White House Dismisses Reports on Goss

May 06,2006 | WASHINGTON -- The White House on Saturday denied that President Bush had lost confidence in just-resigned CIA Director Porter Goss, saying there was a "collective agreement" the agency needed a new leader now.

Bush planned to act quickly, perhaps as early as Monday, to nominate Goss' successor. The leading candidate was Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, the top deputy to National Intelligence Director John Negroponte, a senior administration official said.


John Negroponte -- known (for his blithe service in Honduras) as "the only man in latin america who didn't know about the death squads." -- Naturally we want to have him in charge of Intelligence.

Of course, there are others -- well-informed others -- who said Mr N was the individual conduit for financing and protecting those same death squads.

(Ahh, the Hobson's Choice of the Bush Administration -- do I prefer to be called a vicious murdering torturing scumbag? Or an incompetent asshole? Hmmm?)

Remember -- when Goss was appointed, there had been a year or two of leaks from the CIA damaging to Monkey Boy and his pals. His tenure made sure those loyal to Clinton -- and to PoppyBush, #41 -- were run out of the Agency.

(Somone I know who knows some of the players inTexas said to me at the time -- pure speculation on his part -- that "We're Texans and a Texan can't go up against his own son, not out in public, but" -- he said -- "just a feeling that maybe #41 gave the nod to his CIA pals to slow down junior's drive to totally destroy the USA.")


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