Darrel Issa is pointing a finger at Sestak and Obama?

The man who bought himself a seat in congress with the money he made from car alarms?

From "Somebody shut up that fucking car alarm before I go down there and tear out all the wiring?"

That guy?

And he has the temerity, the total lack of class to point a finger at someone else doing things "not in the public interest?"

He's very smart and very articulate, so we won't give him as much slack as we would if an idiot (like, oh, Mitch McConnell or Dick Armey) was spewing such stupidity, so:

Congressman Issa -- perhaps you'd consider the option to shut the fuck up.

It would be a lovely fantasy come true if every person in California who has been awakened by the hideous noise that Mr Issa gave us, gathers up all the car alarms that can be found, buries them in his basement and attic and backyard and sets them off some at some dark 4AM when the congressman is home and exhausted from a hard day of slandering Democrats and fucking over common folk. 



It would be fun to have a contest to see who can come up with the BEST and most Appropriate annoyances with which to give the sonofabitch.



Is there anything more stupid, manipulative and cynical than Volkswagen's new "punch someone when you see a VW" TV campaign?

Well, sure. 

We can start with every statement by BP's CEO.

And include pretty much anything said by a Republican spokesman about President Obama.

But in an irritating miniscule way, sort of like a metaphysical mosquito bite, VW's attempt to create a product game, i.e., punch someone on the shoulder when you see a VW, is amazingly stupid,  depressively manipulative and an almost slanderous bit of Germanic stereotyping. 

("Ho Ho Ho Hah Hah Hah -- I punch someone and then I put on my lederhosen and go hiking in the hills as a part of the Happy Wanderer Gemutlichkeit society, hitting Jews and Gypsies and Trade Unionists with my staff.)

The one I've been seeing lately is two men -- security staff? -- watching an underground parking lot via closed-circuit monitors from in a glassed-in booth
And one is a big beefy blonde fellow.
And he's punching a short, somewhat swarthy Hispanic-looking man.

So, he says:

"Ho-ho-ho -- How do you like it?
 I punch you when I see a new VW.
Twice for having denied it was a VW."

To which I can only say --

"How do you like THIS? I kick people in the balls when they hit me. 
Twice when they're doing it because some ad agency account exec is trying to sell cars.
And one more -- a really hard full swing NFL-style kickoff kick when the campaign is re-branding them back to their  original incarnation as Hitler's People's Car."



In religion, as in most other things, there's a difference between the people who do it because it's important to them and the people who do it because they think it makes THEM important.

---and the people who use it as a cover...

Ala. evangelist gets life for dead wife in freezer

The revival preacher kept his wife's body frozen at home for four years

A south Alabama evangelist who authorities say terrorized his family while preaching at revivals has been sentenced to life plus 51 years in prison after being convicted of killing his wife and storing her body in a home freezer.
Circuit Judge John Lockett imposed the sentence Thursday on Anthony Hopkins in Mobile.
Assistant District Attorney Ashley Rich called Hopkins "evil of the worst kind." Defense attorney Jeff Deen said his client admits putting his wife's body in the freezer, but he doesn't know how she died.
Prosecutors say Hopkins killed his wife in 2004 after she caught him molesting a girl. The wife's body was discovered in 2008.
Besides the murder conviction, Hopkins was sentenced on convictions including sodomy and sexual abuse.



There's an old Hollywood punchline:
"Once you can fake sincerity, you've got it licked." 

For a master's tutorial on how to do that,
 just watch Chevron's smarmy TV commercial: 

"We're not just in the energy business... 
  we're in the human energy business."

Sleazy and greasy, like an oil spill in your mind.



Arlen Specter -- played the geek for Republicans -- what kind of scumbag will he be now -- returning to the Democratic Party?

I no longer live in Pennsylvania, but I remember the ancient times that politicians always hope voters will forget when Arlen Specter dumped the Democrats and became a Republican when the wind shifted.

And now the wind has shifted again and he wants to come back.

Kind of like Al Davis bringing the Raiders back to Oakland after pissing on Northern California as too small-time, and then finding out that L.A. had learned what everyone in Oakland had learned -- that the man was an unprincipled piece of slightly warmed-over shit with no loyalty to anyone or anything but his own megalomania. (And yes -- I was a Raiders fan for a long time, and will probably be again when Al Davis is dead AND we have confirmed sightings of him in Hell.)

Of course other senators -- seeing Specter's turncoat behavior -- saw him as politically shrewd to see the change coming.

(Right -- and during the violent 60's, with tanks in American streets and National Guard wimps shooting college students for believing the First Amendment was as real in practice as it was in theory --- I used to say "Maybe Benedict Arnold saw it coming.")

And of course, when the turncoat shows up, he has to prove he's really sincere in his treason.

Which brings me to remembering his treatment of Anita Hill during the Clarence "Uncle" Thomas Supreme Court Judicial Committee hearings* --

"Being the geek" means someone willing to bite the head off of chickens for the entertainment of his audience.

Historically, one of the more famous geeks was a man who, in San Francisco's Barbary Coast times, made his living sitting inside the front door of a tavern with a sign around his neck: "I will eat anything for a nickel."

Another famous geek was Arlen Specter attacking Anita Hill for daring to testify about Judge Thomas' horny porny sexual advances. Specter did everything but actually jump off his high horse, run down to the table she was sitting at and raping her physically instead of the way he did it -- emotionally and intellectually with McCarthy-esque saliva drooling from his mouth as he denounced her for being no more than a hired whore who would say anything for her masters. (... That old saw about "when you point a finger at me, there are three fingers pointing back at you." Except whores don't sell anything that isn't their own, unlike politicians who sell our world and our futures for their own benefit.)

Already we see him trotting out the tired old libels being used since Richard Nixon first sold his soul for a congressional seat -- attacking a man who had risen to being an admiral for imaginary flaws in his military service -- something Nixon had performed even though his WWII service was mostly limited to poker games on the battleship, but something Specter -- like Dick Cheney -- managed to avoid.

And so what if two of my favorite Senators -- Patty Murray and Barbara Mikulski -- have decided to look away from his virulent disrespect for women. They're politicians who USUALLY exhibit some integrity, but I suppose counting votes trumps all ethical considerations .

Even now, his well-deserved attacks on Michelle Bachmann for her toxic insanity doesn't address her insane statements or paranoid sense of reality. No -- he says she "should act more like a lady."

As if he ever has acted like a gentleman.

If only he would let us remember him more fondly by just fading away.
But that would require having some integrity of his own.

And that would be asking waaay too much of this wasted stack of substandard protoplasm.



Alan Dershowitz

OK, I have issues with Abraham Foxman for his often overly paranoid reaction to perceived insults/threats/verbal attacks on Jews.  But he's taken a protective role, and looking at a monstrous history of violent anti-Semitism, maybe he'd rather be over-reactive than to fail to stop a REAL threat.

But Dershowitz?
He's Attacked Rabbi Michael Lerner because Lerner has said he will give Tikkun's human rights award to South African judge Richard Goldstone because Goldstone -- after leading a U.N. investigation -- determined that BOTH Palestinians and Israelis have committed human rights abuses during their long struggle.

Oh wow! The arrogance -- suggesting that BOTH Israelis AND Palestinians are humans and -- when stressed -- EITHER or BOTH may do unpleasant -- even criminal -- things.

Dershowitz would have us believe that ANY rabbi who finds Goldstone's report to be credible is a "Rabbi for Hamas."

And that Rabbi Lerner -- one of the most even-handed and objective religious persons in public life is "the worst of these rabbis."

Does Dershowitz's attack have anything to do with denunciatory posters pasted to the fence outside Rabbi Lerner's home, accusing Lerner of terrorist sympathies? Maybe.

That's not my point.

As I said, Mr Foxman is doing his best to perform a protective service, even if he sometimes comes across as an asshole or a fool.

But Dershowitz is a self-serving little shit who seems to revel in ALWAYS coming across as an asshole and a fool -- as if that were a positive human quality -- and doing it FOR HIS OWN AGGRANDIZEMENT.

He has assumed the role of Self-Appointed Super Jew, attacking other Jews for daring to disagree with his opinions, thereby combining two of the nastiest socially barely-permissible personality traits -- one being the unpleasant aggression of the sawed-off shorty who is attacking everyone taller than he is and the second trait -- acting out as the sort of lawyer who believes anything he thinks or says  comes directly from God.

And he knows he's absolutely right because he can argue a technicality to prove he's right and to prove that his vicious statements have NOTHING to do with adding fuel to the race-religious hate fire.

Other people's statements are holocaustic crimes, but his?

It's a violation of his 1st Amendment Rights to find anything he says objectionable.

And the most repugnant objectionable thing that man can say?

"I'm Alan Dershowitz."

There is only one reasonable, logical response to that statement -- to simply turn and walk away.


(One afterthought -- if there is EVER to be a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict between those two groups, I am convinced it will take people much much more like Rabbi Lerner than Lawyer Dershowitz.)




Are the bankers and traders really plotting to take elementary school teachers' jobs?

Maybe they sent this email and maybe they didn't but it rings so true to the attitudes we've seen, it's totally believable. The disputed email:

"Go ahead and continue to take us down, but you're only going to hurt yourselves. What's going to happen when we can't find jobs on the Street anymore? Guess what: We're going to take yours. We get up at 5am & work till 10pm or later. We're used to not getting up to pee when we have a position. We don't take an hour or more for a lunch break. We don't demand a union. We don't retire at 50 with a pension. We eat what we kill, and when the only thing left to eat is on your dinner plates, we'll eat that."

Unbelievable -- their feelings are hurt so they're making threats

Sociopathic sonsofbitches -- if we dare say ANYTHING about the them being thieves, the poor babies feelings are hurt.

Their response? They threaten us. ("We'll take your jobs.")

They're a noisy bunch of greed-obsessed decaying protoplasm moving around, pretending they've achieved human form.  Sorry guys -- it's only a PARTLY successful masquerade.

These are REAL illegal aliens, from some other species.

My father's Wobblie pals had the right idea, back in the 30's -- "Hang 'em from the lampposts."

HEY -- you Tea Party gun threateners -- get over the fact there's a black man in the oval office, as well as a lot of women, Jews, and people of color.

Get over it.

You and the White Guys -- even the Black and Asian White Guys -- on Wall Street are a match made in your respective Hells, so move your protests to Wall Street.

It ain't Gordon Gecko anymore -- they don't even feel a need to rationalize or philosophize -- it's all just "Fuck you -- we don't get the joke," and the ones who say they aren't thieves but who see it happening and keep their heads down are worse than the thieving pigs in the trough.

Because they know better.

Of course, since Michael Bloomberg is one of them, can't expect to see New York City doing anything.

Last one to do ANYTHING was Elliot Spitzer when he was New York Atty General. But they got him, found his weakness, played him with a hot-looking hooker, and neutralized his threat.

The bottom line?
They're just a bunch of mean little babies throwing a tantrum.
They need a Time-Out and a diaper change.
Spanking is also needed but optional.


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