"Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy!"

John Lithgow as Dr. Emil Lizardo in the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension said these prophetic words*. It was 1984.

22 years later, everyone (EVERYONE, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Peace & Freedom, and Just Plain Folks) seems to be saying the same thing to Monkey Boy G.W. Bush, advising him of the long hateful years ahead as his name becomes contemptuously equal to that of the recently-redeemed Judas, sitting alone, realizing how the smart boys played him for a sucker, and he went along, merrily committing crimes and destroying lives because some babe or other told him it was ok.

In the world of justice, the fact that you're a fool and a schmuck and a spoiled brat whose shallowness is world class does NOT mean you're not responsible for your crimes.


"Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy."

(If you think Steven Colbert's act was painful to hear and see and endure, you ain't seen/heard/endured nothin' yet.)

*There is a T-shirt available from Starland with "Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems -- A Growing Excited Company" on the front, and Dr. Lizardo's cautionary phrase on the back. It's nifty. (No I don't get anything from them, I just happen to own one and wear it proudly.)


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