The war goes on, the killing continues,
our soldiers die, their soldiers die*,
civilians minding their own business die,
and our government does what?

The Senate spends the day arguing (in English) about making English the OFFICIAL language of the United States and pass not one but 2-count-'em-2 bills to make it law.

The President spends the day riding a dune buggy and posing for photos.

And oh yeah -- the Senate Judiciary Committee met in a small room inside the Capitol today to take up a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage in a closed meeting.
And Arlene Spectre and Russell Feingold had a lovers' spat -- Russ walked out.

*Our Guys = Freedom Fighters
Their Guys = Terrorists

I'm certain the people who died yesterday appreciate the fact that English may become America's OFFICIAL language.


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