How long until Sandusky, Ohio decides to change its name?

What with mass- and serial- kiddie rapist Jerry Sandusky having already made Penn State a distasteful laughing-stock... Maybe something more locally appropriate to Ohio (and not associated with quite so nasty a monster:

*     Dahmer, Ohio? 
**   Charlie Manson, Ohio?
*** Freddy Krueger, Ohio?  

Upper Sandusky -- around 50 miles south, might have it easier. Simple to change their name to

"Up Yours, Sandusky Ohio" 

thereby distancing themselves from the baby-raping thug as well as flipping the bird at their more famous (and waterfront property located) name-similar.

*Ohioan Jeffrey Dahmer -- born in Milwaukee, but went to Ohio State and enjoyed the area so much he decided to stay and eat some local delicacies.-- this info provided by native Ohoian Ted Kane (not a cannibal).

**Mr. Manson was a Native Ohioan, born in Cincinnati in 1934.

***Mr Krueger's Nightmare on Main Street is in Springfield, Ohio.



"I had tried to be fair. It is the one single thing that no one will forgive you for, neither the communists nor the fascists, the rightists nor the leftists, the white racists nor the black racists. Maybe it is impossible anyway, as many believe. Certainly it is not very diplomatic. One will make more enemies by trying to be fair (marked by impartiality and honesty) than by trying to tell the truth -- no one believes it is possible to tell the truth anyway, but it is just possible that you might be fair."

Chester Himes in The Quality of Hurt,  part I of his autobiography
quoted by Madison Smart Bell as an epigraph for his novel Soldier's Joy



Darryl Issa -- one of the famous car thief brothers -- he gets to point his crooked finger at the Attorney General?

Ahhh, bullshit.

He stole a car belonging to a sergeant from from an Army post in 1971.
The sergeant recovered the car after confronting and threatening him.
Issa denied it, of course --  no charges were filed.

In 1972, Issa and his brother stole a red Maserati from a car dealership in Cleveland.
They were indicted for car theft, but the case was dropped.

They got tired of the game, so they flipped over to the other side, and  in 1979 the brothers filed a fraudulent report  alleging that Issa's Mercedes Benz was stolen.
There was a charge of grand theft auto, but that was dropped.

(As Sir Guy Grand said -- more or less -- in The Magic Christian:
 "And it cost a pretty penny to get that one covered up."

But THEN, the unpardonable crime --
Issa invented the "Step Away from the Car" Alarm.
Issa's voice was the one we got to hear on and on and on along with the clamoring alarm at 4AM. 

He got rich enough doing that to buy himself a seat in congress.

And that felonious scumbag has the temerity to diss the Attorney General?

Fuck him and the horse-shit he rolled in on.

The man is a shameless waste of human protoplasm.



About that lowlife Mick* who raised the art of low-class disrespect to new heights in the White House Rose Garden...

... throwing down on our president with a loaded question about how come you favor foreigners over Americans?

Yeah, the funny thing about that guy -- Neil Munro** -- was that he himself is an immigrant, an Irish foreigner who came here because -- I'm supposing -- the silicon famine of the 90's.  He even told people he was a foreigner, without seeming to notice the irony and hypocrisy of the way he was pretending to be an actual journalist.

Interesting -- in the 80's and 90's the SECOND largest group of illegal immigrants was the Irish, visiting Canada without need for a visa, waving the UK flag, then sneaking across the unguarded border into the USA.***

And now he works for Tucker Carlson, that fop who lies about beating up a gay man in a men's room, as if that's something to be proud of. 


*I wonder how many people whose forebears came from that land of poetry and music gritted their teeth and muttered about how it doesn't matter what they do, there's always some asshole who re-establishes proof of the old stereotype that bigots use to justify their anti-Irish vilifying. 

**Neil Munro -- not to be confused with that ACTUAL journalist from Scotland who died in 1930, nor the playwright.  Just look at his photo -- I've seen truculent assholes just like him -- although without a necktie -- drunk and in shorts on rugby pitches in London. And we've all seen them on TV in the stands as the football riots begin.

***In the 90's, California governor Pete Wilson whose career was distinguished by being the only Mayor of  San Diego -- which he was prior to running for governor -- to leave that office without being indicted. 
In 1994 he backed a remarkably racist state Proposition (Prop 187) aimed at legalizing the right to harass brown-skinned Native Americans who might have come from South of the border. 
When someone asked me if I would vote for it, I mentioned the many thousand Irish illegals taking jobs away from Americans in New York State and Massachusetts and said: "The day the state police throw him up against the side of his limo and shout 'You look like a goddamned bogtrotter to me so let's see some proof of citizenship,' " I'll think about voting for it.




Bud Platinum has a tv ad that rattles the cognitive-dissonance cage.

Starts off like this:

"They say a man's work is never done..."

No, they don't. 

What they say is this:

"A man must work from sun to sun
but a woman's work is never done."

But then they say: "It's a good thing these guys don't believe that," (that being that man's work is never done) and show a bunch of office workers swilling light beer in the office and dancing and yelling and molesting the secretaries.


I know this is an election year, but really -- how much Bud do you have to drink (or how much bud do you have to smoke) to get that mixed up?

"Ahh, Manny, don't worry about it -- they (our demographic) won't know the difference.They're morons."

I guess that demographic doesn't really trend toward women.



"Journalism is printing what someone else does not  want printed. Everything else is Public Relations."

                                              George Orwell



My response to a Salon article by Alex Pareene --


I like Alex Pareene's writing and point of view.  I usually try to read his columns, but this one -- well, I know having to meet a schedule is tough, even if -- especially if -- you really have nothing to say, but  the schedule demands that you say SOMETHING. This one won't be in the collection of "best columns."

Here's the headline 

Study: Lots of Liberals (and conservatives) don't really want to vote for Mormons

Are people who don't like conservatives being intolerant when they say they wouldn't vote for a Mormon? 

and my comment posted there and here:

I never had anything against Mormons. In fact I always found it amusing and wonderfully bizarre that serious Roman Catholics, like Lawrence O'Donnell (a man whose show I watch regularly and whose adamant liberalism I enjoy and with which I usually agree)can point at the absurdities of the Mormon dogma and practices without seeming to notice the gynophobic fairy tales and cruelty of his own.

But after sending out countless drones of young earnest bigots and pumping upwards of 20 million tax-free Kingdom-of-Utah dollars out of their 1930's musical comedy tabernacle Mother-ship in Salt Lake City into our state of California (tax-free, i.e., we, the taxpayers, make up the difference) to deny OUR friends and neighbors of the same rights the rest of us have, my attitude to the Mormons is roughly the same as that of Fundamentalist Patriots to all followers of Islam after 9-11, i.e., "They are welcome in America only if they stand up and denounce and rebuke their crime against decency and humanity their church has committed against our fellow men and women."

I would not vote for anyone who has either approved of or remained silent and failed to denounce the vicious Proposition 8 that was -- let's face it -- covertly official policy of the Mormon Priesthood.

The constitution allows people the right to pray to whatever god or gods they believe in, to live in accord with those beliefs, but it does NOT give them the right to tell the rest of us that OUR beliefs, OUR ways of living are not acceptable, to deny us the same rights THEY value, to force us to accept their fantasies and give up our own. (Is there a difference between this and the behavior of the young bully who decided another student's hair style was "not acceptable" and went with his mob to forcibly deny him the right to his own sensibilities? I think not.) 

Mormonism aside, the Mormon candidate -- Mitt Romney -- is a bully and a thug -- and insofar as that resembles the way his church behaves, and I'm not saying his church is the only one -- of course it's not,  we have a right to be "intolerant" to them (as well as to Klansmen and Nazi's and hate-mongerers of all types) and reject them and all who agree with their ways.

I think that is perfectly justifiable intolerance. 

Many years ago, the most ethical person I have ever known (Howard Gossage) said to me: 

"Tolerance means 'you stink but I don't mind holding my nose.' 
Well, b-b-buddy, I DO mind holding my nose."

In this case, I refuse to hold my nose.
And of course, actual REAL conservatives (as distinct from right wing theocrats) should ALSO have a strong objection to any religious group that is enjoying the protection of the U. S. Constitution to believe and practice whatever it is denying the rights of social equality to another group they don't like because their lives don't conform to the beliefs of those doing the denying.

I am not holding my nose this time around.




Eric Origen and Gan Golan do it again

The authors of  the wonderful Goodnight Bush are coming out with a new parody -- pub date August 7th.

Based on the popular Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, 
the new title is Don't Let the Republicans Drive the Bus!

While Don't Let the Pigeon... isn't nearly as well known as the classic: Goodnight, Moon the message is still relevant -- of course, it's changed.

The first book made the case of 
"Good Lord, let's just say goodnight to this special needs sock puppet for Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld."  

The new one is looks forward and asks:

"Are you REALLY going to let a bunch of tantrum-throwing arrested development semi-sociopathic children wearing suits whose ONLY PRINCIPLES seem to be 'JUST SHOW ME THE MONEY AND NO -- NO N---RS IN THE OVAL OFFICE EVER  AGAIN! And no WOMEN OR GAYS, EITHER! NEVER!! AND NO GOVERNMENT HELP FOR POOR PEOPLE, EITHER!!!"  

Because the last time they were behind the wheel, they drove the bus right off a cliff. We'd be better off if we let Toonces -- Jack Handey's beatifically bizarre Driving Cat from Saturday Night Live -- behind the wheel. At least Toonces was cute. (Can't say that about Mitch McConnell.)

Full disclosure -- I live in Oakland, CA and get all my strange, weird, and funny off-the-wall books and supplies from Dark Carnival on Claremont Ave in Berkeley (whose owner told me about the forthcoming book). 




 The statement speaks for itself:

Mitt Romney calling the President “detached and out of touch” 

is like a multimillionaire who owns two mansions, six cars and 

who thinks “corporations are people, my friend” 

calling someone “detached and out of touch.”




An original and memorable statement -- passing it along

I hate the word homophobia.
It is not a phobia.
You are not scared.
You are just an asshole.

what if someone had an actual phobia though
like with people who are arachnaphobic

a gay person comes into their house and they stand on a chair 
screaming and swatting them with a broom or something

or they get a really huge glass to put over the gay person 
and then slide a big piece of paper underneath and put them outside

This from:


Wm Blake said it -- "People don't change -- they only stand more revealed."

He might have been talking about Mitt Romney -- he was an arrogant thug and a bully then back in prep school and still is now -- an arrogant, smug and a nasty bully now.

We know that he rallied his storm troopers when in prep school to savage and humiliate some kid because he believed he had the absolute right to fuck over anyone who didn't look right, didn't see things the right way -- "right way" meaning the way he did.

And just last week, he BRAGGED about sending out his storm troopers to shout down Mr. Axelrod in Philadelphia so no one could hear what he was saying. Because if people don't agree with him (even though no one STILL knows what the hell it is he actually believes) then he doesn't mind taking a crap on the the First Amendment. And he lies -- says that the Obama sends people out to do it to him, then he thinks he has the right to do it. But that's a lie -- Obama never sent hecklers out to disrupt Romney's speeches.

Problem is, what he is can be called politely by the technical term   -- a lying sack of shit.  

(Another example -- no one ever found any connection between Obama's funding of Solyndra and ANY Obama contributors - -although HE -- Romney -- DID give state money to companies run by HIS friends, family and big ticket contributors when he was governor of Massachusetts -- maybe part of the reason the people of Massachusetts threw him the hell out when his term was up-- but Obama and Solyndra? Never happened, Just some lie that Romney made up and keeps repeating, but what the hell.) 

Anyway .. this is a lying sack of shit that many people believe is actually NOT a human being -- many more than those who believe Obama wasn't born in Hawaii -- and he doesn't realize or care that his stupid lies can be easily checked. 

He seems to confuse Obama with the Tea Party thugs whose asses he's trying to surreptitiously kiss. Those hecklers didn't come from Obama or Axelrod to harass Romney -- they were just plain old folk who recognize him as an vicious animatronic version of Gordon Gecko.  

But with Romney, it seems there's no difference to him between truth and lies -- he'll just say anything he thinks will get him what he wants. It's called "Bearing False Witness," which he'd know if he believed in the Bible (Old Testament with 10 Commandments), rather than the teachings of his extraterrestrial God. Maybe the 10 Commandents ARE part of the Book of Mormon, but so what -- he just doesn't care.  The rules don't apply to him.

He doesn't care because he shows all the behavioral traits of a sociopath. So amend that to "sociopathic lying sack of shit."
Totally without conscience or morality and only cares about whether or not people like him or approve of him if people liking him is how he gets what he wants. And like Stalin, he sends out thugs to beat down anyone who doesn't agree with him. Call them Cossacks or Storm Troopers or Company Goons. Doesn't matter -- he's got a lot of leg-breakers on the payroll.

So he'll tell any kind of slanderous lie he can think of because all he can do is attack the Black Man in the White House. He has told us NOTHING of what HE will do if president. Oh yeah -- "I'll create jobs. I'll make everything better, etc..."

Just remember the Ladder of Abstraction  -- the higher you go the less specific. And he's so far up there, it's all "freedom" and "free market" and "Liberty" and "Justice,' but ask what SPECIFICALLY he's going to do and -- oops, got an appointment gotta leave right now. Sorry.


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