Winter Olympcs in Russia, 2014

It seems, winter is the only thing Russia has going for it these days. The various political machines and monsters seem to have destroyed everything else of unique value.

Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi (pronounced – or should be – as SUCKEY) 

Winter Olympics -- Boring.

Russia -- boring.

Olympic competition -- the competition of athletes is about what the body can do without a buncha toys – swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, soccer, basketball, baseball, et al. The closer to naked (but with good shoes) the more it is an actual athletic contest. 

But putting on $3000 boots to stand on $10,000 skis and show everyone what gravity does – boring bullshit.  All kinds of equipment. It’s like using latex suits and masks as sex toys with urine drip plumbing and – some people like that, but really, it’s not pure sport.

And hockey? – buncha boring guys wearing costumes like some football game mascot and streetfighting on ice – bullshit. 
OK, some people like it, but it bores the piss out of me -- would rather watch soccer.

And yes, I’m a big NFL football fan and yes, as was once pointed out to me during a cab ride in London -- they do all that stuff dressed up like automobiles. But it can be done on any open field, like Rugby. Doesn’t have to have huge machines to create a playing surface.
My only interest in this year’s Olympics is a hope that Gay Athletes from America (and France and England and Denmark and Netherlands and Sweden, et al) all win gold and do a Jesse Owens on Putin’s Little Hitler act.

Vladimir Putin? Boring boring boring to the point of pain. A nasty little pissant who does public personal appearances so he can be photographed dressed (or undressed) as if he’s auditioning for a Village People Revival Band.  (The Indian? The Sewer Worker? The KGB Torturer?) 

Come on – is there really anyone left in the real world who doesn’t know that fagbashers’ motivation is all about covering what they hide in their pitiful little secret hearts? Terror at ever revealing they have some same-sex fantasies. 

Putin is such a fucking cliché, the gay torturer who hates gay people.  I don't care that he's terrified that he might be gay. What I care about is that he became a monster who turns his self-hatred into vicious attacks on anyone who reminds him of what he is afraid he might be, a self-hatred that has driven him to become powerful enough to make statements in service of hiding that reveal him more than anything he could have done. And enough cruel power that no one in his circle is willing to tell him what everyone else in the world sees. That the Emperor has a hard-on.
His own mother Russia's greatest writer, Dostoevsky, knew more about people attacking that which they desire but hide in their secret hearts because their desire terrifies them, fills them with shame or loathing. Knew more about that than Freud could have imagined. 

And of course, we -- the US of Fucking-A are moving warships and fighter jets into the Black Sea to “evacuate Americans.” (“No no no, we’re not providing extra security. We know you're a big boy, Vlad, and even though you can't handle what you fear of yourself the violence you fear comes from the murders and tortures and the downpours of death you rained on Muslim villages from Chechnya to Afghanistan. It's all yours -- you take care of it.")  

Obama knows you can’t offer a bully help to put down the violence that he created and that now scares him. Obama realizes that Putin is desperately unstable and to even imply to a person in that situation, that he might not be able to put down the demons he has summoned up, would be to set him off. 

But there's no way around it. It is as logical that Muslim warriors, fueled by inflicted pain and and filled with hatred for the man who destroyed their world would take the opportunity to harm him and shame him before the world. Wesley Clark, who, when interviewed by Brian Lamb answered Lamb's question of why he saw no good end to our war in Iraq:
“When you kill people, when you destroy their homes and kill and maim their families – people get angry.” 
 It was memorable because I'd never seen Brian Lamb surprised by something a guest said to him. 
Worth repeating:

“When you kill people, when you destroy their homes and kill and maim their families – people get angry.” 

So welcome to 2014 Winter Olympics. 

The big event -- Downhill Ski Suicide Bombing Competition.
 (Although that Ski-and-Shoot thing might be a lot of fun -- but using skimobiles and RPG's and AK-47s. 

An Olympic year we may to try to forget.


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