First let Trump own up to being Roy Cohn's "Fencepost Turtle" and then we'll listen to him talking about what the president is covering up.

Someone asked: "How can someone so dumb get so rich?"

And the simple answer is that he was Roy Cohn's Bitch-Boy front -- Cohn bribed, blackmailed, made kickbacks, etc and made Trump rich because it served Cohn's purposes, giving Cohn more leverage with the New York mob (permits, union kickbacks, etc) -- political powers, NY State judiciary, and Cardinal Spelman's pederastic riverboat parties.

All in The Autobiography of Roy Cohn by Sidney Zion.

Cohn told everyone to "just tell him (Sidney Zion) everything and I'll take care of it later, take out anything that shouldn't be there."  Fortunately for all of us, Cohn died of AIDs before he could do the edit, and so we get to see a complete record of his crimes, some of which were committed for Donald Trump.
"Fencepost Turtle" -- a Texican expression about driving down a country road and seeing a turtle on a fencepost ... which tells you (1) He didn't get up there by himself, (2) he doesn't belong there, (3) he's not going to be doing anything while he's there, and (4) he's such a pathetic sight, you just feel sorry for the poor reptile.

Often applied to former president George W Bush (a man who was able to fail at drilling oil in Texas).

But can be applied as well to someone who was given his leg up but was so totally inept he was actually able to go broke running a gambling casino. (But he SEEMS intelligent when he makes sure you watch him next to Gary Busey. Or Birthers.


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