The Massacre of the Medics

It seemed like a good idea, as so many totally insane ideas seem at times when the ebb and flow of social insanity is at one of those all-time high tides...

The idea: take all the experts in medical nutrition and freeze-dry them in situ with the remedies they propose for the various disorders or diseases they intend to cure – then grind up the petrified, concretized result and use it as medicine. 

Makes as much sense as, say, deciding that since universal vaccination had eliminated this or that common fatal disease  -- measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, et al -- then it would be a good thing to NOT get vaccinated since those diseases were no longer a threat. A seemingly intelligent conclusion that might work, except that it missed the fact that those disease-causing entities -- bacteria, viruses, or whatever -- were still in the environment.

The vaccinations -- having "wiped out the disease," actually hadn't. It had "wiped out the vulnerability of vaccinated humans to the disease," diminishing the contagion from infected humans, but not the disease-causing entities themselves.

The fact that the foremost proponent of one of the diseases had become famous because of having blonde hair, really great tits and capped teeth help convince an already-insane populace it must be true.

Even the public expose that the "medical research" articles PROVING this one vaccine caused a disturbing -- but not fatal -- childhood side effect in the process of preventing the fatal childhood disease - was fictitious advertising from an agency representing a competing drug company, seemed to have no impact. Because oh wow -- great tits.

So they rounded up the brilliant medical nutritionists, and herded them into the giant machine created for the freeze-dry process, and processed them.

 Need it be said that it didn't work? It was a total disaster characterized by reducing the technicians to tears and madness as the medical experts didn't just freeze-dry nicely but various parts of the bodies and the remedies imploded while other parts then exploded sending a perfect storm of wet spray and fine dust everywhere. 

And with all the medics who understood how to treat the diseases dead and circulating through the air, as were the diseases themselves, the research team that had come up with idea, individuals all so proud of their idea they made sure all of their names were on the original proposal, their last words as the angry crowds Mussolini'd them in Times Square, hanging them all upside down from lampposts, and beating them to death with baseball bats, all their protestations and explanations came down to a single word:   "OOPS!"   

The company behind it was given a substantial fine.


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