I look at that waste of human protoplasm (if that is indeed his construction material) in the White House and I think:

"Goddamn -- Hannah Arendt sure hit it on the nose when she coined the descriptive term The Banality of Evil."

How about "The Evil of Mediocrity?"



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Tip o' the hat to Bill Amend for stating my own philosophy so succinctly in his daily comic strip, FOXTROT:

"Politics - schmolitics. I just like mocking authority."


From Tim Grieve at's War Room

Buying a legacy

There are two ways to build a legacy as president. You can do such an amazing job in office that the world remembers you warmly long after you're gone, or you can hire some people to rewrite history after the fact in the hopes that you'll come off better later.

George W. Bush seems to have chosen the latter path.

According to the New York Daily News, the president and his people hope to raise $500 million to build a presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. "The legacy-polishing centerpiece is an institute, which several Bush insiders called the 'Institute for Democracy,'" Thomas DeFrank writes. "Patterned after Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Bush's institute will hire conservative scholars and 'give them money to write papers and books favorable to the president's policies,' one Bush insider said."

We thought Fox News was already doing that job for free.

How will Bush raise $500 million -- more than twice what he raised for his 2004 reelection run -- when he's not the most popular guy around and won't be in the position to dole out favors down the line? DeFrank says that Team Bush hopes to get "megadonations" of $10 million or $20 million each from "wealthy heiresses, Arab nations and captains of industry" who won't be susceptible to the limits that apply to campaign contributions and who won't have to have their names revealed to the public.

Tim Grieve

I especially like the fact that post-presidency, his loyalties to the rich of foreign countries rather than to the United States of America will no longer be covert.



I find it amazing -- and despicable -- that James Baker -- one of the major players of the Carlyle Group, the people who stand (or stood) to make more money from Iraqi oil and the Caspian Sea pipeline than even Halliburton -- should be the ramrod of Bush's daddy's group telling junior what to do with the mess he made.

Is there any question that the solution they offer will be whatever makes the most money for Poppy Bush (41) and his pals?

But since they'll cash out, anyway, let's address the issue that Monkey Boy (43) acting as a sock puppet for the powers that whisper in his ear, destroyed a country -- one being run by an admittedly-harsh authoritarian monster -- and turned it into a hell of total homicidal anarchy.

He can't fix it -- no one can fix it -- but at least -- as Daddy and his pals sell off the pieces -- let the monsters in OUR country's government admit what they've done.

The question that someone raised at Thanksgiving Dinner was this:

Since Iraq is pumping only a small amount of oil less than they did prior to the invasion -- and the Iraqi government isn't getting the money ---

Who is getting the money from the Iraqi oil?



Love it.

Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, et al all saying: "Oh it was the INCOMPETENCE of the conduct of the war that made the whole Iraq debacle manifest fully as the debacle it was destined to be from before Day One.

Sorry. Oh those doofuses were tripping over their dicks all along unable to chew gum and kiss Christian Fundamentalist ass at the same time, but ...

There was this earlier thing ....

... a megalomaniacal criminal plan to establish hegemony over oil (and water) distribution for the next century. All it would take is a few (thousand ... hundred thousands?) well-placed murders (um, collateral damagees), starting with, or at least culminating with the man our PREVIOUS megalo's put in because they understand via Realpolitik he was the only beast feral enough to keep the lid on the artificial country.

And who came up with that plan?

Oh, Perle, Wolfowitz, etc...

PERLE is now claiming high moral ground?

Richard Perle, the man whom Eliot Abrams -- ELIOT ABRAMS? who is STILL stinking of the sulfur that encompassed him when he rose from the 9th circle of Hell to run the Central American Murder Inc (aka Contra War) along with John Negroponte (the only man in Central America, they used to say, who didn't know there were death squads -- more precisely -- said he didn't know the men to whom he was handing loads of money and weapons WERE Death Squads) -- Richard Perle was the man THEY considered "The Prince of Darkness."

Visionary architects oif World Policy? Sociopathic stoners, more like it.

But wait ... what about the Brits?

Monkey Boy kissing up to Tony Blair, the same way Ronnie Reagan worshipfully sniffed Maggie Thatcher's undies , the Anglophiles racking up a whole lot moredevastation of lives than the Pedophiles (see Law & Order SVU for details).

Because it was Queen Vicki's idiot bastard kid who fucked it all up (golly, kind of like George HW's retardo* kiddie nearly a century later), who sent Lawrence of Arabia in to cut a piece of Kurdistan off of Turkey, roll Iraq and Mesopotamia up into a ball and cut off a piece with ocean-front property and call it Kuwait and give it to other pals --- and the multi-thousand year old territorial tribes are still trying to re-balance the natural order of the region.

SO, yeah, Bush et al are fuckups, sociopaths, murdering scum who can't even commit their crimes with any degree of competence ... but it's not all their fault.

They were doomed before they even picked up the first lying justification.


* Someone -- a comic -- recently pointed out that you can NOT use "retard" to refer to anyone with a mental impariment, BUT it can use used to refer to someone presumably possessed of a functional brain... hmmm, given the IMMENSE and OBVIOUS mental impairment of the Prez and his Vice Prez and his former Secty of War, and his advisors -- the NEOCONS, so-called -- maybe I shouldn't use it here. )



3 Haiku from the mid-term* elections

The candidates talk.

The people want some answers

They make my ass ache


The candidates dodge.

People don’t want honesty

My ass aches again


The candidates lie

“Go fuck yourselves” I tell them

Now I feel better


* And all the rest



They're all the same

Rumsfeld, Bush, Dr York, the late unlamented Richard Nixon, et al ---

it's NEVER "I wasn't good enough to handle it."

No, it's always "You people just don't understand."

It's never "They beat us -- the people want what THEY'RE OFFERING."
No it's always "We didn't make our message clear enough.

Oh, you made it clear enough -- whether it's Dr. John York, owner of the 49ers, or George W Bush, owner of his daddy's name, or Donald Rumsfeld, owner of the debacle in Iraq --- it's the same message:

"I'll do what I want and fuck you. Me and my rich pals NEVER pay for anything -- YOU DO. And whatever goes wrong -- it's YOUR fault. It's not that I wasn't up to the game -- it's that YOU didn't support me."


Tell us about the excuses Dwight Eisenhower made for losing the war against Germany, guys.


Dr. York to piss all over SanFrancisco and the 49er Faithful

"The San Francisco 49ers will abandon their namesake city and look to build a stadium in Santa Clara, after concluding that their plan to build a stadium and retail-housing complex at Candlestick Point will not work, team officials said today.

At a press conference in Santa Clara, at a hotel next door to the proposed new site, 49ers co-owner John York said paying for transportation improvements and a new parking garage at Candlestick Point would at least double the $600 million to $800 million that the team is willing to spend on a new home."


So this parasitic pissant York rides in on his wife's claim to Eddie D's team and decides "the stadium deal didn't pencil out."

He drags the name of San Francisco and the 49ers through the muck because of his cheap know-it-all stupidity and then decides he just can't bear to dip into the family fortune to pay for his privilege of being allowed to stand atop one of the great football heritages without ever having done anything to earn it.

Him and Monkey Boy Bush -- punkass kids who ride in on family money and family accomplishments without ever having done anything to earn respect or experience.

He was an entry level punk starting as owner.

One suggestion: declare Eminent Domain on the team that bears the name of the city and make it city property, as the Green Bay Packers. At the very least, it will tie the lying little shit up in court for years.

And all I can say to John York is this:

"If you make the move, you'd be wise to NEVER let the sun set on you in the Bay Area. There are a lot of people around here who do not believe in your balance sheet, you cheap traitor. Even Benedict Arnold did what he did based on higher principles than yours. I guess your wife told you she didn't want to keep Eddie D's team here where it belongs."

It's bad enough we, in the East Bay, had to suffer the return of Al Davis after he pssied all over the city that stood by him as he built the Raiders -- but at least he's a football guy and he actually put his team together.

All Dr. York did was take what others loved and created and built and improved on and suffered and celebrated with. What a piece of walking talking shit is Dr. York.

Fuck you and the ratbag wife you rode in on.



It doesn't make sense for the GOP to eschew Nancy Pelosi

Seems to me, a Speaker of the House who not only has no night sweats about gays, but actually regards Gay men and women as -- gasp! -- human beings, Americans, citizens, actual people -- well, given what we've been learning about the overly-macho Republican men, seems to me, they'd want someone like Ms Nancy running things ...


depending on how many (if not all) are closeted self-hating men who -- straight or gay or just asexual greedheads who get their chubbies from a balance sheet -- are in serious denial about their anxieties and fears about their own sexuality ("Am I gay? Am I straight? I like hanging out with the guys -- does that make me gay?") -- the fact that Ms Pelosi is (along with Ms Boxer, Ms Lee, and even Ms Di-Di) a GYNO-AMERICAN might be what they find so offensive.

The fact is San Francisco is not a particularly "liberal" city ... it is, more or less, what it always has been, a conservative city which accepts all varieties of human beings as being equally valid.

(Conservative as in "Let's make sure the sewers are working, the potholes filled in, and let people live their own lives without giving any interference from such scum as politicians tend to be.")


And to those Republicans I mentioned above, I give the same advice I gave to my boss back at a major ad agency where I once worked. He was concerned about still being unmarried in his 30's and still hanging out with his pal, an Art Director.

And he wondered and asked me "How do I find out if I'm gay or not?" And I suggested he find a nice young man (OF LEGAL AGE!) and give him a blow job. His answer would be evident as to whether or not he liked doing it.

Of course he didn't take my advice -- instead he showed up a week or so later with a wife -- a kick-ass woman wearing thigh-high boots and a short skirt, looked like a former Super Star at Wanda's House of Pain.



So maybe there was a GOOD reason Kerry didn't say anything in 2004

Once again, I can only say,

"Dear Senator Kerry -- you had the national public stage in 2004 and you didn't say jack-shit.

So now that it's too late, as a long-time (and former) Democrat, I'd respectfully request that you SHUT THE FUCK UP."

White House-And Dems-Want Kerry Apology

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By JENNIFER LOVEN Associated Press Writer

November 01,2006 | WASHINGTON -- A few Democratic candidates joined Republicans Wednesday in pressing John Kerry to apologize for a comment critics said appeared disrespectful of U.S. troops as several Kerry campaign appearances were canceled...

At issue is Kerry's comment, to a group of California students on Monday, that people unable to succeed in the U.S. educational system would likely "get stuck in Iraq." Kerry says he merely botched a speech line written to be critical of Bush, while Republicans seized on it as evidence of troop-bashing by the Democratic party's 2004 presidential nominee.

Of course, Tony Snow, who does the public hand-jobs for the administration (while Ari Fleischer can only sit at home and wish he'd been able to straight-face that well) spinning gold out of the vile shite that Cheney and Bush speak -- their accusations of disloyalty at least and treason at best of anyone who disagrees with their completely useless policy in Iraq, their ACTUAL betrayal of the men and women wearing the uniform-- Tony Snow is the least acceptable person around to give a little ginger slap to Kerry or anyone else.


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