Brokered Republican convention? They select Chris Christie as Candidate?

A friend predicted this possibility today, the morning of the Michigan and Arizona State Republican Presidential primaries ... and ...
Well, yeah, but I think Christie won't do it, even aside from the fact that he can't get elected since he's even fatter than I am and gets short of breath just wiping his butt -- it's gonna be some 10-20 years till our obesiate electorate would vote for a fat guy ---  aside from that, he's smart enough to know what Romulus and Re-bop don't -- no one is going to beat Obama this year.
They (R's) keep looking back at 2008 to fantasize how an extended debate season between two candidates is a good thing -- overlooking the fact that in 2008, either of the two would have made a very good president, and all the Dems understood that, which was why the indecision. 
The R's don't seem to understand that the debates are dragging on because they don't have ANYONE who could actually be a president (except maybe Jon Huntsman whom they disposed of immediately, since this was going to be a masturbatory death match suicide pact). What they have is fantasists and lynch-mob exhorters.
They also seem to be thinking of 1992 when all the hot prospect Dems -- Sam Nunn, etc -- backed off from running because NO ONE could beat old Number 92% approval rating, not after he buried 100,000 Iraqi soldiers alive in only 100 hours even tho it was a completely jive setup where he faked Saddam Hussein into attacking Kuwait by (1) telling Saddam we "have no interest in arab-vs-arab conflict," i,e we have nothing to say if you go into Kuwait because (2) "they are stealing my oil" using slant drilling equipment sold to them (Kuwait) by Stansfield Turner's Santa Fe Oil Company and then (3) convincing the Saudi princes of the total bullshit prospect that Saddam was planning to invade them (anyone with a smidgeon more military knowledge than watching Rambo movies or playing Risk had to realize no way, no how, wasn't going to happen...
BUT it allowed President 41 to do what the whole charade was about -- put an American military base in the Middle East, on what Osama Ben Ladn -- returning home to get finance to invade Iraq because he despised Saddam as a disgrace to Islam who let women drive cars and wear dresses --  Ben Ladn saw as an outrage, defiling "OUR SACRED SOIL!" thereby leading to his promise of jihad (literally "drive out the invaders").
And we know how THAT turned out -- saw it on TV on September 11, 2001.Thank you, Bush pere et fils (Because they thought it was pere with a facelift.)
Which is why Bill Clinton ran and won, cuz the dem biggies believed no one could overcome that 92% and now the Republicans keep thinking they can do the same, not realizing that they don't have anyone who is a political genius like Bill Clinton EITHER running or not running. 

And even then -- Obama's 4 years are not total bullshit do-nothing but sit in the big chair like Poppy Bush did. (0h right -- he DID introduce an anti-flag burning amendment, my mistake.) 
The R's seem to have set a new standard in self-deception. 
Even the political press -- the towel-boys of the No-Tell Motel Rave that is this endless repub primary season -- even they can't keep a straight face -- CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, etc -- have been willing to let the laugh come through at the prospect that there's anyone in playground fight that can be seen as vaguely presidential, even squinting and covering one eye. Even admitting that they hope the cage death match these guys are doing goes on because it's good for their ratings.
The smarter, more realistic Repubs (if that's not a contradiction in terms) are hoping Santorum wins it because they realize the only way for them to have an actual political party again -- as distinct from this Kindergarten free-for-all  ("He apologized to the Arabs for burning their holy books! Ha Ha -- they made him flinch! He's a traitor!") --is for them to go down in monstrous defeat (thereby allowing our President to have a kick ass majority in both houses) and to stop jerking themselves off with the Tea Party.
Of course, I can only hope, by that time, we will have actual single payer and a WPA/CCC style infrastructure repair situation -- roads, bridges, schools, national parks, etc -- with 10 -20 million people on the job to stop the physical USA from doing a total Gormenghast.
But that's just a thought....
AND so -- after going for my morning rant (above) -- some people go to the gym, or run, or jog.. I rant -- gets the blood flowing...
I turn on the news to see all the pretty horses vying for votes (MSNBC, favorite of nasty leftists, anarcho-syndicalists, and such like me) and what do I get?
Coverage of a skinny little Timothy McVeigh wannabe who shot a couple people (schoolkids)  in Ohio. 
They, the "OMG -- I'm on NETWORK, not just local news WOHO! Big Break!" journalists keep asking each other "Why did he do it?" 
For the love of Christ, Moses, Buddha, and Krishna -- do these people ever come up with new questions? 
I've BEEN in Ohio.*
I don't have to ask why someone who's stuck there would be getting a homicidal itch.
I don't want to see some smalltime midwest gunslinger... I want to see BIGTIME homicidal maniacs -- total psychos who are deep into acting out Lenny Bruce's defined "flop sweat" -- fear-gripped losers pulling out every desperate trick in the book -- who actually would rather have some other guys invade Iran and kill MILLIONS, rather than lose the job interview.
I want  to see BIGTIME sociopaths like Newt Gingrich publicly taunt Afghanis who are protesting the American military burning their holy book.
"Stop yelling and go back to your pathetic lives."
Now THERE'S a man who knows how to stir up a lynch mob.
(Ahh, what a wonderful thing religion is. Even when the books are burned accidentally. Right. accidentally and if you believe that...)
So I say "I don't want to see this creepy little pezzonovante." (the Ohio shooter, not Newt Gingrich, another one who imagines himself to be something big time).
But, they say, "He killed schoolchildren."
 And I can only paraphrase Wm Goldman's wonderful Princess Bride -- a line delivered by Vizzini (played by Wallace Shawn in the movie but not delivered there -- only appears in the book) when Fezzick objects to an order ("I don't like killing a woman.")
In this case, the networks say: "But he killed schoolchidren"
and I can only paraphrase Vizzini's retort:
 "So what. God kills thousands of them every day. I want to see the REAL demons -- the ones who crawled out of the 9th circle of hell."
I want to see Mitt cry and Santorum run screaming through the streets of Hamtramck screaming "I'M NOT A SNOB. ELECT ME!." 
(A snob? Has anyone used that term in the last 50 years?).
I want to see Newt search his memory for a tired old plagiarized quotes to explain this.
And Ron Paul just being whatever it is he might be.
I want to see Mitt pretend he knows who Kid Rock is, when he introduces him.
(Ahh, ok, they just ran that tape.)
And for dredging up a quote to pretend I'm really smart, here's one from Charles Bukowski, someone who was:
"Wars, politics, causes --  for thousands of years, we've wound up with a sack of shit. It's time we learned to think."                                  
*As my wife reminded me, it's February in Ohio, and the observation made many years ago by Mike Robbins, originally said about Philadelphia in February, is applicable to Ohio in February as well:
"It has that certain nothing."



Things That Make me Wonder About Mitt Romney's Fitness as President #4,374

He's severely COVERT about his religion and how much of a role it would play.
Why won't he speak openly about it?
Is he ashamed of being LDS?
Is he hiding an agenda?
Why won't he repudiate the Mormon invasion of California to take away legal rights from gay people with their $20 million financing and army of 10,000 young mission robots?
This quote gives me pause:

"Any people attempting to govern themselves
 by laws of their own making, and by officers of their own appointment, are in direct rebellion against the kingdom of God"

   Orson Pratt, 19th Century Mormon Theologian, stating a Principle
    the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has never repudiated

His complete refusal to address any of the questions being asked (such as the White Horse story, etc) is really really worrisome.



So Darrell Issa, semi-successful car thief, tells a woman she can't testify before a congressional panel on women's health -- only men -- no girls allowed.

ISSA -- total scumbag --- three strikes on Grand Theft Auto and he should be out, but instead, he's out here,  having finagled his way out of felony prosecution -- one of them one of them federal, when he was in the Army and stole a car from an Army base. Add to that, an unregistered gun, and blah blah blah.

And then he used his intimate family knowledge of car theft (he and his brother -- both GTA veterans) to get amazingly rich by inventing a car alarm, so loud and obnoxious that, even though it was legal, he should have been tarred and feathered for it -- that was HIS voice, the one we could hear 9 blocks away at 4AM sternly shouting "STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR!"  

A crook. A small-time crook who graduated to become a BIG TIME crook --- so good at getting away as a thief, even when he's caught, now he's a congressman (BIG TIME theft).

To be fair, he's very smart, smart enough to blind 'em with bullshit when he gets caught.

Today, he chaired a panel on women's health as it concerns contraception.

All men.

And then refused to allow a woman who was present to testify about women's health effects, including women who need to use the contraception, not to prevent pregnancy, but to keep their reproductive system from disease.

Oh he was fair -- one of the men on the all-male panel was a rabbi.
But no women allowed to testify about what such things mean to a woman's health.

He's always been a nasty vicious low level subhuman scumbag, but today, he set a new low, even for him.

He's a congressman, meaning up for election every 2 years, like this year -- California's 49th District -- northern San Diego County, Southern Riverside County -- includes Temecula, Perris, Fallbrook, andf the US Marine bases at Oceanside and Camp Pendleton, etc.

Women Marines, take note and vote.
Male Marines -- not like you don't have an interest in this, too.



Rick Santorum is worried about emotional stuff if women are in combat...

To be fair, he wasn't saying or even implying that "Women are too emotional."

He was talking about men's emotions leading to sexual assault -- rape.

He even mentioned that some of them thar bad things are already happening.

It was just his inability to talk about things involving sex that made it so murky.

BUT -- a solution is at hand!

Allow women to serve in combat, but only in all-gay battalions.

(All-male ones, of course. That way, sexually, the women will be safer from male soldiers than if they're serving on a base back home.)

Of course, Santorum will have to do something about the all-gay platoons.

He knows what can happen (so he says) --
Gotta protect the puppy dogs or the SPCA will be on his case.



Glenn Greenwald -- totally misses the point

Progressive Hypocrisy

Glenn Greenwald

A new poll shows deep support among liberals for the very Bush/Cheney policies they once pretended to despise


Sorry Glenn -- your total inability to see what's actually going on is the kind of lack of understanding what's happening that ALLOWED the Bush and Cheney sociopaths to run amok and plunder the treasury.

In Salon, he's as head-up-his-ass theoretically dogmatic looking at the wrong facts and missing the point as Ron Santorum or the late unlamented Meier Kahane.

It's like someone said when Obama first came in -- the white boys party party party party and trash the frat house and in the morning, they pay some black guy to come in and clean up their mess.

Here's the response I made to the Greenwald article:

It wasn't the Bush/Cheney POLICIES we despised so much as the Bush/Cheney contempt for the public, the law, and any sense of decency. Their policies were purely based on tough-guy posturing and plundering of the US Treasury to give BILLIONS to their pals, especially the Halliburton people who were STILL paying off Cheney. We realized that his sock puppet, Bush, didn't even understand the words provided for him -- just mouthed the script.

The difference is the fact that we can feel relatively confident that Obama and his administration have actually THOUGHT ABOUT taking actions appropriate to getting a desired result rather than actions appropriate to only enrich their buddies or convince people of monumental dick-size. 

We all screamed at Bush/Cheney to stop digging that hole. There were other options then. Obama had to start at the bottom of that hole and his options are much more limited. 

And even starting from down in the hole, Obama STILL finds it possible to use the diplomacy that was too hard (or too girlie) for Bush and Cheney to understand.

I still find it ruefully hilarious when a Republican candidate attacks Obama for non-action regarding Iran and says that what Obama SHOULD be doing is secret ops inside Iran and really doesn't seem to understand AT ALL that IF Obama was doing them and doing them right, he and we wouldn't know about it.

BUSH-CHENEY -- they wanted to be Rambo, never understanding there's a difference between a guard dog and a mad dog. Stallone played the latter. Bush and Cheney WERE the latter (mad dogs), even though both were really nothing more than Country Club patriots, talking tough at the bar, but too goddamn precious to actually serve, even though Bush wore the uniform for a little while before deserting rather than sticking around for the drug tests.

Obama -- more like Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men having the intelligence and inclination to try to find the best possible solution to problems.

The problem with Bush and Cheney wasn't JUST that they were semi-psycho -- but that they were too dumb to do the job. With Obama we can feel some relief that we know the decisions we don't like are being made by someone with a brain.




The Mormon Church feels discriminated against. Oh boo-hoo. How about the Golden Rule, fellows?

They think that people don't understand them (true) and that people view them with suspicion (true) and discriminate against them (also true).

I don't know how "Christian" the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is -- I mean they've even got the old Jewish carpenter/philosopher in their name, so I'm hoping their dogma includes the Golden Rule -- "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Most religions of the world include that.
Not such an exotic concept.
Tibetan Buddhism includes that and -- in the American religious community, they're pretty exotic ["Any way is a way as long as it includes 'Do as you would have done to you.' "]

And yet they cranked out $20 million to take away the legal rights of a group of people who are (1) largely misunderstood [why do they do what they do?], (2) viewed by many with suspicion [that insidious 'gay agenda'], and (3) are very much discriminated against [ Proposition 8 which took away from gay people in California the legal right to marry each other, financed with $20 million that came straight from the Church HQ in Utah, and driven by thousands of Mormon political volunteers]

So all I have to say to that is

"You feel discriminated against? Boo-fucking-hoo."

Just for the record, you also did the same to dark-skinned people until 1978 when the US Government threatened to take away your tax-exempt status unless you obeyed the law and allowed them into the church.

(I guess Money talks and Theological bullshit walks, eh?)

I'm not gay and I vote.
I was a registered Libertarian for more than 20 years -- and I vote.
So maybe y'all should decide whether or not you're actually Christians and then tell us about it.

Until then, I will agree -- which for me is the first time ever -- with the rabid Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians and say "I will do whatever I can to keep any Mormon from EVER getting elected to ANYTHING"
(UNLESS, as y'all said about Muslims after 9-11, that person is willing to denounce such anti-Christian mean-spirited behavior by their church, openly and completely without excuses, conditions or reservations. Do that, and I'll consider that person "a GOOD Mormon.")

I stand with the great American writer, Herman Melville in this matter:

"I cherish the greatest respect towards everybody's religious obligations, never mind how comical,
and could not find it in my heart to undervalue even a congregation of ants worshipping a toad-stool...

"... I have no objection to any person's religion, be it what it may, so long as that person does not kill or insult any other person, because that other person doesn't believe it also...
"But when a man's religion becomes really frantic; when it is a positive torment to him; and, in fine, makes this earth of ours an uncomfortable inn to lodge in; then I think it high time to take that  individual aside and argue the point with him."

I respectfully suggest that point is now argued.



I posted this in 2007 about Mitt Romney's repulsive monster peeking out from behind his smile-mask, but I need to post it again.


Deists, Secularists, Agnostics and Atheists will be "taken care of" when Willard's in the Oval Office. Taoists and Buddhists and Muslims too!

In response to the wretchedly intolerant statement made by Willard "Mitt" Romney in the speech when he straight-faced the pretense that there was no difference in beliefs between the Mormons and the Christian Evangelicals (gee, Willard, tell us about the magic underwear). I present this.

(Romney decided that people who don't believe as he does are "secularists" AND that Secularism is a religion.
But when he declared that such a religion "IS WRONG," he went from weird to unacceptable and disqualified from being an elected official.
This is a man whose faith holds that he will become one of many gods in the next life, that he's a saint in this one, and that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. I will not criticize that belief. I'm just pointing out that it's far enough out of the mainstream for any sensible follower to hold his tongue about denouncing someone else's beliefs.)

IF, as you said, SECULARISM is a religion, then who the fuck are you to say "It's wrong?"

You've gotten most of the cracks in your protective covering spackled this time around, Willard, but you seem to believe that just because YOU forgot a nasty comment you made, the rest of us have also.

All I can do is shout out -- like a true American -- your choice:

(1) A Constitutionally-based, hearty "FUCK YOU," and/or


Or as the late John Lennon put it:

"One thing you can't hide
 Is when you're crippled inside."



I am a huge fan of cognitive dissonance

Whether it's devotees of one religion getting all aggressive at the followers of another, as if THE OTHER GUYS'  fantasy construct universe is stupid, while their own is not.

Or the amazing online popularity of Tranny Porn. 

But I think I've just seen a new award-winner:

Snoop Dog has endorsed Ron Paul for president.



OK, not obvious? The Mormon church is trying to buy the presidency for Mitt Romney

Just like they spent $20 million and sent 10,000+ young volunteers (their army of sanctimonious blissfully clueless young men, the same ones who come to your door to tell you that you've never thought about spiritual things -- at least not the RIGHT way -- THEIR way) spent all that money to TAKE AWAY THE RIGHTS of California citizens -- the gay ones, the ones who'd finally won their long legal fight to have the same rights as everyone else.

And now, consistent with their philosophy, they need to have -- they WILL have (they believe) -- a Mormon president who can work their will, as they have said -- "Someday, when the constitution is hanging by a thread..."

And what sort of a better front man for the Elders hiding behind the heavy doors of the inner sanctum than a generic android whose operating system and memory chips can be changed from the Temple as needed.

Many years ago, a friend of mine (now gone) -- one of the most admirable humans I've ever known -- a man who, despite being blind, never backed down, never fudged his principles, never just "went along" to keep his own status quo, a man who honored me by being my friend -- taught at Brigham Young. (This was back in the days of  "White Men's Private Club -- No darkies allowed.")

They brought him in for the dogma review, as they do with all their underlings. And he told them he had no problem with any of their dogma, from Jesus being a man who came here from another planet to a loyal church follower being able to aspire to having his own planet as a god.

But he did allow that it didn't matter much to him, since he was a sort of atheist.


In short order, they declared him an apostate, fired him, and forced his wife to divorce him and take his children.

So the idea is that by spending many many millions, they can fulfill their destiny and own what they believe is rightfully theirs.
And they can (1) get the Darky out of the WHITE house -- they may need to comply with federal law to keep their tax-exempt status, but that doesn't mean they'll ever LIKE IT
-- and (2) make their android 'the most powerful man in the world,' with the authority to change those laws they don't like.

That idea is 'heaven-on-Earth' to them and should be more terrifying to the rest of us than the idea of Freddy Kruger becoming president.

If they're NOT a cult, 
why do they act like one?


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