I'd prefer to think John McCain is just a lying sack of shit, instead of the scary possibility...

After getting all hincty and smarmy about how he couldn't debate because he had to save the world --- after 26 years of telling money men to go ahead and grab with both hands, as long as they give some to his campaign funds --- after being up to his skanky asshole with his pals, the Savings & Loan crooks known as the Keating Five (he was given a pass, attributing his presence in the Company of Thieves as merely "poor judgment), -- and finally, after going into Washington and instead of brokering the financial crisis bailout deal the way he said he would, he just kicked down the sandcastle being built, NOW he blames Obama for turning the financial bailout deal into a mere political game... in other words, so says the man who spent his years in post-POW release attacking the families of POW's and MIA's --- Manchurian Candidate* (or more properly, the Hanoi Candidate) only HE is willing to put country ahead of self and anyone who runs against him is right on the line of treason. And that he is "Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known." **

My friend, Dick points out that McCain looks less like the witty player of 2000 and more and more like Ronald Reagan ... in Reagan's SECOND TERM when the Alzheimer's had really taken hold.

So I'm hoping that he's really just the man he so obviously appears to be -- the vicious scum-sucking asshole who'll do anything --run a slander machine, lie, cheat, whisper, plant racist and communist and all kinds of -isty hints to get elected, because he knows he can only make points by attacking the other guy since he's got nothing else to offer.

Even his competition with Joey Lieberman the past four years to see which one can put the juicier, wetter, more slobbery tongue kiss on Monkey Boy's ass is just vile, but not as scary as the real real real probability -- that senile dementia has set in already and Sarah Palin will be acting president a week after the inauguration.

We can survive with a criminal as president - -we've been doing that off and on for 232 years, with special emphasis on the last 8 -- but to have demented old Uncle Fudd in the Oval Office with Ilsa, She-Wolf of Wasilla *** as his backup?

Even the atheists mutter "God help us" when conetmplating that possibility.


* His hench-creatures have whispered that we must consider Barack Obama as the Manchurian Candidate. Hey when you're IT, point the finger at someone else. In this case, remember the old saw that "When you point your finger at someone, there are THREE fingers pointing back at you."

** Certainly his Manchurian status (Cindy makes a credible Queen of Diamonds) is enhanced by the fact that EVERY presidential candidate from Clinton to Kerry has been accused of being that guy -- except John McCain. After all "John McCain is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known." He's in that ultimately suspicious category of "Couldn't be him." and "How DARE you? He's above suspicion -- he's a TRUE PATRIOT!!!"

*** Hey, I've seen Dyanne Thorne and vicious though Ms Palin seems to be, seemingly cruel and even sadistic, Governor Palin is NO Dyanne Thorne.



Oooh, we're being unfair to Governor Palin -- oh boo-fucking-hoo

So ok, generally we can agree that dissing her family and her sexiness are off-limits -- EXCEPT for when those are used as her selling points, at which point they become a valid -- if tasteless -- part of the political dialogue.

But even so, if those of us who are NOT part of the moronic fist-pumping "USA! USA!" crowd abandon our sense of decency, that would not be good.

Because other than that -- after hearing her speeches I can only come to the conclusion that, despite her accomplishments, she's really just one more vicious cunt in the mold of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Phyllis Schlafly -- spewing venom, stirring up hatred, and attributing a motive of treason* to anyone who is not part of her tribe, who does not agree with her pin-headed narrow-minded, small-town, insular, and -- yes -- ELITIST** point of view.

So I can only say, with kindness and sadness -- fuck her and the angry old fart*** she rode in on.


* Well what else it is when she parrots the old fart by saying -- over and over and over again, that THEY are making change only to advance their careers? But that WE are putting country first? (Implying they are not.) Does she think we're all that stupid as to believe that the other party is some sort of alien invasion force intent on destroying America? Or that maybe the Republicans that flock around her actually believe that?

** Elitist -- "we're the crown of creation, me and my friends and anyone who isn't like us is shit." That's what it is whether some snotty Yalee intones it to all the non-WASPS or some backwoods Christer comes on saying "My daddy says all you city folk are Commie Jew Nigger Scum."

*** John "Did you know I was a P.O.W?" McCain --- He always says he never likes to talk about it (except every time he can get someone to sit still), and has repeated it and used it and repeated it and used it until he has actually created P.O.W. fatigue in the American public, devaluing the tribulations of EVERYONE who ever went through that horror, even those who weren't raining death on the friends and family of people who then, after he surrendered, weren't nice to him, ringing that bell over and over and over again until people finally realized that Iraq is pretty much Vietnam -- a cynical expenditure of lives, at first for hegemony, but soon after for nothing more than saving face, or as LBJ put it as soon as he became president -- "We can't possibly win this thing, but we can't just walk away." (Yeah, you hungry ghost -- tell that to the 50,000 Americans and the 1,000,000 Vietnamese who died for your image.)

Or in Iraq -- "Al Quaeda will celebrate victory is we SURRENDER."

I know a man, an admirable man, who was a P.O.W. of the Japanese from the very beginning of that war, who was captured because he told the Medics to take his men out first and then come back get him -- by which time, it was too late. And he dealt with his nightmares and hauntings for years without ever trying to sell them for career advantage.

RIDDLE: What song haunts John McCain, and triggers his nightmares of harsh judgments flung at him by his father and grandfather and all his angry forebears back to the revolution?

ANSWER: Bruce Springsteen singing "No Retreat -- No Surrender."



Just to prevent any incorrect conclusions ---

When I made the comparison between Doris Day's Other (non-public) Life and Sarah Palin's, I did NOT mean to suggest that Mrs Palin's other life was THE SAME as Ms Day's, i.e., one of sexual gluttony.*

The ONLY point I was making was that the face we see on the surface is not the same face as people see in private. In Mrs Palin's case what ferments below is a passel of nasty little incidents, using her authority as Mayor to fire the Police Chief, to TRY to fire a librarian who wouldn't remove books she (Palin) didn't like, and other various uses of her influence and authority to manipulate situations not legally in her bailiwick.

To stay up to date with the only source of objective reports I've been able to find on Mrs Palin's past and present, I recommend reading the daily online magazine Alaska Dispatch

*Since then, the National Enquirer (you know, the newspaper that caused the Repuglicans to scream that the Liberal Press was ignoring the report on Senator Edwards Affair) I've read that she had an affair with her husband's (now) former partner. And subsequently, that the McCain Campaign was threatening to sue. As if the threat of lawsuits scare them. Unlike politicians, the Enquirer seems to actually base their accusations on demonstrable facts. If only we could get the same from any of the bozos running for office.


Sarah Palin is the GOP's Dream Girl -- the new Doris Day

She fills that myth that everyone in that party has been worshipped for so long -- even the Log Cabin Republicans -- or so it seemed during an interview with their leader, who said, among other things, that he agreed with most of the Republican agenda, even though he had a difference of opinion about SOME THINGS -- like the fact that THE BASE would just as soon shoot him and all his friends -- or at least send them all to Coventry.

BUT -- Sarah Palin is being displayed as Doris Day re-emergent, although from what is beginning to be heard from Alaska, the resemblance is more than casual, i.e., that Ms Day's public image didn't match her private life.

In Ms Day's instance, while she was singing so sweetly and then later running around being a virgin in a girdle with Cary Grant, she was fucking every horn player who stood still long enough -- and who WAS long enough -- to meet her approval.

In Mrs. Palin's situation, we've already learned that no one in Alaska can actually name ANYONE who was called about her during the vetting process, and that while she has done many of the admirable things so carefully mentioned OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in GOP talking points, there's more to her nickname as barracuda than has yet been discussed, flashes of which were seen when the press has the TEMERITY to ask her about her qualifications, her record, her affilitations and all the other things the public would like to know about the young woman who will be backup to a cranky old 72-year-old fart who's been through 3 bouts with cancer.



A correction, I think about Sarah Palin and her daughter

As delightfully scandalous as it would be for Trig to actually be Bristol's son, (see my smartass posting below) Bristol is -- according to Michelle Malkin and Tony Perkins of the Family research Council -- 5 months pregnant NOW. (And Michelle Malkin has suddenly developed a sense of decency and asks that Bristol's pregnancy not be a subject of reportage.)

I had wondered about that since Down's syndrome is a much
higher risk for pregnancies among women over 40.


A thought on Sarah Palin's world view

To say I'm not a religious person shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but-- as with gay men or women getting married, or the kids down the block smoking some weed, and religion -- my opinion of whether or not I find it acceptable is irrelevant.

Since this is America where money talks, I harken back to the first coin minted in the USA -- the Fugio cent made in 1787 which bore the words "We Are One" on the reverse, but on the obverse -- the front -- heads -- a radiating sun and a sundial with a gnomon (the shadow-maker on a sundial) on it and the words :


Back to religions and cosmology:

There is a story that tell of a well-known scientist (some say that it was Bertrand Russell) who gave a public lecture on astronomy (1927)

He described how the earth orbits around the sun, and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy.

At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a gigantic turtle (some heretics hold that it is actually on the back of an elephant and IT is standing on the back of a gigantic tortoise."

Mr. Russell smiled and asked: "And what is the tortoise standing on?"

"You're very clever, young man, very clever, but you don't fool me -- it's turtles all the way down!"

Others, including Stephen Fry gave it as a researched answer on his BBC radio show QI in which hetold a different version, basically the same but with elephants ON the turtles, that it was an exchange with William James.

So, I'm trying to describe the topic without prejudice, and try to emulate the attitude of Herman Melville as expressed by Ishmael in Moby Dick** in the Chapter on Ramadan and Queequeg's religious practices


** The Ramadan

As Queequeg's Ramadan, or Fasting and Humiliation,
was to continue all day, I did not choose to
disturb him till towards night-fall; for
I cherish the greatest respect towards everybody's
religious obligations, never mind how comical,
and could not find it in my heart
to undervalue even a congregation of
ants worshipping a toad-stool


Whose child is this that Sarah claims?

Is Sarah Trig's mother? Or grandmother?

"If you have been living in a cave and not heard, there is a rapidly spreading rumor that baby Trig Palin is not the son of Sarah Palin, but her grandson. According to these rumors, it was Sarah Palin’s 16-year-old daughter Bristol Palin who gave birth to Trig, who suffers from Down Syndrome..."

I guess I've been living in a cave because I hadn't heard.

Who knows?

If you can't make fun of a vice presidential candidate, then the Bill of Rights is TRULY dead.

11th Amendment -- The people's right to mock the Vice President shall not be infringed. (Not even flocked or adorned with deedly-balls.)

I remember how Robin Williams pointed that, in his view, a bonus of pregnancy is that the Titty Fairy suddenly shows up -- and in this -- and in other more dramatic photo profiles, as below -- it does look like the magic wand has been waved over Bristol.

(I do hope this isn't just another one of those mean-spirited feces-flingings that were done on Chelsea Clinton, mocking teenage residual childhood chubbies.)

Sarah Palin [centre] surrounded by her family members. From L-R back row: son Track and  husband Todd, second row: daughter Willow, Governor Sarah Palin, daughter Bristol, at front daughter Piper


A site dedicated to discussing various aspects of the excellently toothsome Governor Palin

From my friend Sherry in Connecticut -- this link:


Toothsome, yes, that's the word.

Or as Craig Ferguson puts it (in the video on this site where she makes the sign of the cross to invest him with honorary Alaskan Citizenship):

"... something of the sexy librarian about her..."


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