DeLay Office Knew Abramoff Arranged Trip

Oboy oboy oboy --- The Hammer gets nailed:

May 06,2006 | WASHINGTON -- Prosecutors have e-mails showing Rep. Tom DeLay's office knew lobbyist Jack Abramoff had arranged the financing for the GOP leader's controversial European golfing trip in 2000 and was concerned "if someone starts asking questions."

House ethics rules bar lawmakers from accepting free trips from lobbyists. DeLay, R-Texas, reported to Congress that a Republican advocacy group had paid for the spring 2000 trip that DeLay, his wife and top aides took to Scotland and England.

The e-mails obtained by The Associated Press show DeLay's staff asked Abramoff -- not the advocacy group -- to account for the costs that had to be legally disclosed on congressional travel forms. DeLay's office was worried the group being cited as paying the costs might not even know about them, the e-mails state...

The documents show Abramoff initially put the airfare for the DeLay trip on his American Express credit card and arranged for two clients -- the Mississippi Choctaw tribe and eLottery -- to route money to Ridenour's GOP policy group to cover the cost...


As George V Higgins put it, essentially, in The Friends of Richard Nixon, the dumbest southey leg-breaker knows if you walk away from the crime, you don't go back to cover it up.

In other words, the Hammer not only took money from someone he shouldn'ta done, but then committed federal fraud to try to hide it.



Tom DeLay meet Kenny Boy Lay -- you'll be room-mates here in a lovely federal Bed & Breakfast for a while.

You'll just have to decide between you who Lays whom.


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