A gentle word of unsolicited advice for Republicans

Remember how you LOVED the attacks on Bill Clinton, and gave the go ahead to spending $43+ millions to finally determine he got a blow job.

And now you scream like little girls* when anyone reports Bush/ Rumsfeld/ Cheney/Rove/ Goss/ Foggo/ et al possible criminal activities. (By the way, getting a blowjob was never, so I'm told, never a federal crime).

As if telling about the crime is the crime instead of the doing.

You people -- not all Republicans, but, unfortunately, the loud ones, the ones who shout down the moderate members of your party -- act as if it's ok, because it's "OUR TEAM," this time, thereby confirming what the rest of us have suspected ... you don't regard America as your team at all.

So is that ... the T-word? The one y'all used to throw around at Democrats and Supreme Court Justices ...

is that TREASON?

* I regret that canard against little girls -- none of my neighbors' daughters are such crybabies. How about "you scream like spoiled brats who aren't getting your way."


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