.

Unless someone has a better idea, I think this be useful.


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