OK, and yet another one... a modest proposal

 Enough is enough, and I agree with all the people who say we use the term "terrorist" too easily.

Because -- terms like "Terrorist" and "Murderer" and such are sort of glamorous to powerless teenagers.. so I propose two things:

1) People with guns who shoot up schools, shopping centers, religious centers, women's health centers, etc  should be referred to as: "Assholes with guns." as in "Well one more asshole with a gun wandered in to the Richard Nixon Elementary School today..." (Alternatively:"An asshole with a bomb...") Not glamorous.

2) When someone like this current fellow comes out, hands up and surrenders, the assembled police services need to say: "No. You don't just go in and kill people and then say 'I give up' and get to live and spend years in court and making appeals and..." 
And all present open fire and shred the asshole to bits. End it right there.

(See below for why that's appropriate.)

And if liberal folk like me say "But we want to know WHY he did it."
The answer is simple:
 "No mystery there -- because he's an asshole. That's all we need to know."

I AM opposed to capital punishment, because once the person is in custody, in a cage, well there's no sport involved in killing them then. But the idea of someone having 20, 30 50 years (like the young Boston Marathon bomb asshole) to spend sitting in max security and thinking about it IS cruel and unusual punishment  (and I know it and like it) which is exactly what that sort of asshole deserves.

---And why do I like the idea of such a someone getting a 47-year uninterrupted Time Out?
 The reason the crime deserves seriously extreme punishment is the part we always gloss over, but consider -- our news stories and police dramas, and such are filed with sudden death --  car crashes, plane crashes, terrorist attacks, gas main explosions, home invasions, tornadoes, hurricanes, e Coli fast food deaths, Ebola, and etc and more etc and still more etc... as the say in the gossip business called Journalism: "If it bleeds, it leads."

And the part glossed over, aside from, in police procedurals: "We're sorry for your loss," is this:

In almost every case, there is at least one and often more, sometimes many more, people who never got a chance to say goodbye, and who will live their lives dealing with that.
Regretting things never said.
Regretting things put off for later.

So, let the asshole in the cage spend the rest of what life is to be wondering what his or her life might have been if he or she hadn't been such an asshole and caused so much pain. 


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