Dear Republicans: Y'all have always said that those of us on the leftward side of the eagle (Democrats, Libertarian Left, Socialists, Peace & Freedom, Greens, etc) should be more like you guys.

Well, ok -- I saw this Republican-paid billboard in Texas when I lived there -- different picture, though -- same message:


Do we even need to go into the financially intertwined history of the Bush and Ben Laden Families and suggest that there might be more to not being able to find one of their kids than just stupidity?

Note to Turdblossom: the more secretive you stay, the more baroque our conspiracy theories become. We all want explanations, and when your explanations are either rank and flimsy garbage or "The information is classified," we'll make up our own.

How about those 7 Minutes sitting there with a children's book in his hand, September 11, 2001?

(Didn't Russ Meyer do a movie called The Seven Minutes based on a crappy Irving Wallace novel, about a trial about a book, one in which there was a scene describing 7 minutes found to be obscene? More obscene than the President of the United States sitting frozen like a particularly dumb deer staring into headlights?)

How about Dick Cheney's secret meetings from which came our bizarre energy policy?

How about just looking at these guys and knowing what your mother knew when she looked at one or another or the kids you were hanging out with and said -- "Those boys are bad boys ... they're a bad influence and they'll get you in trouble. Don't play with them or let them play with you"


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