Hannity and O'Reilly -- always "The attack on ...(fill in the most alarming blank here)

I am always caught between being amused and being appalled by the right wingers who wave the flag hard enough to make a big hot wind and don't seem to have any idea what America is about.

The inventing/founding/establishing of America was one of the strongest, most innovative attacks on traditionalism ever, mindblowingly unthinkable in a world of crowned heads and colonialism.

These people and also the "originalists" on the supreme court don't seem to understand the underlying principle of America -- never bend the knee to traditionalism, but go beyond part of the ongoing creative process. 

Innovation and creation, by their nature, damage on destroy the traditional. Not as an intentional attack on it (unless as an old folksinging once said, unless it "stands in the doorway and blocks up the hall."), but as the result of innovative and creative thought replacing it.

America does not worship traditionalism. 

Traditionalism is the holy object of people who are scared because they're fighting off the realization that what they think they know is becoming obsolete and is no longer relevant -- and the HORROR that terrifies them is that they may actually have to learn something NEW. 






Mormons do the religious thing -- rewrite their own history to look a little more like actual people and less like sociopathic fantasists

On hearing news that the Mormons have rewritten their history on exclusion of African-Americans from the priesthood, in the new digital version of the Book, ignoring Brigham Young’s racist rantings but giving a sort of blah-blah empty non-explanation that elevates Mitt Romney’s vapidity to the level of the status of Noam Chomsky’s “Just say what the thing actually is and let the chips fall where they may.”

Given that the LDS Mandarins were the ONLY religious group to take BOTH Ham's curse of black skin for having seen his passed-out drunken father's willy on top of the Mark of Cain for killing his brother and stack them BOTH on the backs of dark-skinned Africans, and thereby DOUBLY curse them as vile and to be kept out of society, it takes a bit more than some sort of "Well, blah blah blah."

Prayer and revelation?


The LDS church had the revelation that repealed the prohibition against black people having access to the inner temple ONLY when the NCAA told them that if they didn't, BYU would be banned from the inner temple of bowl games and millions of dollars for their athletic programs.

Revelation? Of the balance-sheet sort.

This similar to what a friend who grew up in Planet Utah told me that when the LDS folk realized that so many youngsters were drinking cola drinks, they repealed the prohibition against such (because of the caffeine) but ONLY for Pepsi (in which company they owned vast amounts of stock) and not Coca-cola.

This is a decision that we can admire from a business balance-and-loss point of view, but this, like the NCAA integration decision does nothing -- as far as I can see -- to give any points to their ethical, spiritual, social, or humanistic aspects.

We await their decision to have a revelation allowing gay people to pursue their lives without interference from their executives -- even if for some bizarre reasons, a gay person might actually want to become a Mormon (hey, there are Jews who longed to become Nazi's) -- just as soon as the gay community becomes a large enough economic force to cause the church to do the math and have the revelation to see them as a Demographic and not as a nest of sinners.


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