Someone explained Roe v Wade to me the other day -- simply and clearly

1. The basic female urogenital system consists of, among other useful items, standard equipment including labia, vulva, clitoris, vaginal canal, uterus headed by a cervix, and fallopian tubes and ovaries. 

2. If you don't have some or all of those and you're not the spouse or lover or chosen doctor of that female person, then you have no business meddling with those.

3. That means, unless you are being specifically asked by her, you have no right to have any opinion on what, if anything, that -- or any -- female person should do with that equipment, whether for procreation or recreation, theoretically or in actuality, such as in the event of pregnancy.

4. In other words, as Barry Goldwater, the Godfather of the Conservative Movement in the USA, said when asked about his views on abortion: "Unless a woman is having it done on the highway and disrupting interstate commerce, it's none of our goddamn business." (Our, in this case meaning the government.)

This is a major element of respect for a woman, not the only one, but without it, anything else you might say about how you respect women or a woman is total crap. 


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