Chevron commercials -- not just insulting...

oh so obviously manipulated they're downright rude...

The music --- chunky wheels turning machinery on the move the new world ... like some thirties look what's coming, ain't it great?

So they have a black guy with a midwestern accent talking about how wonderful oil sand would be -- hey, a black guy from the midwest? Must be telling the truth -- I especially enjoy -- "No more pollution than other forms of oil" -- there's a weasel-worded disclaimer that's tap-dancing around guilty almost as much as the gout commercial that mentions "a small number of deaths from ... but it's not certain our drug caused them" -- "It's not certain" -- that's one step away from "you can't prove it!" --- but oh yeah, the black guy from Kansas tells us how the oil sand project would provide lots and lots and lots of jobs...

And a white guy for another ad extolling the lowering of air pollution ("We're destroying your lungs, but we're working on doing it a little less..")
and they have a jug-eared Aussie for another (hey, everyone likes the straight-on outback fellows from the land of Oz)

And all that would just be rude and reflect a view of us as 2d grade students who can be convinced of anything -- typical corporate disdain --- But the worst part?

All those ads are tax deductible... hundreds of millions of dollars of time buys. and every time you hear that chunk chunk chunk music, every time you hear those slick dissings -- REMEMBER --- WE'RE PAYING FOR THEM!!

And that's why they don't pay much in taxes -- oh they say it's all research ("Every dollar goes into..." )

Bullshit -- it's straight on political, i.e., anyone who's against the oil sand pipeline is against jobs and against black people and against America...

These people are straight out of Nova Express, destroy the planet and move on to another planet.

Or to a country without extradition laws, one which loves oilmen -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, etc...

I think of the delightful Kathy Griffin starting her show with:
Where are my gays?"

And I think of the Chevron people and wonder:
"Where are my Wobblies?"


Direct Action Gets the Goods!



The problem with Herman Cain is the same one as the problem with Donald Trump

They don't know how to talk to anyone as actual people.

Neither of them has talked to anyone but employees for as long as they can remember.

In Cain's case, he has an alternate supercilious option -- treating people as if they paid to sit at his feet and listen to him expound.

I don't know how Cain came up, but The Donald always seemed as if he was getting even for having to be Roy Cohn's pretty bitch boy in his early years.

Maybe talking to people and treating them as if you were signing their paychecks makes some people think that's leadership, and say "Yes sir," but to me, that just mean-spirited louts to which all I can say is "Go fuck yourself."


From an article on Jack Abramoff's new scam...

Making money with a book on holes in the system that still allow vermin like him to rip off the public, but it was this line in the Nedra Pickle article that caught my eye:

"He was especially close to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas. He writes that the two bonded over their adherence to religion; Abramoff is an orthodox Jew, DeLay a born-again Christian.

Orthodox Jew? Born-again Christian?
Is there some part of the Ten Commandments they didn't read?
No stealing.
No bearing false witness.

They CLAIM to be that, but just another lie.

Orthodox crook is Jack Abramoff's religion.
Born-again thief is DeLay's.

Political crooks and monsters -- we really need to drive the equivalent of a stake through the heart to keep these unwholesome creatures from rising up out of from their well-deserved media graves.

And that should include Gingrich, Armey, et al.

Any wonder why vampires and zombies are such popular metaphors?

We see them every day -- the resurrected crooks and the media people who are desperate enough to write, film, talk about them feed on us in their own ways -- vampires sucking out our life force, zombies eating our brains.



Today's Quiz ---

What did these two undead things become when they grew up?

That's right-- the Koch Brothers

See them today in the previous post:

Who sez zombies aren't real? Ever looked at the these guys?

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