Wolfowitz Decries 'Smear Campaign' -- O Boo-fucking-Hoo, why's everybody always picking on me, eh?

--Hey Wolfie, why don't you just shut the fuck up and take your punishment?

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By JEANNINE AVERSA AP Economics Writer

April 30,2007 | WASHINGTON -- World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz on Monday decried what he called a "smear campaign" against him and told a special bank panel that he acted in good faith in securing a promotion and pay raise for his girlfriend.

In a prepared statement to the panel, Wolfowitz said the institution's ethics committee had access to all the details surrounding the arrangement involving bank employee Shaha Riza, "if they wanted it."

Wolfowitz told the panel that: "I acted transparently, sought and received guidance from the bank's ethics committee and conducted myself in good faith in accordance with that guidance."


As I said, why don't you just shut the fuck up and be a mensch?

You gamed the system, paid off your girlfriend with our money, and you got caught.

So what that it was a "little thing."

It's kind of like the opposite of the Academy Awards --

You know how they give some long term actor an Oscar for a second-rate picture because they SHOULD HAVE given it to him or her the year before for a truly stellar performance?

Well in this case, they SHOULD HAVE hanged you from the highest tower in the Hague for crimes against humanity -- planning the mass murder oil adventure -- and convincing the mentally-challenged simian in the Oval Office that it was a good idea, the insane idea that's come to be known as the War in Iraq -- thousands of Americans dead and wounded ... HUNDREDS of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead because your brilliant idea so destabilized the place as to open up the gates of Hell and Anarchy.

So take it like a grownup. You got away with the big one stealing incredible numbers of lives and dollars, but you got caught stealing a small amount for your nookie.

You're just one more embarrassing Jew the rest of us end up having to answer for, so you're lucky we don't come after you with torches and pitchforks to prove to the holocaust-approving world we're not all selfish murdering super-Zionist pricks like you.

So go lick your comb and shut up.




Who is that man in the White House? Ahhh-haaah!

April 29,2007 | WASHINGTON -- President Bush will not support a war spending bill that punishes the Iraqi government for failing to meet benchmarks for progress, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

Rice's comments cast fresh doubt on a potential compromise between the Democratic-led Congress and the White House in getting money to U.S. troops.


I get it now -- We always knew he was something out of MAD magazine, perhaps Alfred E Neuman, the "What Me Worry?" kid, but no, now we can see more clearly.

He's that Michael McDonald MADtv sketch character-- STUART* -- the seriously disturbed (and mother-fucked-over) kid who is so hair-trigger when his mommy tries to "help" him with something...

Stuart is known for his catchphrases, specifically ... "Let ME do it!" when an adult attempts to assist him with something. He often follows this up with "Dooooon't" when said adult tries again.


*Stuart Larkin, arguably the most recognized character from MADtv, is a hyperactive and possibly autistic little boy played by Michael McDonald.

He is almost always accompanied by his supposedly borderline alcoholic mother, Doreen (Mo Collins), who scolds him for his various acts of childhood mischief.

His face is pale, and he often stares vacantly at nothing, possibly because of constantly-hinted-at childhood traumas, such as his dad leaving them. He hates going to his dad's house. Once, he said to his mother, "Mommy, Daddy called," and his mother, quavering, replies, "What did he say?" and Stuart replies, "He said he's glad to be out of this hellhole..."

When pushed too far, his boyish falsetto is replaced by a deep demonic voice. On that same note, in some skits we see Stuart enter his "dark place" a play off of the popular children's "happy place"; this is used to show Stuart's dark inner toils.



The Demo-debate -- Like the JFK-Nixon debate -- it depended on whether one was watching or listening

(It was a demo, wasn't it -- Beta version politics)

I was working and had the tv on, was recording it, so I listened to the whole thing, but didn't watch the candidates except for an occasional turn to see what/who.

Without seeing his excellent political poster face, Barack Obama sounded shallow and callow -- a man with much intelligence but no gravitas.

Hillary's voice -- JEEZUS H KEERIST!! Without her possibly mitigating practiced facial expressions, it was as grating and annoying as fingernails on blackboard... I came close to expecting to hear her to say "And your little dog too" -- despite her claims/headlines today that her "southern twang" will stand her in good stead. Hey Hillary -- the less attention youy call to your voice,the better off you'll be. It contains all the elements that anyone biased against a woman as executive constantly points out as "nagging," "strident," etc. She SOUNDS harsh and cold and emotionless... like Mike Dukakis or the late William Burroughs -- she makes Dukakis sound like Dr Phil...

Mike Gravel is a trip -- the white version of 2004's Rev Sharpton, i.e., the one with no hope to win, but who hangs in and says the things you might want to hear and that all the voters NEED to hear, but that none of the others would dare to say, even if they thought them.

He's coming from an important and refreshing, if sometimes irrelevant (to the issue at hand) point of view. This time, overdone, but perhaps that's because he needed to be introduced and to introduce himself.

He calls things by their rightful name -- i.e., soldiers died in vain, war was lost from the day we went in, you people are scary -- and as was observed by John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, a brilliant but much MUCH more vile man than even as portrayed by Johnny Depp in "Libertine" ---

"Any man who calls things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."

Gravel's barbs were refreshing, since all the others were taking themselves WAAAY too seriously --- gravitas, guys, not self-pomp.

For starters, even a Beatles revival tour with John lennon and George harrison resurrected wouldn't hold public interest for an 18 month long tour -- even if it was all free concerts in every city over 250,000 ... I think we will come to despise these people before too long.

And I predict John Edwards may well be the big winner (i.e., least despised) when the big Tuesdays come around.



There's a reason little Monkeyboy Georgie labels the Democrats' Iraq proposal a "mistake"

It works hand in glove (or perhaps hand up in the sock puppet president) with his statements in defense of his cute and somewhat effeminate-looking attorney general, and with, of course, his total inability to EVER admit his adventure in Iraq might have been a ---!!GASP!! A m-m-m-m...


To Monkeyboy, the greatest terror of all is that M word...


Well, that's one of them, maybe where it came from, but the KILLER is you can
EVER make a... MISTAKE!!

Because if you EVER did, then the other guys would...


This is the syndrome you see in someone who is a congenital fuckup but who grew up in a place where PERFECTION was absolutely IMPERATIVE -- he might have been a rather congenial fellow (some people who hang out with him think he has definite remnants of that still occasionally visible)if he had not been abused and tortured into having to be "as good as..."
as what?
As someone?

Instead he turned into a terrified little boy hiding out in the body of a man who works and works as a gym rat to increase his appearance of manliness, stands in what he considers a "tough" posture, even though he prances rather than walks, talks tough like "You can run but you can't hide..." "Bring 'em on..."

It's why he's terrified of the bad evil people in Iran and Syria, why he can't possibly dare to meet with any of them, can't get into the same room with any of them because his strength will disappear and he'll be weak and they'll throw him down, drop his pants and peanut-butter his balls ... or do something worse.

It's why, when he sees the people of America and the world demand that we get the hell out of Iraq, he interprets as "They want me to modify our course..."

The wisest politician I've heard in years called it by its rightful name in last night's Democratic Laugh-In, the one they called a debate:

"The war was lost the day we invaded Iraq."

He also called it by its rightful name when he talked about the men and women who have "died in vain."

And when all the headless chickens who want to be the Democratic nominee for president squawked at that, clucking that it's a terrible thing to say, and oh my... and he said

"The thing that's worse than soldiers dying in vain is MORE soldiers dying in vain."

Ultimately, the man CAN'T LEARN ANYTHING because he can NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER admit he was EVER EVER EVER WRONG, that he EVER EVER EVER made an M-word in his pants.

This is what happens when we have a president whose emotional age is 7 year old.



You can NOT tell me that asshole isn't drinking...

I saw the news footage of Monkey Boy dancing around like some frat-boy moron with the African tribal musicians...

... people are being killed every day, on HIS orders and HIS refusal to rescind those orders...

.. the very life-sustenance of our planet is disintegrating while his people sue to prevent anyone from interfering with the elements of greed and theft and murder that are destroying it...

... he and the verminous scumbags he has set in positions of power using his daddy's pals' money and his (and their) terror of his mommy's wrath mock and accuse of treason anyone who disagrees with their lies and excuses...

... his policies have now put him on equal footing with Idi Amin in terms of how many people his admin has killed (well over 300,000) except he's too much of a chickenshit to have done it himself or taken responsiblity for it

And the asshole is dancing around like a fool.

I would compare him to Nero but he's not nearly smart enough.

I can only compare him to the guy we all knew --
the one everyone knew was the biggest asshole in High School.

A drunken trailer trash piece of crap that tries to walk like a man but instead prances like some extraterrestrial in a person-suit.

And I can only hope he spends all the rest of his days recognizing how many BILLIONS of people actively despise him and everyone who has gone along with him.

And spends every night of his life surrounded by the ghosts and rotting corpses that are his true legacy every night

Sleep well, shithead, sleep well -- may you wake up screaming in the dark every night forever. (The soldiers and Marines you sent into your ego-driven Hell will, the people who were just going to work every day in Iraq will, so why not you, too?)

(And after watching Bill Moyers' stunning documentary Buying the War, I include EVERYONE who went along with the lies to create carnage and disaster in Iraq and the Middle East -- politicians, press, so-called patriots -- Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Left and Right alike -- each and every one of them own a piece of those terrifying ghosts.

Because, like Monkey Boy, they were too afraid of being called bad, or of losing some money, too scared to see what a lot of us saw -- us, the ones they called "America-haters," the ones they attacked -- too scared to refuse to approve of killing thousands and thousands of people who did NOTHING to harm us. Of course now they're whining about it being a "hit piece," or how they believed what they were told ..." )

And of course, the Monkey Boy is dancing around like a fool while African tribal musicians play their drums. And there was a song about a "Signifying Monkey," wasn't there? Oscar Brown Jr sang it... about a lying little primate ... "Signifying Monkey, high up in your tree, you're always lying and signifying, but you better not monkey with me.")



It's all greed and racism, EXCEPT...

... there's only one reason to hate the Arabs,
and that's mostly for High School Students
and those of us with embarrassing memories like being called on
and having to come up with a "duhh, I dunno."
(and no -- having to go to the blackboard with a raging visible hard-on
from looking across the aisle at L_____ leaning back and stretching,
long legs stretched out, skirt high on her thighs is not one --
that's Miss Logjam's doing) ---

The Arabs invented Algebra, the *#$%&%-ers



After it's all said and done

After all the news people have finished wanking off on the Blacksburg death party to the point of exhaustion, and every second-rater with a degree in anything has given an opinion on why and how and what-for (opinions being, as anyone ever in the military service knows, similar to anal sphincters, i.e., everyone's got one and none of them smell like roses), I can only think that the Korean kid in Virginia might finally have felt justified --

not at having killed all those people -- there's no justification for that stuff, never --

But that he had FINALLY become a REAL American, just as with African-Americans in Paris post WWII who delighted that, unlike the white boys back home in the states, people there regarded them as real AMERICANS, and if they spit on them, it was NOT because they were black but because they were American (and perhaps therefore part of some CIA bullshit bringing down the Republic for Coca-cola, for example).

And of course, there's young Mr. Cho, picking up his guns and going ballistic and killing a bunch of people who had nothing to do with him, just happened to be there -- well, hell, if that ain't American, then God didn't make little AIDS viruses.

So Cho has made it -- for him, the racism is over -- he's part of a tradition as White & American as Billy the Kid, Charles Whitman, and Rusty Calley.

The Melting Pot is Working!


"Man is to man either a god or a wolf.

Desiderius Erasmus

April 22,2007 | BAGHDAD -- Gunmen shot and killed 23 members of an ancient religious sect in northern Iraq on Sunday after stopping their bus and separating out followers of other faiths while car bombings in the capital killed at least another 20 people...

In the northern Iraq attack, armed men stopped the bus as it was carrying workers from a textile factory in Mosul to their hometown of Bashika, which has a mixed population of Christians and Yazidis -- a primarily Kurdish sect that worships an angel figure considered to be the devil by some Muslims and Christians.

The gunmen checked the passengers' identification cards, then asked all Christians to get off the bus... With the Yazidis still inside, the gunmen drove them to eastern Mosul, where they were lined up along a wall and shot to death, al-Wagga said...

Abdul-Karim Khalaf, a police spokesman for Ninevah province, said the executions were in response to the killing two weeks ago of a Yazidi woman who had recently converted to Islam after she fell in love with a Muslim and ran off with him. Her relatives had disapproved of the match and dragged her back to Bashika, where she was stoned to death, he said.

"Man is to man either a god or a wolf.
Desiderius Erasmus

Sometimes I think --- Better a wolf.

I've seen the way wolves treat each other.

And I've seen the way how men treat each other when God is involved.



Trust the partisans to kill the messenger...

In this case it's those lemmings who still march in line, and who disgrace actual conservatives (as distinct from the crazed theocratic religious fanatics who still believe Monkey Boy is the second coming -- yeah, but of WHAT?) by calling themselves conservative or Republican ---

Harry Reid says what EVERYONE in the world knows already: "If we continue to follow Bush's plan, the war is lost." (AN IMPORTANT INTRODUCTORY PHRASE THERE) --

But in this case, the Bush-wahs have been waiting for someone to tell the truth so they can blame it on him, instead of admitting that it already was in the crapper from the days BEFORE "Shock and Awe" and that it was, actually, Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall, and all the king's horses, etc... FROM DAY ONE and BEFORE ...


But oh what fun to point a finger at someone who decided to state to obvious -- a politician?
Not lying?

In the words of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester:

"Any man who calls things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."

A word to the wiseguy.



Check out Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is the nom de flame of one of the people who posts on Reconstitution

A person who OBVIOUSLY has a stronger stomach than I do, meaning he is able to listen to, watch, study, and analyze various political doings without actually throwing up long enough to really get to the root of things and make some enlightening comments.

I generally get the dizziness and nausea after just a few minutes listening to people like the president he so affectionately calls "Chimpy," which is why I try to be amusing, since I tend to be more superficial. (He's quite amusing, too, but as I said, actually good and perceptive and relevant, too. A tup of my hat, a salute, and a nod to one who does it somewhat better than most.)

Besides, Jolly Roger may be one of the few people on the planet who brought up Howard Unruh this week, the mass murderer who set the standard back inthe 50's in a drugstore in Camden, New Jersey, holding shoppers and staff hostage and shooting them. (One very sharp reporter decided to call the store's phone number, and Unruh answered. The reporter asked "Why are you doing this?" and Unruh told him, "I can't talk now -- I'm busy.")**

Check him out.

Oh, one more important quality identifying excellence -- he reads and likes to comment on this blog. Obviously a person of great refined tastes.

**I had some of the Howard Unruh facts wrong -- he DID go into a drug store and etc... but the phone call came to him after he was home in his apartment, firing out the window. All these runamok gunmen just blend together. He was a war hero, killed a lot of Germans. Then he killed a lot of New Jerseyans.


Regarding Gonzales' testimony

He prepared for THREE weeks for THAT?

I watched most of Not-So-Speedy* Gonzales' testimony (Testibaloney, more like it) yesterday and all I can say is I've heard smoother, better, more credible explanations for how bad stuff got done from 9 year old kids on the spot telling "Well, what happened was..." stories involving space ships and submarines.
He's supposed to be a lawyer and he can't do EITHER of two things required for that profession:

1. Have a good memory and

2. Lie convincingly

Like most everything in this administration, the criteria for choice begins with "Must be Second-Rate."

Interestingly, for all the lockstep in the call-in shows where Bush-wahs are complaining about this being no more than Borking (I remember watching THAT one and realizing that not only did Judge Bork have the worst beard known to Western Civlization, but he man was crazy and had no concept of the Bill of Rights) and Liberals taking shots (poor use of metaphor for them to use this week) at Bush and his people
, Bush's reluctant surrenders to overwhelming pressure, (for example -- replacing Redrum with Gates or finally giving General Petraeus a chance after trashing his input all this time), have improved the quality of the people in his administration considerably instead of re-staffing it with a mass of babysitters as usually happens at this point in a president's term.

Will be interesting to see who replaces Unspeedy.


* Just a play on names, not an ethnic slap about people of Mexican descent. He's unswift enough to make it obvious he's being a long-time pal of Monkey Boy.

Because, in regard to the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans I know and have known, descent is the right word.



De ja vous on the death-love of the news media

There are real people who died and there are real people who are still living -- among them, Virginia Tech students and/or families of those who were killed or wounded.

And then there are the repulsive vermin who make their living skittering and slithering onto the campus and sticking cameras and microphones into the faces of those stunned and traumatized.

And of course, the blood-suckers staying at home and speculating from the studios.

Like they've been given a gigantic Deathbay Cake with chocolate-blood icing and torn-flesh filling.

Yum-yum, eh?

I'm something of a news junky, but the last time I saw this kind of repugnant lip-licking salivating over all the dead bodies and the crying survivors was after the double-deck pre-Thanksgiving San Francisco BayArea death spree of the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk followed by the Jonestown Massacre.

Not only enough local tie-in death for all, but even talk of shadowy CIA connections, religious cultiness, a dead congressman, and all the rest*

Some time after that, I was astounded by what I saw on TV -- I was watching a news report from Portland, Oregon. A commercial airliner had crashlanded in a park in the city and the reporter -- I swear this is true! -- was obviously RELIEVED that no one had been killed.

A wonderful moment, even though I'm certain the networks found the reporter too small time to be considered for the Big Time.


*Just for a meaningless historical correction that won't make anything change -- the fatal drink in Jonestown was NOT KOOL-ADE but an off-brand (just like Jim Jones' half-assed religion), FLAVOR-ADE.



Hooray for the American "Hide your head under the covers" attitude toward Cho Seung-Hui and his pathetic videos

Oh, they scream and shout how showing these videos and photos are glorifying the dead gunman and should't have been shown and NBC is a Bad Boy and should be sent to bed without super.

Well, I guess it's normal to want SOMEONE to blame, but I don't agree -- I think it was obvious everyone -- CNN, Fox, NBC, et al were presenting this man as a Masked Marauder, a terror, a Dirty Harry, someone whose motivation and life and itinerary and daily actions were worthy of repeated endless interminable scrutiny. Christ, they were doing everyhting but showing videos of his colonoscopy.

But the videos show us a pathetic bedbug who hated everyone who was having a good time -- a man who couldn't stand the fact that many students were actually enjoying themselves. He calls it "dissolution" (ref's to cars and cognac, etc), but what he really hated was people who were somewhat affluent and happy.

My friend, Dick, says -- summing it up and perhaps oversimplifying the situation, but not incorrectly -- that the poor bastard wasn't able to get laid when everyone else was.

Sorry about what might have happened to him earlier in life, but the videos and photos and rants show us a typical pathetic piece of human detritus who thought his attacks on others might make him more of a man. Whether it's Charlie Whitman or Timothy McVeigh, it's usually the same. A loser who is circling the toilet bowl of life (ref John McCain and his flop-sweat motivated "Bomb Iran" joke) and can't stand the idea of being a miniscule little nothing, a nobody that doesn't count, so strikes out desperately as a way of living his own life.

Cho Seung-Hui's videos make him look like what he may well have been, what he probably was -- a poor stupid schmuck who was striking poses, who thought he was doing Dirty Harry but was a psychotic version of Woody Allen, just not funny.

It was a public service for NBC to broadcast those images and words. Much more than the public DIS-service all the networks were doing with their morbid fascination of this second-rate Manson wannabe.**


Of course, now the news people are ecstatically masturbating on camera with the tapes and images, slicing them in myriad different ways and rubbing themselves on them to justify and "prove" whatever their particular points of view might be.


** Another friend, writer and editor Keith Zimmerman disagrees and makes one curcial edit to my writing -- correcting that comment to: "second-rate MARILYN Manson wannabe." Having a good editor is worth a lot. Thanks, Keith, that comes closer to the fact.



McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran -- flop sweat cuts in as the Senator tries to regain his tough-guy pose while circling the toilet bowl

April 19,2007 | WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential contender John McCain, known for having a quirky sense of humor, joked about bombing Iran at a campaign appearance this week.

In response to an audience question about military action against Iran, the Arizona senator briefly sang the chorus of the surf-rocker classic "Barbara Ann."

"That old, eh, that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran," he said in jest Wednesday, chuckling with the crowd. Then, he softly sang to the melody: "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, anyway, ah ..." The audience responded with more laughter.

His quip was prompted by a man in the audience who asked: "How many times do we have to prove that these people are blowing up people now, nevermind if they get a nuclear weapon, when do we send 'em an airmail message to Tehran?"


It is probably imperative at this point that everyone in America knows Lenny Bruce's bit "The Palladium." Because the prospect of a man in a state of panic who is willing to destroy the world rather than go Sewer Surfing is a very relevant one.

Senator McCain -- thanks for your former courage, but once you've spent time publicly kissing the ass of an incompetent with money and power, like virginity, integrity and respect is NOT something you'll ever get back. Just ask Colin Powell.



Virgina Tech Gunman Sent writing, photos, and videos to NBC

That's what it was?

A really bad case of frustrated writer going for an extreme "Now that I've got your attention...?"

The real tragi-comedy of things like this is that the dead are so often achievers, people with a lot to offer to the world, and the reason, such as it may be, for the shooter to remove them from the world is either never spoken, or if known, a response so out of proportion to the offense as to be beyond insane, i.e., Dan White, after shooting Mayor Moscone, on why he shot Harvey Milk -- "He smirked at me."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By MATT APUZZO AP National Writer

April 18,2007 | BLACKSBURG, Va. -- The Virginia Tech gunman sent photographs, videos and writings to NBC in New York before he died in the massacre that left 33 people dead, authorities said Wednesday. NBC said that a time stamp on the package indicated the material was mailed in the two-hour window between the first burst of gunfire and the second.

"This may be a very new, critical component of this investigation. We're in the process right now of attempting to analyze and evaluate its worth," said Col. Steve Flaherty, superintendent of Virginia State Police.

NBC said it immediately turned the package -- containing what the network described as a "lengthy diatribe" -- over to authorities on Wednesday.




Bush going to Virginia Tech today -- some scoundrels say it's for his own political benefit

He's going to Virginia Tech today?

As if those people haven't suffered enough yesterday.

But then it's been a long time since he primped and smirked over the mass grave at Ground Zero. Need to remind people how insensitive he is -- his version of being tough.

The mental image of the Tough Talk Monkey primping and posturing and pretending emotion in front of a totally traumatized student body is only a little more tastelessly repugnant than if he'd submitted a DNA sample in the competition for Anna Nicole Smith's baby's paternity.

The reality of "flop sweat" is that you realize your act is a complete failure and you can't get off the stage and you keep trying harder and harder and harder to make them laugh, pulling out more and more extreme material, but it only gets worse.

At least the deranged Cho Seung-hui had the decency to blow himself away after destroying so many lives.

(Of course he's just using the shocked and staggering student body as a diversion from press attention to 5 million "missing" emails. More than 18-1/2 minutes worth of e-mails. What'll he do next to TRY to keep the unblinking eye away from his administration's felonies? Invade Iran? )



Talk about petty vindictive chickenshit ...

Everyone knew the Bush family was always considered the most vindictive political family in US history -- now we get to see the pettiness of Monkey Boy (aka Richie Rich with a chip on his shoulder) -- and I won't play the game that "Oh HE'S not responsible."

When you appoint 150 or or so graduates of the university owned and run by the supposedly human being who PROVES the adage "the devil can quote scripture for his own purposes," i.e., the unholy slime-spewing wormtongue Pat Robertson and his tribute to Thrones and Dominions -- Regent University -- you're responsible for all the tiny little hells your demons create.

Federal prosecutors brushed off a judge's suggestion that they not retry a prominent marijuana advocate on cultivation charges and said Friday they would press ahead, even though he cannot be sent to prison if he is convicted.

Assistant U.S. Attorney George Bevan made the announcement at a hearing in San Francisco before U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, who presided over the first trial of 62-year-old Ed Rosenthal of Oakland. When Bevan said last month that the government intended to retry the self-described "guru of ganja," Breyer urged him to reconsider, suggesting that federal resources might be used more productively in prosecutions that result in imprisonment.

Bevan said Friday that prosecutors had reached their decision after a "thorough and careful review'' and that the final word had come from Scott Schools, the interim U.S. attorney in San Francisco. When Breyer asked if Justice Department officials in Washington had been consulted, Bevan said he didn't know...

Rosenthal was arrested for growing marijuana that he said was intended for medical patients. After he won his appeal on grounds of juror misconduct, prosecutors secured a new federal grand jury indictment in October that included additional charges of tax evasion and moneylaundering related to his marijuana cultivation...

After the hearing, defense lawyers criticized the retrial decision. But Rosenthal's response was: Bring it on.

"This isn't a criminal case. This is a political case," said Rosenthal, wearing a shiny green robe embroidered with images of marijuana leaves. "When I win this case, it's saying to the government, 'You have to stop harassing the medical (marijuana) dispensaries...' "

Rosenthal is an authority on marijuana cultivation. His latest book was "Why Marijuana Should Be Legal."

His first trial was the first and most prominent of several federal prosecutions of growers who were providing cannabis under a 1996 state initiative that allowed patients to use the drug with a doctor's approval.

Breyer barred evidence about medical marijuana during the trial, saying it was irrelevant to a prosecution under federal drug laws. After a jury convicted Rosenthal of three counts, however, the judge imposed a token one-day sentence rather than the five years prescribed by federal guidelines. Breyer said Rosenthal had believed he was acting legally because the city of Oakland had designated him as an official in its medical marijuana distribution program.

A federal appeals court overturned the convictions last year, finding misconduct by a juror who consulted a lawyer during deliberations. The court also indicated that it would have rejected prosecutors' appeal of the one-day sentence even if it had upheld the convictions.

E-mail Bob Egelko at


NORML: National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws


Legalize Marijuana Petition (Bearing in mind, most government agencies do not accept online petitions because, they say, the signatures are not verifiable).


Legalize Marijuana (political) Party


Milton Friedman endorse legalization -- Forbes Article


And a list of other sites at:



Good to see that Germany, despite the EU, hasn't lost its national identity or its traditions

April 15, 2007 | BERLIN -- A Germany army instructor who ordered a soldier to envision himself facing hostile blacks in New York while firing his machine gun is still on duty, the army said Sunday.

A video of the army instructor telling the soldier to shoot and yell obscenities while thinking of African-Americans in the Bronx aired on German national television Saturday and prompted calls for an apology by the New York City borough's president.

When asked Sunday if the army would apologize, spokesman Florian Naggies said, "The German Army takes the incident very serious and is interested in quickly resolving it."

Naggies said that the case is under investigation, and the instructor "is still working for the army."

The video shows an instructor and a soldier in camouflage uniforms in a forest. The instructor tells the soldier, "You are in the Bronx. A black van is stopping in front of you. Three African-Americans are getting out and they are insulting your mother in the worst ways. ... Act."

The soldier fires his machine gun several times and yells an obscenity several times in English. The instructor then tells the soldier to curse even louder.


And they ask me, at the store, why I buy Philips instead of Braun.




Global Warming Protests Begin Saturday

Come one, we ALL have to do SOMETHING, so get in your car and drive to San Rafael (to throw crap at the Hummer dealer) or up to the mountains (to show everyone how emissions are destroying the environment) or just drive around in circles with a big sign on your bumper that says:


Makes as much sense as anything else these days.


Dear George -- stop whining.

You and your minions keep whining about how the Democrats are just trying to bring you down and oh how unfair that is (especially to a president and vice president who only SUGGESTED -- and still do -- that anyone who disagrees with their hare-brained schemes or objects to them plundering the treasury is a TRAITOR).

Grow the fuck up.

There's an old saying and maybe you should have learned it long ago -- but then you all were too goddamn arrogant to have listened. Maybe you'll listen now:



So, at least once, before you leave our lives forever, act like a man -- that doesn't mean swagger or dress-up -- It means accepting the consequences of what you've done and dealing with them -- WITHOUT WHINING LIKE A DIAPER-SOILED LITTLE BABY.

And if you and Cheney don't know how to do that -- how to be a mensch, watch Nancy Pelosi and learn how to be a stand-up guy from her.



Like the man who was stealing wheelbarrows...

... the whole debate about the war in Iraq is like looking through the straw in the wheelbarrow to try to figure out wottehell the guy was stealing...

The breast-beating and whining and crying and hair pulling and clothing rending about how evil Nancy Pelosi and her band of Amazons will cause us to lose the war if they set a date for blah blah and blah blah...

Here's the secret (clue, why 4 retired generals refused to take the job Bush offered them, to be Commander-in-chief of this war, actually)


The act of invasion was where it was lost. Like WWI, when the German high command knew within 6 months they couldn't win it (didn't turn the corner through the lowlands fast enough), it's just a matter of dragging it out, hoping to blame it on someone else.

In other words, every American, Brit, or Iraqi killed since the taking of Baghdad was murdered for the egos and vanity of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al. The war was lost then.

And anyone who ever read T.E. Lawrence's 7 Pillars of Wisdom in which he talks about how he pulled off creating Iraq for the oil, for the Crown, knew it then. (Wasn't there a general who said it would take 500,000 troops, maybe more, to pull it off? Around the same number Lawrence said it would take the Turks to hold on in the face of guerilla tactics. Or did we all just imagine that?)

Only a bunch of academic woosies and a C-in-C whose only military expereince was in a toy soldier version of the National Guard could have thought otherwise.


Now it's down to the Democrats -- and some actual Conservative Republicans (as distinct from the Religious fanatic Theocratic so-called Conservatives) -- to figure out how to get us out of there with minimal additional loss of life and infliction of pain and suffering.

And it seems to be up to the Bushwah Republicans to figure out how to keep the pain and killing going until they're out of the Oval Office because they believe history will be as dumb as they are and blame the loss of the war on the next administration.











Come on Don (Imus) be a standup guy.

You've got a 30+ year rep for saying it straight out and solid.

So when you weasel around the issues around your comments and weasel around something like an apology, it's enough for people who admired your standup-ness (if not your point of view) to say, "Ahhh, fuck him."

Face it man -- your career is over.

No one wants to hear what you have to say anymore.

At least fade away gracefully.

You had a good ride but no one owes you jack shit.

When you make your living hurting people, you might find a lot of people taking their turn at throwing shit ... on YOU .. and a general lack of enthusiastic defenders when you get taken down for something you obviously think is chicken shit, even if you're willing to mouth some phony apology.

Next stop (if you have ANY class at all) is "What ever happened to...?"


McCain Assails Democrats on Iraq

Yeah, I know -- he suffered terribly in a war that was, fromthe start, nothing but lies (the Gulf of Tonkin imaginary attack), destruction of lives and honor, and just plain old-fashioned bullshit (Robert MacNamara)

And he's from a military family with a distinguished tradition.

And he really wants his love for America to be justified by the possibility that SOME war during HIS lifetime is more than just a stupid infliction of hideous pain and waste of lives organized and ordered by video game fantasists and greed-crazed sociopaths.

But, it's sad ... it's obvious to almost everyone but him that, in the words of Alan Rickman's character at the end of the movie January Man:

"So many people are just ... finished."



Hymietown's Favorite Son is pointing a finger at Don Imus

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who marched with about 50 protesters Monday outside NBC offices in Chicago, said Imus' suspensions will not halt the protests.

He's not wrong -- 2 weeks suspension is like being sent to the principal's office.

He's just a Hymietown Hypocrite, or as they useta say where I grew up:

"A jive-ass signifyin' sonofabitch."

It's kind of like former LAPD Mark ("I never used the N-word") Fuhrman denouncing Don Imus. He wouldn't be wrong either, but really.


Nothing friendly about this friendly fire

--ok, never can know if all the facts will ever come out, but I am willing to state, IF THEY DO, it will be that one of the Rangers will 'fess up that the 'friendly fire' was intentional, that his company took him out for being what they considered 'insufferable.'

No inside information here, just looking at the dynamics of it, seems less like an accident in the "fog of war" (wonderful how much vicious, mean crap can get explained away with that smokescreen concept) and more like a fragging of the press hero who gave up an NFL fortune in San Diego to go be a soldier in Afghanistan.

Fragging someone is not necessarily a violation of a warrior's code. But lying is. And someone will, sooner or later come clean.

Then again, since this is a guess, I could be wrong.

Right now, the congressmen and women want to take down Donny Redrumsfeld more than they want to know what actually happened -- the actual truth. They're more pissed off at knowing they were being lied to than interested in knowing why.

April 10,2007 | SAN FRANCISCO -- A U.S. House committee has scheduled hearings on the military's misleading statements that followed the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan ...

The hearings come two weeks after the Pentagon released the findings of its own investigations into Tillman's death, and three years after he was killed...

The Tillman family and some lawmakers said the previous probes were inadequate and did not sufficiently address the role of then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld in hiding the true circumstances of the former NFL player's death from his relatives for five weeks.

The Army maintained publicly during that time that he had been killed by enemy fire, when in fact his fellow Rangers shot him after a chaotic ambush and dozens of officers knew it.

Tillman's death received worldwide attention because he had walked away from a huge contract with the National Football League's Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the Army after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.



Much as I like Bill Maher, he's dead wrong about Don Imus

.. and he should know it, having taken the money of the DARK DISNEY -- their gold their rules -- so whining on the show about how ok, you apologized now people should let it go so you can go back to work is pure "I owe you so I'll kiss your ass in public" payoff.

Of course Imus should be fired, dragging his tired-ass old act around for more than 30 years -- lots of people -- people who toed the line and didn't take cheap shots at everyone (except Senators and Publishers) have lost their jobs on the whim of the gold-masters, so why not him?

Like Dennis Miller fading into oblivion for terminal mean-spiritedness (and I do like to think his merciless mocking of people who said there were NO WMDs in Iraq helped), let IMUS fade out on his ranch, "sharing a bed with more non-related black children than you've ever met"*

He's made a shitload of money kissing up and kicking down (or licking up and kicking down, as it were) so why would it be cruel to finally kick his nasty ass out of our lives? And don't say "Change the channel." If Janet Jackson's chubby tit is worthy of massive fines, then Imus's bile is worthy of flushing.

The fact that Jesse Jackson's harsh criticism is pure hypocrisy coming from the Hero of Hymietown, doesn't mean he's wrong, just means he's hardly in a position to point a finger.

But with Al Sharpton (Towana Brawley's knight in shining armor) -- there's a difference. He apparently believed her when she said she was battered and abused by white policemen.

People were calling in to Washington Journal on C-SPAN saying it was just like people "calling our President a war criminal." No, it's not. One is just denigrating and slamming someone for who she is (black and female). The other (re: Bush) is criticism for what he's done. Get the difference? If not, count the dead bodies.

And the other talking point -- that so many other people do it, why him, is pure bullshit -- then let's start with him and go on. Drag out all the rest -- Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and Gibson and Rivera and all the other racists and haters on the uptight right side of town -- tar them and feather them and ride them out of town on their own arrogance.

It's simple -- if Arthur Godfrey were alive, Imus could ask him -- at a certain point, you go too far and your career is over. Happens to nicer and better people than him.


* said in contentious objection to someone suggesting racism on his part of Al Sharpton's show... ok, let's slide past Michael Jackson being able to say the same thing and remember that Jeffrey Dahmer DID say the same thing, sort of, protesting that he WASN'T a racist just because most of the youngsters he killed and ate were dark skinned ... "just a coincidence that was who was in the neighborhood."



"NBC is suspending its broadcast of the syndicated 'Imus in the Morning' radio program for two weeks starting Monday April 16 after host Don Imus made comments criticized as racist."


Quickie Rehab and then he won't be a racist any more, izzat it?

The fact that he keeps mentioning how much he cares for the Sickle-cell afflicted little token pickaninnies on his ranch is graphic proof that he hasn't got a clue why anyone might think he's a racist.

Two weeks -- not even enough time for him to understand why he should be banned for life.

Or, in the words of the late sainted Lenny Bruce -- "Burn his wig."


IMUS sez "I'm not a drunk comic spewing hate... I'm a nice guy."

Great -- when you have to say "I'm not Michael Richards" you know you're swine.

No -- you're a SOBER UNFUNNY asshole who thinks he's funny revealing his racism when he's tired.

"Nappy-headed 'ho" is not the sort of phrase that leaps to mind of people who don't categorize people by race or color.

For all the worthless words this redneck motherfucker has spewed over the years, he really doesn't understand anything at all.

Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says HE'S a nice guy.

Hitler thought of himself as a nice guy (he was kind to dogs and a vegetarian -- couldn't stand the sight of blood).

I'm certain George W Bush (a man who is approaching Pol Pot in terms of how many innocent people his ego-stroking self-aggrandizement has killed ) thinks of himself as a Nice Guy.






LET MSNBC DECLARE ITSELF actually OPPOSED to racism. Not just "Oh we're reviewing it." Throw his white hateful nasty ass the hell out of your bandwidth and let us see ANYTHING else.

This is not an exceptional example -- the man has spewed hate for years, dissing everyone -- this is just the time when his mask slipped and he actually spoke his mind -- racist, redneck, and not what any of us want to see called American every again.

Fire him or kill him.

Arrange his retirement or arrange an "accident."

Far as I can see, it doesn't matter which.

No great loss to the world either way.

No, revise that -- killing him would make him a martyr to the incredibly perverted form of what people like him call "free speech."

Make him live with what he's become.



"Nappy headed ho's?" Of course "Imus" spelled backwards is "malignant asshole." BOYCOTT MSNBC

Yep - - a walking talking colorectal cancer...

NEW YORK - Radio host Don Imus apologized Friday for calling the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” on his nationally syndicated program...

Near the start of Friday’s show, Imus said he wanted to “apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived remark we made the other morning referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team...”

Imus was speaking with producer Bernard McGurk when the NCAA title game between Rutgers and Tennessee came up...

“That’s some rough girls from Rutgers,” Imus said. “Man, they got tattoos ...”

“Some hardcore hos,” said McGurk.

“That’s some nappy headed hos there, I’m going to tell you that,” Imus said...

WFAN-AM, the home of Imus’ show, criticized his remarks as “inappropriate.”


INAPPROPRIATE? It's about one cunt-hair's distance away from calling those top women college athletes "a bunch of slam-dunkin' nigger bitches."


“We are disappointed by Imus’ actions earlier this week which we find completely inappropriate. We fully agree that a sincere apology was called for and will continue to monitor the program’s content going forward,” the radio station said in a statement Friday.


"Monitor the program's content?" The smarmy old fart should be horse-whipped, tarred, feathered and turned over to the Bacchae, he likes "nappy -headed ho's" so much.


How about "the thoughtless ejaculations of a stupid muttering semi-senile self-satisfied racist thug?" This is not nearly the first time he's spewed pure audial crap into the ears of his listeners.

I watched a minute or two of his show once a long time ago and thought "If Kurt Vonnegut decided to be a mean-spirited, boring, stupid, smartass, malignancy," he'd be Don Imus -- but he'd be better at it."

And then Imus' non-apology apology for "... the remarks WE made?" who is "WE?" Him and Queen Elizabeth?

I especially like how he mentioned several times on his show that, hey -- he's no racist, he has kids at his ranch who have sickle-cell anemia, so THERE! Hey Donny -- so did Michael Jackson.

Is he now going to check into rehab?

Declare himself "born again"

Insist that "Imus" is the Anglicization of "Ich muss," Peter Lorre's famous excuse for compulsive child-murdering in the movie "M?"

How about he makes that apology in person -- in a private locked room with all the "nappy-headed ho's" of the Rutgers Women's Basketball team there to make it a dialogue?

That way they could discuss his "inappropriate" remarks.

But no -- he's a "Radio Personality," meaning a feeble old chickenshit with logorrhea and a microphone. He'll never come out in daylight. Not unless he's surrounded by his fans -- the type of people who think a "radio personality" who wears a cowboy hat is really really cool.

Ahhh, why get exercised by a schmuck who's obviously a nappy headed moron.

His home station, WFAN, can broadcast his boring offensive crap all they want -- but MSNBC might want to take him off the air and put something worthwhile on.

Whatever WFAN might be or do, MSNBC should be offered a boycott to get that encysted rectal tumor off the air so we, THEIR fans, can still watch their station early in the morning instead of running screaming from Father Coughlin's clone.



Bush Renews Veto Threat on Iraq Bills

WASHINGTON -- President Bush on Tuesday called Democrats in Congress irresponsible for approving war bills that order U.S. troops to leave Iraq by certain dates. He said such efforts will backfire, keeping some troops in battle even longer.

Of course that would only happen if the President were a petulant spoiled brat who will punish the troops to get even with the people who wouldn't let him have his way.

Sure seems like a Mommy thing, doesn't it -- that those... those ... WOMEN are denying him the right to be the Little Prince which makes it worse ... his own Mommies -- Condoleeza and Karen and the rest were supposed to protect him.

That evil Nancy Pelosi is just going ahead and making peace without his approval.

That terrible Barbara Boxer actually has the TEMERITY to act as if she's a real Senator and demand that the White House appointees, the Shadow Players at the White House show up and actually have to swear to tell the truth. What arrogance, to act as if she was elected to do that.

We're not talking politics -- where this White House is concerned, we're talking Krafft-Ebbing.




The recently unearthed Gospel of Judas "contradicts everything we know about Christianity," says religious historian Elaine Pagels.

By Steve Paulson

story image

As almost every child knows, Judas was the disciple who betrayed Jesus selling his life for 30 pieces of silver. If there's an arch villain in the story of Jesus, it's Judas Iscariot. Or is it? The newly discovered Gospel of Judas suggests that Judas was, in fact, the favorite disciple, the only one Jesus trusted to carry out his final command to hand him over to the Romans.

I always thought that the statement: "One of you will betray me," was instructional rather than accusatory, but then what do I know, just some Jew.

Because the men in dresses in Vatican City have made it clear they obviously think they OWN the copyright on Jesus.

As if they think he would have looked so much better if he'd worn a golden crown, valuable rings, and dazzled the crowds while buttfucking altar boys.

So now that the Nazi Vicar of Christ on Earth doesn't have someone to hate in the story, no Jewish Freddy Kruger to betray the Lord, what will he do? My guess is, as both a former Nazi and head of the Inquisition, he and his Romans are gonna go after the Jews, like they did after Jesus and his followers.

They seem to really get off on the images of his death, while pretty much ignoring the meaning of his life.


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