That means millions of Medicare users will have NO drug benefits for the rest of the year, and, according to the news reports, will be paying penalties for the rest of their lives.

His reason?

"People have to learn there's a finality to things."

I keep wondering how this tinpot pissant demagogic little prick can continue to get my ire, but that may be THE ONLY thing he's good at.

Does he think he's a third-grade teacher, and these people, mostly 65-and-over, are his little students?

What an arrogant lying mealy-mouthed sonofabitch he is.

If he just came out and said "Politically, I had to come up with a Medicare Drug Benefit, so we created the most complex, least efficient, biggest Big Pharma Payoff Plunder Pack imaginable, and then made even getting those benefits so complex as to defy most users" I could have a LITTLE respect for him being honest about what a rotten vicious sonofabitch crook he is ...

But no -- just rip off the old people ("Hell, they can't stand out in protests too long ... never catch up with us with those walkers...")

So, dear George W Bush -- you've hit another low --- you were NOT elected to teach us anything.

Your record -- a lifetime of failed projects, always bailed out by someone who wanted your daddy's connections -- and several times rescued by financial contributions from the Ben Laden Family (look it up) suggest what is obvious --

YOU DON"T KNOW JACK SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING but being a sock puppet for the real big boys and you disgust everyone by prancing around -- being a swaggering little twit who thinks his backers won't piss on him and dump his ass as soon as they have what they want and your position is no longer useful to them -- and going below 30% approval with another 2 years to go suggests -- if it were not for the imminence of Dick Cheney becoming prez -- they might just want to shitcan you sooner.

What's your historical record going to be? (And that crap you said about "Who cares? We'll all be dead then." won't wash -- your record will be tallied while you're still young enough to suffer the disdain, disgust, and revulsion of the American public.)

Your record -- you fucked up and threw away Clinton's report on terrorism.

You ignored the CIA opinions and warnings of an imminent attack -- using planes.

Your arrogance and stubborness and stupidity (and servility to the boys in the backroom saying "Naahhh, don't worry about it.") got several thousand people killed horribly on 9-11-2001 -- and a few more thousand from working amidst the toxins.

You killed thousands and thousands of Iraqi's, Afghani's, American military for some imaginary goal (the longer you stonewall, the more baroque conspiracy theories the public comes up with -- or didn't your chubby little Turdblossom know about that part?)

You LET Hurricane Katrina do ethnic cleansing of the Gulf Coast, New Orleans specifically, so your pals in construction, real estate, oil, etc could make even more money without troublesome people of color around (like Iraqis, Afghanis, and so many of the Latino, African-American, and Asian American Armed Forces you and Redrum Rumsfeld hung out without enough equipment to survive).

And now you have this sociopathic scheme to cut Social Security and Medica costs by killing off all the weaker and sicker old people.

You are ALREADY being identified as "The Worst President in American History.

You snigger like the little closet case you are because you think that means you're "BAD."

No, man -- it means you are one pathetic piece of human crap and your name -- BUSH -- is and will be reviled as long as there is a United States of America -- and beyond.

I would suggest you look over your shoulder because your brother Jeb is furious that you cost him any possiblity of ever being president.

And you might want to use the last of your federal connections to go into the Witness Protection Program (plastic surgery to get rid of that little smirk wouldn't hurt either).

I don't think you're the worst (or one of the worst) Presidents we've ever seen.

I consider you to be the worst (or one of the worst) wastes of human protoplasm we've ever seen.

But hey -- nothing personal, sir, no offense intended.


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