Just got my Cassandra card punched with BONUS points

Monkey Boy will be announcing that he's made a deal with the Maliki government



i.e., we are NOT leaving Iraq, EVER

Bush Pere tricked Saddam into invading Kuwait so he could trick the Saudis into believing there would be an invasion and therefuore they needed to allow a US Military base in their country -- coincidentally the one they were given by England in return for creating Iraq -- and then, when Osama ben Ladn came home from fighting the Russians -- whom Zbignew Brzezinski bragged about having tricked into invading Afghanistan -- ben Ladn looking for backing to invade Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein -- -- and discovered they'd allowed infidel military on their sacred soil, swore enmity to the royal family and to the Americans... and looked to how he could hurt the USA and make his point, and that was to destroy the mother-ship of international presence, the World Trade Center. Second try worked...

And now we're allying with the Shi'ite Maliki government FOREVER -- in other words, take a side (Iran's side) in a 1400-year-old civil war. Smart move, IF what is desired is endless war forever and forever...

Or if you're a Christing fanatic who wants to bring on the Apocalypse, because this announcement alone will electrify even those who have stayed neutral in the Muslim world and those poor bastards in that world who staked it all on "No of course not -- they don't want to take over the Middle East" will be dead before Christmas. Our pals.

Any doubt this of course wasn't planned when we built 17 permanent military bases in Iraq?

Of course not, they denied that. Whatsamatter? Don't believe the Prez?

Anyone still doubt that Bush needs to not only be impeached, but tried for treason?
Any doubt that fucking it up in Iraq WAS the actual strategy?

That jive-ass signifying sonofabitch has just thrown us into permanent war ...

and of course, David Petraeus will get to be The Man and run for prez in 2012, because Bush may be retiring to ride his bicycle around and beep his little horn, but the backing of the Bush Family money and connections COULD make it happen for that slimy sleazy sonofabitch Petreaus who sold all his honor and integrity for a future shot at being able to prance on the biggest stage --

Well, when the World Court tries them all for Crimes Against Humanity, they need to add Petraeus to hang as another part of the GIANT CALDER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY CAPITAL PUNISHMENT MOBILE


It's a pity cartoonist Greg Irons isn't still alive -- no one ever drew terminally corrupt politicians and military men the way he could.


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