Why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton for President

I am not a Democrat, but when push came to shove, I have voted Democratic for President pretty much all my life.

But not her, not Hillary.

I look at it this way --

She is all for the war in Iraq.

She is wasting the limited time of our senate with a cynical anti-flag-burning constitutional amendment.

She sat on the board of directors of Wal-Mart for 7 years, thereby helping engineer the single most noxious force against independent community viability we've seen since Eisenhower paid off General Motors with the Federal Highway System.

It takes a village -- my ass. She's really done her best to make sure there are NO MORE VILLAGES in America.

She is trying replace Joey Lieberman as the Democrat Senator who gives the most political blowjobs to Bush.

I know we'd all rather have Bill Clinton back, but if she weren't Mrs. Clinton, no Democrat would walk across the street to spit on someone with that sort of cynical manipulative record.

I certainly won't go to the polls to vote for her --- ever.

Nor, for that matter, anyone put forth by the rigged-primary schedule control powers of the DNC, DLC, TNT, DDT, DDS, DVD, etc.


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