In the event it ever comes down to this...

One of those philosophical games people used to play --
stuff like time machines -- who would you visit, who would you shoot, etc...
SO --
In the event of needing to decide what gets trophy shot --
a lion, tiger, elephant, giraffe, moose, wolf, et al  ...
or a hunter, either bow or bullet

To me it's simple, and I'll repeat what I said 20 years ago to three teenagers
at the San Francisco Zoo who were beginning to climb over the fence
to go down into the pit enclosure holding what we all called "The Boys,"
i.e., three half-grown Kodiak Bears.

And I said, "Excuse me, I need to tell you that I hate to see animals killed,
so if you go down there, you need to know, I'm not calling the keeper until after you're dead."

And they said "Whuuut?"

And I said "Look down there."

The bears were bored, enrichment and stimulation consisted of an empty aluminum quarter keg,
and one of The Boys played handball with it almost continually in the moat. Neurotic behavior.

"He does that because he's bored, so what do you think he'll do to you if you go down there --just for fun?  Look at those claws! So I'm not calling the keeper."

And they whined and said: "That's not fair!"

And I said what I will say today if the question arises about the macho dentist or any others:



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