Two points I'd like to make:

1) -- I'm disgusted by the Democrats who say: "We can't overcome a veto so..."

So what?
You'll just sit there with one thumb in your mouth and one thumb up your ass and play "Switch?"

How about you write and pass bills you think are the right thing to do and MAKE the sonofabitch veto it? (It's called integrity -- ever heard of it? It's called courage -- ever heard of that one? It's called Honor -- how about that exotic concept? It's called backbone -- another idea you think is completely bizarre?)

How about you create bills that the people who voted for you want to see you write?

Oh no -- dither dither dither "Oh my what can we do -- Lame Duck Bush is scary and so is Cheney -- we dare not cross them."

Disgraceful chickenshit low-rent babies.

You were supposed to be different from the march-in-lockstep Republican robots. That's why people voted for you.

So, Ms Pelosi and Ms Boxer and Ms Feinstein and Mr Reid et al -- fuck you where you breathe -- take a look at people like Barbara Lee or Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich and see what it looks like when someone actually stands up for what he or she thinks is right...

2) -- Sincerity is overrated.
Who cares if Bush or Petraeus or Cheney actually believe the bullshit they espouse? That's even scarier than being cynical and lying.
Fuck sincerity. Fuck true belief.
True belief says the Earth is flat and only 4000+ years old.
True belief says that assholes are created in the image of their invisible friend.
How about using intelligence, reason, thought?

In the wise words of the late Charles Bukowski:

"Wars politics, causes.
For thousands of years
we've ended up with a sack of shit.
It's time we learned to think."


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