Enron Jury Unswayed by 'I Didn't Know' - New York Times

So, first of all, put 'em in a high security Federal prison so the children and grandchildren of the oldsters they raped and mugged for their pensions can do the same to them, day after day. They're such tough guys.

If that's a problem to them, and they want to protect their hineys, stash em in a Max Security Pelican-Bay style 23/7 isolation.

The new one in Florence, Colorado would be good.

But even better, the one they're building in Atwater, CA. That way we can all drive over to the valley and fling poop at them during their daily hour of yard exercise.

Second -- if Ahhrnold wants to be elected governor, it's simple -- institute a Class Action Civil Suit against them for conspiracy to inflate gas prices in California -- get the best forensic accountants in the world to find every penny those sonsofbitches stole and return it to California.

I have absolutely no pity for these rotten pricks.

Every time I pay my PG&E* bill, I think of Lay and Skilling as "Flay and Killing".

No mercy. They serve the maximum in the hardest way possible. I have more compassion for George W Bush or Osama Ben Laden -- at least they try to fuckl over people OTHER THAN the ones who are most loyal to them.

I know -- it's federal!

Ship 'em out to one of our rendition resorts in Afghanistan or Bosnia or Egypt.

*(Pacific Gas & Electric)


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