So here's a question ...

Why do people of the southern USA call it "The War of Northern Aggression" when the war began with the SOUTH attacking the undergunned and undermanned Fort Sumter, firing on it for 34 hours straight?

Shouldn't it be called "The War of Southern Aggression?" (i.e., "Remember Pearl Harbor.")

Or: "The War of the Northern Response?"

Or -- since I can understand the horror of having your homeland invaded by troops, and can not take right-or-wrong sides, how about "The War of the Secession" ?

(I mean, really, Sherman's March to the Sea? Many years later, we put German officers on trial and hanged them for less than that [and some of them for more than that, too, a LOT more than that].  Hell, Dugout Doug MacArthur hanged General Yamashita for failing to STOP his out of control men's attack in Manila. Of course, that had more to do with them destroying MacArthur family real estate than crimes against humanity.  But I can understand the residual resentment generation after generation recounting the unconscionable things done to the South in the name of the Union. And not only Sherman. So this is purely about correction of a misnomer.)


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