Did Shakespeare inhale?

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy...
Like this really good shit -- Oh Wow!"


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Friday, June 29th, 2007

"The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, allows South African research scientists from the Transvaal Museum in Pretoria to analyze twenty-four pipe fragments found on the grounds of William Shakespeare's home. The findings, published in the South African Journal of Science, show that eight of the pipes tested contain traces of cannabis and two of the pipes contain traces of cocaine. Others appear to be laced with tobacco, camphor, and hallucinogenic nutmeg extracts high in myristic acid." 5 Mar 2001...

... Sonnet 76 ... contains Shakespeare's references to a 'noted weed' and 'compounds strange' -- 'compound' known as early as 1530 to mean a substance formed by a chemical union of two or more ingredients:

Why is my verse so barren of new pride,
So far from variation or quick change?
Why with the time do I not glance aside
To new-found methods and to compounds strange?
Why write I still all one, ever the same,
And keep invention in a noted weed,
That every word doth almost tell my name,
Showing their birth and where they did proceed?


The original article:

<Observations and questions relating to Cannabis and Shakespeare

February 3, 2003

J. Francis Thackeray
Transvaal Museum
P.O. Box 413, Pretoria 0001, South Africa



MORE about how if HIV DOESN'T cause AIDS, then why won't anyone either change their opposition or come up with some proof that it does?

Please see revisions and new links added to 6/22/07 post on HIV and AIDS:

HIV Infection Theory Challenged



Hmm, what's that liturgy the adminstration always chants when asked about unauthorized wiretaps, spying on americans without due cause, etc:

...because they need to hear it from the other side, paraphrased to be accurate and relevant...

Administration Has Deadline on Subpoenas

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By LAURIE KELLMAN Associated Press Writer

... The White House -- echoing the senior Republican on the Senate panel -- urged the chairmen to accept the administration's earlier offer to allow private, off-the-record interviews with current and former aides to President Bush.

"If the committees just want the facts, then they should withdraw the subpoenas and accept the president's offer, instead of this continued pattern of gross overreach and confrontation," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto.

Oh, yeah --

"If you have nothing to hide -- if you're not guilty of something -- why are you afraid to testify under oath?"

Makes us really think you're lying, you know? And yeah, we know you don't care what we think.

But really, our president, the punk in the high-heeled boots, needs to learn he doesn't actually own this country. It'll do him some good to find that out. (Although I'm certain it will be quite a shock to him when his "turd blossom," Karl Rove visits Germany and invokes his dual citizenship to avoid extradition.

Ahh, the lesson of Richard Nixon -- "Yesterday I was President -- today, I can't get anyone to take my phone calls."


Is it really the Silly Season already?

Romney Accused of Mistreating Family Dog

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By GLEN JOHNSON Associated Press Writer

June 29,2007 | BOSTON -- An example of Mitt Romney's crisis management skills has turned into something of a political problem for the Republican presidential contender.

Romney placed his family dog, an Irish setter named Seamus, into a kennel lashed to the top of his station wagon for a 12-hour family trip from Boston to Ontario in 1983. Despite being shielded by a wind screen the former Massachusetts governor erected, Seamus expressed his discomfort with a diarrhea attack...


He's cruel to dogs.

Or he's not cruel to dogs, but he's a failure as a builder of wind screens.

Personally, I find him creepy, looking like a character Charles Addams might have considered and then deleted (not funny enough) from his Addams Family cartoons, but this is so lame, it ALMOST makes me sympathetic to him.

I said ALMOST -- and then I remember his platform of "Kill, kill kill -- bigger army, more attacks..." and I figure "Fuck him, he's a sociopath and is cruel to dogs."


You know I do NOT think calling Bush "Hitler" is right...

... with the one exception I made, partially joking, that, like Hitler, he'll leave the American economy in about the same shape as Hitler left his... it was (I hope I hope) a joke.

The tendency to call someone Hitler is too easy, always suggests racist murdering insane monsterhood... hmmm -- let's leave that one alone.

So, for example, saying Anne Coulter is like Hitler would only be referring to her hate-filled vicious rhetoric designed to stir up the most vile of emotions, and would be a poor way of expressing that.

Better, as far as Anne Coulter is concerned, the subtle way John Edwards responded when asked, and, without naming them, compared her behavior to that of the Klan he saw when he was growing up in that former slave-trading center, spouting vicious hurtful outrageous lies designed to stir people up and thereby keep themselves afloat..

There is ONE real way in which Bush's legacy will be similar to that of Adolf Hitler: like the post-WWII Germans, we Americans will be a long time embarrassed and needing to be apologetic to the world for the crimes perpetrated in our name.

And maybe Bush will choose to kill himself in his bunker in Crawford so he doesn't have to have his ass dragged to the Hague to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity along with Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby (right after he gets out of the gated community in Leavenworth),
Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and a slew of others. (I doubt it -- he doesn't have the integrity or sense of purpose Hitler had

Unfortunately, they don't do the Death Penalty anymore at the World Court, but perhaps the cost of keeping them in prison would be allayed by setting up cages where visitors could come and pay a modest fee to poke sticks and throw feces at them.

I know I would.



PAY ATTENTION -- this may be the ONLY moment of actual reality spoken in the 2008 Presidential Election -- Elizabeth Edwards said it

Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer

Monday, June 25, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards, starring at the kickoff event of San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade, came out in support of legalized same-sex marriage Sunday -- taking a position that she acknowledged is at odds with her husband, presidential candidate John Edwards.

"I don't know why somebody else's marriage has anything to do with me," she said. "I'm completely comfortable with gay marriage."

Edwards' comments came after her keynote address before a standing-room-only breakfast attended by 300 people at the Alice B. Toklas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club, a key organization in the powerful gay political base in San Francisco.


Because if someone else's marriage has something to do with YOURS, you might start worrying about who you are.

(Especially if your spouse runs away with the next-door neighbor's spouse. A danger sign.)



-- a great blogsite -- offers this link to Laughing Squid -- another great blogsite for the specific purpose of access to THIS page -- a theremin cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy

The thing about playing the theremin is making music with hands, arms, and fingers, touching only air. Not easy, but an extraordinary concept and amazing rush. Real music, not just soundtrack stuyff for 50's science fiction space monster movies.


It's difficult to NOT be insulted these days, regarding presidential wannabe's --

Do the Republican and Democratic National Committees really think we're so brain dead as to really WANT to rally behind ANY of these second-rate homunculi they're offering to be their beards?

We're offered --

Rudy Giuliani -- a man whose only qualification is that he was mayor when someone bombed his city and he didn't totally fall to pieces the way the president did. (A president, may I remind you, who is being compared unfavorably to Richard Nixon.)

Mitt Romney -- a man who looks and talks like a smiling zombie version of a Ken Doll and recites his sound bites as if his string is being pulled to produce such insane homilies as: "More military, more guns..."

John McCain -- ok, I get it -- you were brave and tough in the POW camp, but that means you didn't see ANY of the Vietnam war, and the only thing you had going for you was your integrity, and you traded that for a handful of Bush-Cheney I.O.U's.

But wait...

Hillary Clinton -- she's smart and tough, and she lost me when she spent half a year or so trying on who she was supposed to be in public -- anti flag-burning amendment (what?), anti gay-marriage (right), insisting her vote on the war was right because she didn't have a clue that the Monkey Boy and his bloodsucking Vice President were just flat out pretending they hadn't already decided to invade the wrong country for insane reasons not stated. If she can't see a deranged sociopath for what he is, then how in hell can anyone see her as President 44?

Barack Obama -- yeah, right -- class president. Hey Barack -- it's EASY to denounce the vote for war when you weren't there. Smart as a whip and too clever by half. Too stupid to learn the score and run 4 or 8 years later. Ring tones?

Joe Biden -- oh don't even ask.

John Edwards -- I can't tell if he's really a good candidate that the DNC doesn't want because they can't control him or if he's just a benchwarmer for the DNC who WILL pick up all the votes from the people who, in the privacy of the voting booth, will NOT vote for a black man or a white woman.

Fred Thompson -- Jesus -- can't the commentators see his popularity is completely geared to Republicans absolutely not comfortable with any of the approved "first tier." Who knows what he is? He hasn't been in office for 15 years, working part-time since then as a lobbyist and an actor. I guess his performances of being almost believable on Law & Order mouthing conservative lines Dick Wolf's people put in his mouth makes him attractive.

Al Gore -- if he's stupid enough to be willing to give up the right to say what he thinks and REDUCE his power and influence to run for president, then he really ISN'T as good as people think, the ones who want him to run.

Chris Dodd -- I don't understand how a man can be virtually eliminated from the race purely because he has enough experience to be qualified for the job.Except that he comes on like a putz.

Bill Richardson -- same thing, except he's actually likable, a sort of chubby Chicano Ronald Reagan -- ONLY insofar as congeniality is concerned (which is important) -- he's "a resume candidate," again meaning he has a lot of experience. He's also candid about his mistakes, and when embarrassed (as with Wen Ho Lee) tries to change the subject but doesn't spin the past reality, doesn't try to pretend it was other than what it was -- a bad mistake. Here's a guy who's actually a mensch and qualified. Not a chance.

Dennis Kucinich -- has some good stuff to say but always comes on like a hungover hobbit -- cranky, disheveled, and projecting an expectation of loss, which people will then gladly fulfill for him.

Mike Gravel -- the only reason to watch the debates, but this delightful fellow who calls himself "the crazy uncle running for president" is good only for one very important thing -- saying the things and posing the issues to force the others to get outside their comfort zone sound bites and possibly even think. That's why they want him out of the debates so they can go back to them being master-bates.

Ron Paul -- same thing as Mike Gravel on the truly conservative side, but not as crazy. A Conservative in the Barry Goldwater mode, a man who has actually lived the life he's singing about in his current song, not a religious fanatic calling himself Conservative. The difference? The actual Conservative does not want the government to get into wars of adventure, does not want the government to interfere in private decisions (such as whether or not a woman wants to carry a pregnancy full term and give birth, whether or not gay men or women are people and citizens and should have the same rights as everyone else to marry, whether or not someone is allowed to join the Army and kill people for the US of A based on what kind of genitals he or she fantasizes about, etc)
The others -- Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and Tommy Thompson all pretend to be Conservative but in fact are all Theocrats who -- in varying degrees -- want their particular version of Christian Moonlight to become secular law controlling our lives.
It's easy to love Ron Paul as the most admirable person in the mix, but also to definitely not want to have a president who wants to eliminate Social Security, the Department of Education, Medicare, etc.

Would that we could have a plebiscite between now and November 2008 and add NONE OF THE ABOVE to the ballot.


To answer a really dumb situation, let's paraphrase the lyrics of a really dumb song: "How d'you solve a problem called Dick Cheney?"

(06-22) 04:00 PDT Washington -- Vice President Dick Cheney's office has refused to comply with an executive order governing the handling of classified information for the past four years and recently tried to abolish the office that sought to enforce those rules, according to documents released by a congressional committee Thursday.

For four years, Vice President Dick Cheney has resisted routine oversight of his office’s handling of classified information, and when the National Archives unit that monitors classification in the executive branch objected, the vice president’s office suggested abolishing the oversight unit, according to documents released yesterday by a Democratic congressman.


Dick Cheney says Dick Cheney is above the law

"An absurdity of the ages ... The vice president is pretending he isn't part of the executive branch and the White House is pretending that the rules for protecting classified information are being followed,"

Vice President Dick Cheney has asserted his office is not a part of the executive branch of the U.S. government, and therefore not bound by a presidential order governing the protection of classified information by government agencies, according to a new letter from Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to Cheney.

BUT WAIT! Doesn't he continually claim Executive Privilege as a justification for never revealing what goes on in the cave behind his spider's web?

White House Backs Cheney's Disregard for Executive Order

Washington Post
Saturday, June 23, 2007

-- The White House defended Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday in a dispute over the refusal by his office to comply with an executive order regulating the handling of classified information as Democrats and other critics assailed him for disregarding rules that others follow.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Cheney was not obligated to submit to oversight by an office that safeguards classified information. Cheney's office has argued it does not have to comply because the vice president's role as president of the Senate means his office is not an "entity within the executive branch."


Meanwhile in more tropical climes ...

WASHINGTON, June 22 — The Bush administration acknowledged Friday that its top officials were once again actively debating recommendations about how and when to close the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, but officials said they thought it could be weeks or months before a decision was made.


OKAY -- time for everyone to cool out, take a vacation. Simple solution:





HIV infection theory challenged

A longstanding theory of how HIV slowly depletes the body's capacity to fight infection is wrong, scientists say.

HIV attacks human immune cells, called T helper cells. Loss of these cells is gradual, often taking many years.

It was thought infected cells produced more HIV particles and that this caused the body to activate more T cells which in turn were infected and died.

Imperial College London modelling suggests that, if that was true, cells would die out in months not years.

The Imperial findings have been published in journal PLoS Medicine... (The article continues)


Some time ago, when I was reading medical journals for a living, including AIDS Weekly, I happened to become party to what is considered the starkest, most outrageous heresy anyone in the AIDS community could possibly embrace: I read Dr. Peter Duesberg's book, Inventing the AIDS Virus, (Regnery Press, 1996) and thought -- and said -- about Dr. Duesberg's contention that HIV does NOT cause AIDS -- "You know, he doesn't sound crazy at all." Dr.Duesberg's claim was based on the fact that there had never been a proof that HIV WAS the cause of AIDS, only an assertion made by Dr. Robert Gallo -- never tested -- but one that was embraced and repeated by everyone in the medical community and the media. Dr. Duesberg has posited that since thousand of people with AIDS do NOT have an HIV infection, while thousands of people with HIV infection never develop AIDS, it might be a chemically-induced syndrome.*

But that and his rather wry observation that after Dr. Jonas Salk's development of immunization from polio by injection of killed polio virus, virologists were looking for a major cause celebre from which to hang their grant proposals, caused a furor and he was exiled to the outer darkness, considered as much a pariah and a madman as Ignatz Semmelweis whose insistence that doctors wash their hands after handling corpses and before putting those hands inside a woman's genitalia would prevent puerperal fever landed him in a looney bin, where, at age 42, he died, generally thought to have been beaten to death by guards who were tired of him saying he wasn't crazy.**

Dr. Duesberg wasn't imprisoned, merely denounced worldwide by the medical community as a lunatic (and a dangerous one at that) and shunned by anyone in that community who wasn't asking for some of the same treatment.

Before his outrageous position, which he based on looking at a total lack of evidence for the general assertion that there was such a thing as an HIV virus and that it caused Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Dr. Duesberg was considered one of the most brilliant virologists in the world and thought to be, by many, the hot contender for an ultimate Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology.

Reading Dr. Cary Mullis' autobiography Dancing Naked in the Mind Field convinced me even more that I was not hallucinating. Dr Mullis, who DID win (half of) the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for his development of the PCR method of chemical analysis (but writes about it in such an engagingly modest manner, as if completely amused by the idea) is serious about one thing -- defending Dr. Duesberg's intelligence and integrity.

So when Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa, stated, prior to the gathering in Durban for the 13th AIDS Conference in July of 2000, that with all those scientists gathered in one place, it might be a wonderful opportunity to find out if HIV actually WAS the cause of AIDS.

To emphasize: He was ASKING if it would be possible for this question to be discussed. Right. Welcome to Semmelweis world, Mr. President. He was not denying anything, except, as it turned out, the willingness of scientists to ask questions about generally-held truths. (Kary Mullis, in his autobiography says that the only reason anyone would want to be a scientist is because that person WANTS to ask questions and question conclusions.)

Immediately after Mbeki's statement, AIDS Weekly changed they way the spoke of research -- apparently as a matter of policy. Instead of continuing to say things such as "The HIV virus was seen to ..." every article said such things this way: "The HIV Virus (which causes AIDS) was seen to..." Even I, a layman who knew how to read medical jargon, was aware this was nothing more than a propaganda campaign to shut down anyone who doubted the Holy Grail of virology - HIV. (Or as Dr. Duesberg might put it, the gold mine of virology.)

So it's nice to see an admission of even a tiny crack in the absolute assertion that the virologists know everything there is to know about a disease they admit they really don't know nearly enough about.

Dr. Duesberg is a relatively young and healthy man.

Let's hope he lives long enough to watch the embarrassed faces of the medical community as they admit publicly -- as the science community ultimately had to do to Immanuel Velikovsky on his Worlds in Collision thesis, and the medical community had to do to the Australian pathologists Robin Warren and Barry Marshall on their contention that Helicobacter pylori caused peptic ulcers: "Sorry, we were wrong and you were right."***

(Maybe he isn't right, maybe neither of them are right, but they -- the attacking members of the medical-pharmaceutical-virological community -- were wrong wrong wrong.

Public relations people act the way they did.

Not doctors and scientists.

ADDITIONAL LINKS TO the HIV Virus Myth and Dr. Kary Mullis:

What Causes Aids? (1994)

Dissenting on AIDS (1994)

Foreward to "Inventing the AIDS Virus (1996)

The Medical Establishment vs. the Truth (1998)

Interview with Dr Mullis (1994)

The Home Page of Virus Myth


*To be clear -- I don't know enough science to know if Dr. Duesberg is right. But I know enough language to recognize insanity and bullshit when I see it, and Dr. Duesberg's writings are neither (unlike some of the above-mentioned statements in opposition to him or President Mbeki). Dr. Duesberg's writing are logical, reasoned, and informed, presenting relevant cases of death and disease perpetuated by absolute ignorant faith in incorrect medical conclusions from recent and less recent history and making a good case for this being another such.

I also know enough about the business world -- we ALL do -- to know that even suggesting the possibility that chemicals introduced into our societies for profit were the culprits would be anathema and an overwhelmingly urgent reason to set the character-assassination machinery and the public relations hitmen in action


** Dr. Joseph Lister, an English Quaker, presented the same theory some years later while working in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, noting his own success at treating wounds and surgical instruments with carbolic acid. But he had married well, into the upper class, and had left the always-suspect Quakers to become an Episcopalian -- his wife's religion -- so the authorities were slower to lock him away, and he stayed free long enough to demonstrate results from his campaign for disinfection of hands and tools between patients. Instead of being beaten to death by sadistic guards, he was made a baron.


*** Of course, denial of Dr. Velikovsky's theories didn't actually endanger lives, although the heavily-financed embrace of "Stop the Killer Comet" government programs might have helped acceptance along. In the case of Helicobacter pylori, simple repeatable tests proved the theory and family physicians enthusiastically supported the idea of actually being able to stop the suffering of their patients. Where HIV/AIDS are concerned, admitting a stubborn refusal to allow for a possibility of saving thousands and thousands of people from a hideous slow death, while reaping HUGE financial rewards, might be more difficult to obtain.




Yeah yeah yeah

Sam Waterston can tout TD Ameritrade all he wants as trustworthy and open and etc etc...

Only $9.99 per trade. WOW!!


Ahhh, bullshit --

If they came right out and said $10 a trade instead of weaseling it at $9.99, I might not assume their method of ripoff is to claim honesty. But if they can't even be honest and on the level about the price, if they need to do just a leetle bit of misleading, it's obvious they can't be trusted to be completely honest about anything else.


Another imaginary issue to keep us from dealing with real problems -- immigration

First of all, a border is just an arbitrary line drawn to say "This is ours and that is yours."

(Except when we, the USA-ians, say "But we also want THAT, so back up." And then 100+ years later, we say "How DARE you cross that line we drew after we stole that land from you!?!")

In this case, the Native Americans who live/lived south of where today's line is for-- oh, the last 5 - 10 - 15,000 years or so, have wandered over to OUR SIDE of the line ("MOM!! HE'S ON MY SIDE!!! MAKE HIM STOP!!!)

Here are some actual constructive suggestions

1. Erase the line. Create the UNA (Union of North America) (or call it what you will -- there's already an Organization of American States)* as the Europeans did with the EU. Canada, USA, Mexico, and perhaps also whichever Meso-Americans (AMERICANS!) want in -- Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama.

The Europeans (AND the English) have been having monstrous blood feuds a lot longer than we have -- and a lot more recently. (Do you think it was easy for the French and the Dutch and the Belgians and the Danes to join together with Germany in one big happy family?)

2. Learn Spanish.
Alternatively, in many urban areas, learn Mandarin aka Putong Hua -- ("Ni Hao, Bubba, Ni Hao")

3. This will have several benefits, two of which come to mind immediately.

One: you will understand what your neighbors are saying while they assume that you No comprende. And while they're laughing at you (as your English-speaking neighbors should be doing anyway because you're such an asshole) you can smile and say: "Chingas su madre. (And then run.)
Two: Lots of non-competitive employment for Spanish-speaking people -- teaching Spanish to us gringos. (What do all Spanish-speaking people have in common? THEY ALL SPEAK SPANISH! Even the little kids can speak Spanish. Get it?)
My guess? If you offer to pay someone just a tad more (or even the same) as the slave wages he or she makes for back-breaking work, if you and your friends each offer to pay the same amount to sit in your living room and talk with you and your friends until you comprende, you might get some happy takers. (And wouldn't be taking jobs away from USA-ians.)

3. Tar and feather and horse-whip any assholes in local, state, or national legislative or executive bodies for being such dopes and wasting our time, playing the oldest most tired game in the word -- pointing their fingers at some people who can't defend themselves and screaming "THEY'RE ENEMIES!" Setting one group of people against another through fear and hate, calling them our enemies

But in fact, the people who maintain their cushy spots at the public tit are our enemies. Or as the soldiers of the Vietnam era said "I know who put me here so these guys -- who LIVE here -- could shoot me." Added to that, the black soldiers said "No Vietcong ever called me nigger."

Let's get real. The only borders that exist in the real physical world are those bookstores that carry that name, and judging from their partially empty shelves, they'll disappear before long.

*The OAS also includes the countries of South America



I guess if something Bush says can still get me upset, I still have ... what? My soul? My innocence? Or just my contempt for this creature?

He said it today when he vetoed the Stem Cell Research bill congress passed and sent to him:

"Taking human life to save human life is unethical."

But it's okay to take human life to enrich Halliburton and the diseased undead creature you call your vice president?

It's okay to take human life to establish Bush Family hegemony in an oil-rich Arab state?

It's okay to take human life to pretend you're protecting America when all you're doing is protecting your father's bribe-accepting* from seeing daylight?

It's too tactful to call that sanctimonious sonofabitch "Monkey Boy."

But words almost fail me -- that hypocritical signifying creature from the pit Monkey Boy, a creature who attempts to look like something that walks like an actual human, but can only prance slightly off balance as if there were hoofs inside those cowboy boots rather than human feet.

He stands there smug as a moron, telling millions of disease sufferers -- diabetics, Parkinsonians, spinal cord injured and paralyzed -- "Tough shit -- those little blobs of protoplasm are worth more to me than you and all your suffering. And besides -- we'll never let America provide health care for you that would enable you to use the discoveries anyway."

He's not only the worst president in our history, vis a vis policies, he's also the most corrupt, vicious, stupid, conscienceless, self-serving piece of detritus to occupy that oval office.

If he had any sense of decency or honor at all, he'd ... well who cares? He doesn't. He's the exemplification of what is meant by "Scum of the Earth."


*Five Billion Dollars from Saddam Hussein via BCCI.



Some men worship rank,
some men worship heroes,
some men worship power,
some men worship God,
and over these ideals they dispute --
but they all worship money.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)


I have observed, that in comedy, the best actor plays the part of the droll, while some scrub rogue is made the hero, or fine gentleman. So, in this farce of life, wise men pass their time in mirth, whilst fools only are serious.

Henry St. John Bolingbroke (1678 - 1751)


"The Bible contains SIX admonishments to homosexuals and THREE-HUNDRED and SIXTY-TWO to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision."

The Erisian Notebooks



Found this quote culled from somewhere online, looking through my files -- still apt:

We Support the Troops --

NOT the Unelected, Lying Cowards

who sent them into the line of fire.



Gawd -- our military leaders are/were just as stupid as our civilian leaders -- a "Gay Bomb?" What planet are these guys from?


The US military investigated building a "gay bomb", which would make enemy soldiers "sexually irresistible" to each other, government papers say...

The US defense department considered various non-lethal chemicals meant to disrupt enemy discipline and morale.

The 1994 plans were for a six-year project costing $7.5m, but they were never pursued...

The plan for a so-called "love bomb" envisaged an aphrodisiac chemical that would provoke widespread homosexual behaviour among troops, causing what the military called a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale.

First of all, if these morons knew their military history, they'd know that there were pre-WWI German homosexual companies, and they were recognized as the most aggressive, unrelenting, harsh and violent military units in the Army. Enemy units were terrified of them. *

I finally understood why the military is so dead set against having acknowledged gay men and women in their uniforms. Has nothing to do with harming morale -- what they fear is that with openly gay soldiers around, the hetero soldiers will come to accept them as just other guys who do different stuff when on leave.

The fear is that the presence of gay soldiers WON'T harm morale at all.

*Klaus Theweleit discusses this in his landmark book Male Fantasies (University of Minnesota Press, 1987)


Unfair to compare GW Bush to Hitler, except in one aspect...

First of all, the little rich kid hasn't got the balls Adolf did -- as soulless monsters go, Monkey Boy is no more than Second String J.V. If 43's Daddy hadn't convinced his pals to pay for Junior's presidency, no one in his right mind would have fronted the little shit the price of a drink.

But insofar as it looks like Monkey Boy will leave the country in about the same shape as Hitler left Germany, yeah, that's a possible comparison.

Because he doesn't care about anyone he doesn't know. His immigration bill is designed to let the River Oaks crowd continue to have illegals works like slaves who can't protest anything.

And he's certainly not going to let his butt-buddy Albert take it in the ass from anyone but him. No Democrats need apply. Another dissimilarity -- Hitler had all his old Freikorps Gay Blades killed in the nights of the long knives. No one left from the locker room to embarrass him.

Bushie ain't no Hitler -- hell, he isn't even a second-rate tired old patrician wannabe like his dad. He's just a punkass rich kid with a new toy -- and he broke it.


And for the last time -- Whatever Happened to Harry Potter? Harry Potter at 52

I called home to let Jane know I was on the way, but she said,
"Not yet. It came through."

I knew what she meant -- I'd been trying to get an interview with the elusive Harry Potter for seven months.

"They say tonight or never."

Sightings of Potter in the 10 years since he'd been released from prison were more numerous and less verifiable than sightings of Elvis.

Potter had served 25 years in Wormwood Scrubs on charges stemming from carnage done during the final battle with Voldemort. He'd won, but in the process, eleven muggles had been killed by random hop-skip ricochets of force beams, some of them sitting at home in their comfy chairs several kilometers away.

The jury had seemed skeptical as Harry stood in the dock and told his tale of this dark evil creature that had hounded him since birth -- a dire dread thing that had killed his parents, scarred him, and over the years made repeated attempts on his life. He explained that he had acted in pure self-defense.

The judge, Lord Justice Melford Buttonhole, had instructed the jury to determine the applicability of the charges based on whether Potter's battle with Voldemort was a criminal endeavor.

"If the prisoner was acting in self defense," he said, leaning over the bench and rolling his eyes, knowing that all appeals would be made from written transcripts which do not indicate facial grimaces or sarcastic tones of voice, "if it was self-defense, the deaths constitute a lesser offense than if the battle itself was a crime."

The jury had come back with a verdict of guilty on eleven counts of what we, in this country, call "involuntary manslaughter" and one count of "cruelty to something" which was not actually a law.

Potter's cellmate for most of those 25 years was a rather notorious felon known to the London Press as "BSE Brian the Meat Monster." His crime? Selling Mad Cow-infected beef.

Brian would bid low for contracts to haul slaughtered diseased cattle to designated disposal sites - whether incinerators or landfill. Then he would sidetrack considerable amounts of meat, smuggle it into the EU and sell it to the French. Even after his crimes were known, there were many in England who argued that no charges were justified since it was only the French who were eating the contaminated beef.

But the Director of Food Service at the British Embassy in Paris had been embezzling funds and buying cheap meat on the black market, in this case, the tainted beef being purveyed by none other than BSE Brian himself. When several embassy officers fell ill with the hideous Creutzfeld-Jakob disease from the BSE prion in the meat, a snowstorm of indictments were issued.

Once Englishmen were being affected, Brian found himself in the dock in a flash.
He was, of course, convicted.

Some of the papers tried to rhyme him as “Prion Brian” but when telly news readers made the point that it would have to be “Prion Breeyon” they settled for “The Meat Monster.”

Of course once Harry Potter was convicted and became his cellmate, the London press changed Brian’s nickname, using the new word they'd learned during the Potter trial -- calling him "the Muggles Monster."

Years later, on release, Potter had emigrated to the USA.
No one knew where he'd been staying since.

He was sitting in a booth at the far wall in a bar named Marfreles.
He motioned for me to sit down and began talking.

It was that damned child star business, but worse.
Oh I wasn't the first -- there are plenty of examples: Brandon de Wilde, everyone on the street pulling a face as he passed, mimicking him, 'Come back, Shane, come back.'

Or Bobby Driscoll after Treasure Island getting that Robert Newton 'Arrrgh' everywhere he went.

No wonder they went out on drugs.

From that first damned day at Hogwarts, every one of them: 'We expect great things of you,' they would tell me, even that bloody Sorting Hat -- 'You could be great, you know.' The fame was odious. Why couldn't I have been written like Bentley Ellicott?"

"Who?" (*)

Exactly. Roderick MacLeish let him finish the battle with Prince Ombra and walk away from it, forget the heroism and let the world leave him be. But - that damned Rowling woman, she just had to make it so popular, had to do all the books, didn't she?

And the pressure wasn't the worst of it. If that was all ... well ... I wish that had been all, but the worst was the isolation. There I was, irrevocably marked from day one as the most super special wonderful amazing boy in the world. Every other boy or girl my age knew they could never even hope to be nearly as supercool hot stuff. Of course they hated me for it. Talk about Ecce Homo. I didn’t even know what they were talking about.

Who would want to hang out with a boy like that? Oh, that snide little dominatrix, Hermione, of course. And Ron Weasely, a boy born to be the consummate Igor to Dr. Frankenstein, scuttering around on his master's business.

Here's a scoop for you -- not many people know that Hermione and I were married for a while. A short while. Ill-fated.

When we were kids fooling about, we used to do things to each other late at night at Hogwarts, you know, oral things and finger things and, you know, but then one night we did a spell, each of us becoming the other for a session to learn how it felt, the difference between innies and outies. It got all mixed up. Next thing I knew, we were secretly married.

How could I have known about fucked-up Scorpio girls? We didn't study astrology at school. It was considered a muggles thing.

It was rocky from day one, but then…

I came home late one evening and there she was -- there THEY were -- En flagrante! And believe me, there was nothing delecto about it.

She was in bed with Ron Weasely.
And Doby.

Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? 'My wife! My best friend! My house elf!'

A bad joke, and the pain was overwhelming.

I was not yet 21. I had already defeated the dark power of the age, and of course, after the victory, I foundered. My raison d'être was gone and I hadn't yet regained my balance, not yet found a subsequent path. That damned shadow had been in every aspect of my life, so -- ahh, what's the old Yank saying? 'Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy.'

And there she was, the only thread still connecting me to my life -- Magical Mistress Hermione with her discipline suits and silk whips and ropes and handcuffs and gags and leather masks -- all the items of her love --- and she was using them on Ron Weasely.

Even our special Bifurcated Butt Plug!

We used to joke that if love didn't keep us together, that double-ended device would.

He paused and we sat in silence for a while.

We used to really like the Captain and Tennille.

It broke my heart. It just destroyed my will. It was like being spun into the outer darkness.

I started drinking potions, conjuring up succubae, creating apertures and protuberances and having the kind of sex that makes what most people call sex about as interesting as lunch meat. To no avail - I found no joy in it, no happiness.

And it cost me my powers as I fell farther and farther away from my source.

Am I bitter? Yes, of course. Sometimes bitterness is all one has left.

And then those years in a cage with Brian."

There was another long silence here.

Very well. Yes, I was his bitch. Remember -- I was a slender young lad. Even as dissipated as I'd become, I still was considered attractive. And he was the most powerful and feared inmate in the place. I sought his protection.

He wasn't all that bad, rather gentle for a man his size. He had a joke - he'd bend me over and tell me 'Well, laddie, of course I'm only a Muggle, but I have it on good authority that this is the way Aleister Crowley taught magick to his lot.'

Of course by the time I was released, I had regained enough of my powers that I had become the most powerful and feared one there. Not soon enough to prevent this, though."

He pushed back his hair to show me the famous lightning bolt scar on his forehead, but now there were two, side by side.

Damned skinheads. Damned Oswald Mosley Neo-Nazi youth thugs. He'd been dead for 40 years and they still ran around with their psychotic dreams of race perfection.

I was still weakened by my debauchery. They cornered me one day in the shower -- Brian was nowhere to be found -- and they held me down. I thought it going to be -- you know -- the typical business, but no. They decided my childhood scar would look better as an SS sigil. There was nothing I could do. Not then. But later, when I was stronger..."

Another silence as he mused about it.
The look on his face was chilling.
I didn't want to know what he'd done later, when he was stronger.

What else do you want to know? I don't have much in the way of powers any more, pissed them away. Oh I still have a few. Oh, you might enjoy this. I find I'm extremely adept at the same trick Saint Hilarius** used when he sat at the Council of Nicaea -- making someone defecate on the spot. Good for a few laughs. Would make a good party trick if I ever went to a party.

As for Hermione and Ron -- oh, I should have known better. She and I should have never done more than the 'boys and girls together' fooling about. He was always the right one for her, the little sniveling crawl-around. They were a perfect match. That was what she needed, someone to lord it all over. And she was what he always needed - someone to tell him what to do and whom to be.

They fit.

I just want people to understand. So let this interview be a cautionary tale.
All that power, all that gold. It can be a curse.

All that celebrity. All those fans.

We think we're so damned clever. But we learn the hard way that what we need is some wisdom. It still all comes back to Voltaire -- sit down, be without expectations and make your garden grow. Well, Voltaire and the Dalai Lama.

So go now, tell them. They won't believe it. They think magic and power is a blessing.
I may have decayed, but I'm still not cruel enough to laugh at what happens to the people who believe that.



(*) Bentley Ellicott is the main character in Roderick McLeish's wonderful (and now back in print) novel Prince Ombra

** Hilarius aka Hilarus, from which comes the name, either male or female, "Hillary." I mean, the Senator from New York is a fine debater -- often crisp, clear, and to the point, but -- DAMN! -- think about how it would be if she had that same ability as he from whom her name derives. )

"I must disagree with the Senator from New York," sez Joe Biden.
"Oh yes?" Sez Hillary, pointing her enema-finger at him. "Yes?"
"Uhh, I think I need to leave for a moment," sez the Senior Senator from Delaware...)


This is for Jack Rems of Dark Carnival who originally suggested it.
Great idea but I'm not taking the blame alone.

Portions of this parody appeared in Crapshoot in a somewhat different form.



People keep asking those of us who aren't in thrall to Bush or his friends: "What do you want?"

Hmmm, I say, well... let me think about it.

And I have thunk.

I want to see him cry, to see him get down on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness for having caused the pain and maiming and deaths of so many people because he was play-acting as president, and didn't have a clue so he accepted the instruction of certifiable sociopaths like Dick Cheney and Karl Roverer -- two craven monsters who hid away in the shadows until very recently when, in an orgiastic frenzy, they emerged blinking in the light into the public do their celebratory totentanzen.

I want to see him crawl and beg.

I want to see him walk naked through Baghdad with an interpreter telling all and any that he is George Bush and whatever they want to do to him he deserves.

I want to see him crawl at Cindy Sheehan's feet and beg her forgiveness.\

Something about being Christian, hmm?

And... well, that would be a good start.

Well, people asked and I never had a really clear answer before.



As regards the attempted "No Confidence" vote directed at Pee-Wee Gonzales. the prez had this to say:

"They can have their votes of no confidence, but it's not going to make the determination about who serves in my government," Bush said in Sofia, Bulgaria, the last stop on a weeklong visit to Europe.

"This process has been drug out a long time," Bush added. "It's political."


Meaning, in other words, as they say in the richer enclaves of Texas, like River Oaks in Houston, where I heard the sweet little more or less 12-year-old daughters of one of the richest women in America sing (inherited, not earned):

"This land is my land
It is not your land,
I've got a big gun
You have not got one
If you don't get off
I'll blow your head off
This land was made for only me."

The attorney general, while getting his reach-around from Monkey Boy, said he was paying no attention to the rhetoric on Capitol Hill. "I've got the President of the United States up my ass -- what have you got?"

More and more, I think of those rash words I used to hear when I was a kid in the company of the wobblies I looked up to (my dad's pals):

"Hang 'em all from the lampposts."

Those words are not meant to be taken literally, but are merely a very dramatic way of saying "I am very displeased by the behavior of those in power."



"At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [9/11 ], and the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country."

-- Arkansas Republican Party chairman Dennis Milligan

Does this quote (culled via Tim Grieve's excellent War Room ) EXEMPLIFY the mind of the sort of soulless animatronic self-serving vermin that is the Nova Mob described by William S. Burroughs in Nova Express? I think it does (See the posting below for more information)


Some thoughts contiguous with the G-8 Confab

You ever get the feeling that all this murder and chaos and screaming and torture and suffering is only about one thing?

(And no, I don't mean oil)

-- That it's about Cheney and Bush and Roverer and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and all the rest of the losers in this administration (retreads from those shitcanned in previous admins) -- about them getting to puff up their chests and act and feel as if they're actually important people, so people have to pay attention to them OR ELSE.

But there's a difference between being important (for example, Mother Teresa, Buckminster Fuller, even Al Gore -- but only his post-political activities).

These are people we pay attention to because of what they're doing and who they are and how they improve our lives by instruction and example. There is a difference between them and the human scum that Monkey Boy's puppet masters have recruited into a cabal of rule-the-world monsters to whom we pay attention only because they're like some disgusting infested fecal slime thing we stepped in and we have to stop and scrape it off our shoes before we can do anything else.

Because all they can do is destroy, and it demands out attention to watch out we don't get crushed by falling ethical standards.

These are the conscienceless criminals the likes of which William Burroughs identified on the very first page of his prescient 1964 masterpiece Nova Express: -- the scum of the universe he calls The Nova Mob

"...Listen all you boards syndicates and governments of the earth. And you powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory to take what is not yours. To sell the ground from unborn feet forever ---
"Don't let them see us. Don't tell them what we are doing --"
Are these the words of the all-powerful boards and syndicates of the earth?
"For God's sake don't let that Coca-Cola thing out -- "
"Not the Cancer Deal with the Venusians -- "
"Not the Green Deal -- Don't show them that -- "
"Not the Orgasm Death -- "
"Not the ovens -- "
"Top Secret -- Classified -- For the Board -- The Elite -- The Initiates -- "

Are these the words of the all-powerful boards and syndicates of the earth? These are the words of liars cowards collaborators traitors. Liars who want time for more lies. Cowards who can not face your "dogs" your "gooks" your "errand boys" your "human animals" with the truth ....

I could fully describe our current government (in fact, historically, most if not all governments, although few are as clumsy and short-sighted and contemptuously stupid as this one) -- what they are and how they do it, by transcribing the rest of the book, but better that you get a copy and read it...

However, the late Mr Burroughs did offer advice on how to counterbalance this wave of vermin that pretends to be humans:

"Watch what everyone else is doing and don't do it."
(General Orders for Emergency Conditions)

And oh yes, one more bit of advice from the same book that's pertinent and relevant to our present moment:

"So grab yer ermines Mary 'cause the whole shithouse is going up in chunks."



Pardon Libby? Yeah, and Jeffrey Dahmer too (posthumously), while you're at it

Fucking "tough guys" are such babies ---

So Cheney and Rumsfeld break the law, fuck over the one person in the administration not afraid to tell the truth, destroy his wife's career (fuckanoodle! -- even the Sopranos' circle of fiends don't go after the wives -- but then, the Sopranos aren't a bunch of chickenshit scumbags), then they get Libby to lie for them.

And now they want Doofus Boy to pardon him.

What a nifty circle.

They let two border guards do hard time for doing their job (taking out a drug smuggler in the act of transporting drugs) because Monkey Boy was sucking up to the Mexican Prez. But none of them talk about pardoning THEM.

I say, if Little Scooter is so goddamn tough, put him in the general population in Leavenworth, and give him a cell with the biggest, baddest buttfucking killer in the place and let him spend 30 months finding out what it feels like to have someone with all the power do whatever they want to you.

"Watch out for the asses you kick on the way up -- they're the same ones you have to lick on the way down."

My only regret is that the people plumping for a "Get Out of Jail Free"card -- Rumsfeld, Cheney, Midge Decter (Grendel's mom), and the rest, can't get thrown into the joint to do some hard time, too. (Oh please I don't want to forget to include that putrid excrescence of rotundity, Bush's bitch -- Karl Roverer.)


3500 American military personnel dead.
25,000 + maimed and scarred for life.
750,000 Iraqis dead or maimed.
2 Million Iraqis homeless.

These guys need to be beaten within an inch of their lives -- every day.

I don't care what their diseased minds say -- it IS NOT THE SAME AS AN EMBARRASSED HUSBAND -- Bill Clinton -- refusing to admit he got a hummer from an intern. Ms Lewinsky -- as far as I know -- may have given "killer head" but that's just a saying. No one died, except for La petit mort.

Put him in the slammer and get out the Linda Blair Memorial Broomstick.

Show him the Abner Louima Ceremonial Plunger (aka doing a Giuliani on someone)

He doesn't deserve any sympathy for what he's done.

Put him in a room with the children, widows, widowers, and parents of the people he caused to die for zip in Iraq and give each one 10 minutes with him.

SOMEONE in this godforsaken administration needs to be held responsible for SOMETHING.

And put a well-placed kick into a painful region of anyone who says he should be pardoned.



So I get it now, the longe-range Bush plan is this:

He and his Secty of State and all his smiling sociopaths still seem to be stuck in the Cold War Era (talk about not having post 9-11 perception!) and haven't got a clue as to how to deal with people who just flat-out resent the USA presence in their countries. (Condoleeza Rice spent her entire pre-Monkey Boy career becoming an expert on Cold War Russia.)

These people attacked the World Trade Center TWICE because of Poppy Bush's military base in Saudi Arabia, which base on "sacred soil" offended Osama ben Ladn's fundamentalist sensibilities, and which long-desired base Poppy got by faking out Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait ("We have no interest in Arab - Arab conflicts" April Glaspie speaking to Saddam Hussein as envoy from Poppy Bush)and then convincing the Big Boss Man that Iraq was intending to continue on and invade Arabia.

So the big plan is this, OBVIOUSLY:

Get Valerie Putin pissed off enough to REVIVE the COLD WAR!!

What genius!

What brilliance!

We have all these missiles and all this old agitprop fear-mongering stuff just lying around gathering dust -- time to revive Duck and Cover!

Wow -- thinking that far outside the box!

(So far outside the box you might think they ride to work in a short yellow bus.)

Well at least you can't call ANY OF THEM "Evil GENIUSES."



Poor New Hampshire -- if it's not one thing, it's another

Three Mild Earthquakes Shake NH Coast

June 04,2007 | EXETER, N.H. -- New Hampshire had three small earthquakes Saturday night and Sunday morning... The U.S. Geological Survey listed two of the quakes as magnitudes 1.4 and 1.9. A magnitude for the third quake was not available.


The earth shakes, and as soon as it calms down, here come 8 Democrats to argue about the way they'll get involved in helping us to live our lives using snippy little camouflaged digs at each other at St. Anselm's on Sunday night.

And as the fetid air is barely clearing ... barely a day and a half respite and now 10 Republicans show up to continue the bickering, telling us how to live our lives from another, more Darwinian point of view.

Such a beautiful state.

Such a lot of soul-destroying life-threatening crap to have happen all in one weekend.

From my perspective here astride the Hayward Fault in Oakland, California, the earthquakes were probably the most enjoyable part of the weekend.



"Wars, politics, causes. For thousands of years we've ended up with a sack of shit. It's time we learned to think."

Charles Bukowski


Since the end of Richard Nixon's administration (the LAST Republican president to actually care about fiscal responsibility) it's been like this:

The GOP kept on playing their incredibly old lame song. It goes like this:

"Democrats believe in one thing -- 'Tax and Spend.' "

(Monkey Boy's cheerleading squad seems not to have noticed that Bill Clinton did a lot of things in eight years, even beyond their fascination with his wet willy,* and one of them was that he actually pushed the United States out of deficit spending and made moves towards bringing down the debt.)

Since Reagan (the first president AFTER Richard Nixon to 'cut and run'**) the official policy of the Republicans has been -- "Let's push the country so far into debt and deficit that we have a good solid reason for having ONE answer to questions about social programs for the poor, the elderly, and the sick, that answer being: 'Sorry we just can't afford it.' "

So for the past 27 years, the Republicans' standard has been

Republicans believe in one thing: Borrow and Spend***

Which is why the Bukowski quote in the posting above is still the most valid observation of governments -- not just ours -- is still accurate more than 40 years after he first said it. I'll repeat it here:

"Wars, politics, causes. For thousands of years we've ended up with a sack of shit. It's time we learned to think."


* We all like porn to one degree or another, but $40+ million just to document a blowjob? We can only hope that now, with internet porn so pervasive, our government no longer needs to spend our tax money on objects of Republican masturbation.


**Nixon 'cut and ran' from Vietnam when it was absolutely undeniably necessary, but he kept his word -- held his promise to the financial community as long as he could, that promise having been the one he told them in 1968, that if he were elected, he'd keep the war going AT LEAST 4 more years, so they'd have a chance to amortize their re-tooling expenses -- that was his SECRET PLAN -- it's true and you may believe it even though I can't tell you the name of the person who was in one of those very private meetings and who told me. Then Reagan cut and ran from Beirut like a scared jackrabbit right after more than 220 of his unarmed Marines got killed.)


*** And leave the mess for the Democrats so they have to explain why they're raising taxes. Same as Monkey Boy's stated policy on Iraq to his pals from Texas -- screw it up so badly the next prez will have NO CHOICE but to stay there or take the blame for Bush's War -- Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated "I am the president!" He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our country's destiny." Apparently he believes our country's destiny involves destroying the lives of the American men and women who are willing to wear the uniform, selling weapons to anyone who waves money in the faces of his friends, and misusing and abusing our armed forces until the world perceives them as being just slightly weaker than a popcorn fart. As destinies go, not the most inspiring.



Reflection on BOTH Michael Jackson and Halliburton having moved to Dubai

Come let us go then, you and I

to the tiny kingdom of Dubai

where a man can fly just like the eagles

whether he butt-fucks boys or sheep or beagles

nor suffer taxes nor fear extradition

the boys can really get together

since theft is OK and pederasty legal


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