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"Some call it mental illness. I call it mental adventures."
--- Fengtze Yah



Regarding David Sirota's article in on why "chickenhawks" are what they are

Why People Become Chickenhawks

A new study sheds light on why non-veterans like Cheney and Limbaugh are such avid militarists

by David Sirota

First of all, "chickenhawk" only applies to some...

Oh yeah, lots of the jingoist "let's you (all you young draftees, future enlistees, and career military people) let's you and them fight and get maimed or die while we intone pretentiously about the glory of war."

Yeah, lots of them are just plain scared of getting hurt or killed. (W for example, who covered his political and family asses by signing up with the air reserve -- when no one without political connections could get into such a reserve unit -- and very specifically training on a jet that he made sure was officially known to NOT GOING TO BE USED in Vietnam. And once safe, of course, just punked out on even finishing his brief safe obligation.)

But for the rest, Cheney and Limbaugh and the rest, my preferred term is "Rec Room / Country Club Patriots" -- conscienceless soulless human-like creatures who consider themselves just too goddamn precious to do the one thing the rest of us had to do, i.e., serve in the military.

Their idea of "serving their country" or "Paying it back for all their success" is to get elected to a power position (Speedo-wearing Steroid grunter Governator Ahhnold), a position of public trust and for some the strutting around honor is good, but for most, including their staffers "paying back" means plundering the treasury to pay back their pals. (In Iraq, it also was about covering up the deals and kickbacks people like Poppy and Redrum and Cheney made and got with Saddam Hussein during the Reagan and BushI administration.)

"Rec Room Patriots" sitting in their lounge chairs, drinking beer or martinis and watching the war they rigged and invented for whatever personal and financial reasons in HD and 3-D on their giant screen tv. "Country Club Patriots" out playing golf (still in possession of both arms and both legs) laughing with their other sociopathic buddies about how exciting (and profitable) war is.

I keep thinking that maybe Sharon Angle (Senatorial candidate from Nevada in 2010) was nuts, but when I think of these guys or the Koch Brothers, et al I think maybe she was on to something we need to think about when she said "going to 2d Amendment Remedies," but just was pointing those guns in the wrong direction.



What's the matter with Tim Pawlenty?

Aside from being a boring creep, one who yelled "Obama hasn't got the courage to tell the truth to the American public," and then backing down for fear of offending the OTHER Mr. Bore-Me-To-Coma, Mitt Romney in the debate?

But his unfortunate resemblance to Denis O'Hare, extraordinarily accomplished actor, one whose most recognizable role the past few years, True Blood's vicious, petty, foppish Vampire King of Mississippi -- that resemblance doesn't help.

(Hey, shallow and superficial pretty much defines the American boobocracy, doesn't it? Ahhnold the Governator? Any questions?

Tim Pawlenty

Denis O'Hare
Russell Edgington
Denis O'Hare aka Russell Edgington
Vampire King of Mississippi -- and a Gay vampire king at that!



News from the Gays-aren't-human front

Oh migod -- New York State actually decided that people have the right to marry other people, whether or the same sex or the other sex. (Not dogs, tho, despite Rick Santorum's psychotic fever dream of a mind)

Not just gay people, but, say, two old men or ladies, good friends who are at a semi-subsistence level sharing an apartment and know that if one dies or gets sick, the other will be out on his/her ass.

"Well, Senator, do you want to pay more yourself, or do you want your mother moving back in with you?"

Marriage is a commitment to be/stay together. (Or in the words of Bob Dylan's old guy love song):

We live and we die/
and we know not why/
But I'll be with you when the deal goes down

But for demagogues like Pat Robertson who make their living threatening people with punishment from the sadistic god-monster spawned in their minds from their own sickness -- a new screaming threat:

Now God will destroy America!

Now God will destroy America!

I have long thought if there is a God who might destroy America (male, of course, according to those people), he would destroy it because of the unbelievable arrogance of people like Pat Robertson, people who claim to speak for God, like Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olson...

Pat Robertson -- the 50's Marine who called home from Japan, and pled with his daddy the senator to puhleese make it so I don't have to go to Korea with my battalion... make it so I can stay here...

And daddy did, and this sanctimonious asshole spent his term of duty securing booze and whores for officers.

And now is obsessively concerned with what sort of thing might go INTO someone else's mouth, rather than having any concern for the vicious, malignant, rotting stink that COMES OUT of his mouth.

A just God might want to hold us all accountable for letting this man continue to spew his hatred, when other societies would have long ago cut out his tongue.



by F. Patobromista

"It starts as little boys measure their pricks
And beat each other up with sticks,
And on with boasts and weenie wags
And ends with corpses and battle flags."

"Gentlemen," the stranger said, "Gentlemen --the late Milton Berle had a longer dick than any of you -- and HE wore a dress."

tr. by hjp



WOW ...

I think most of what politicians say -- buzzwords, hero names, demonizing and the rest -- I think of it as providing oral gratification for the people they want to manipulate.

I found myself accidentally watching CSPAN yesterday while the Republican Leadership Conference was on and got to see Michele Bachmann (one-L, two-Ns) speak...

That weird cult-member stare makes one think it's a mask and we never never never never EVER want to see the face of the creature behind that mask (she's one of those people that make the idea of extraterrestrial reptiles wearing human masks seem like a logical explanation for the sense of creepy unwholesomeness).

And then 2, 3, 5, 7 minutes of nothing but "Feel-good/Love-me" words and slogans --- "You're great, New Orleans... and You survived Katrina and Obama's oil drilling ban... and Great Governor... and we'll make Obama a one-term president... and Haley Barbour... and Tea Party..." and it all went as well as could be and was appreciated as any well-practiced blowjob should be.

Until she got to talking about how the Tea Party was getting bigger and developing more influence and 2012 and the clapping-seal audience response dropped by around 50%. So she went back to stroking and sucking.

All I could think was that I'd never seen someone give a blowjob to 500 people simultaneously.

Not just because she's a woman, of whatever species --- the others, the Republican males -- all tried to hum and suck their way through their presentations, too. But she really gave them all a tutorial in how to do the political version of the act.

Despite my appreciation of the honesty of the prostitute whose observation I quote on this page, this was different. This wasn't anything nearly as wholesome as the kind that quote indicates -- an honest hard-cash transaction, whether done in a posh hotel or in the nearest alley between garbage cans and dumpsters.

It reminded me why I never use the word "whore" as an insult about a politician -- it lacked any of the honesty one may get from an actual whore.



The Stepford Wife Online Dating Service

Fatman and The Joker

(another successful match)


*(Callista's resemblance to The Joker pointed out by Abby Greber who wondered why, after emailing her this photo, wondered why it reminded her of that Batman villain with the painted-on smile. Thank you, Abby.)

Thank you, Andrew Sullivan --


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