On watching as much of Bush-wah's Speech to the Salt Lake City American Legion this morning as I could stomach before nausea overtook me

Scratch a doofus hard enough and long enough and you see the blustering schoolyard bully come out, even when reading from a script, turning pages, and making dire threats about the end of the world if HE isn't King Ubu.

One other thing -- my disgust was almost overcome with laughter when he declared how the American Legion has stood for freedom since its beginning.

Excuse me, but the reason Major General Smedly D. Butler, USMC* (author, after retirement, of War is a Racket** created the VFW was because he recognized that the AL was nothing more than a standing Goon Squad used by Big Business to put down Union Organizers.

And in my home town in Pennsylvania, the American Legion Hall served as the very real dividing line between black and white communities. This in a town where most of the black bourgeoisie -- doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc -- was economically equal to or superior to most of the white community.


*(Oh, Gen Butler had TWO Medals of Honor. Top that with your almost-completed Rich Kids' National Guard Unit service, monkey boy.

Sometimes I think the most egregious crime this asshole in the oval office has committed has been to try to equate his model airplane outfit with the real genuine actual National Guard, men and women who actually serve and protect. And die real deaths, like the Pennsylvania National Guard, more than decimated -- 14,000 casualties -- in WWI.)

** "
A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes."


MUST-SEE TV -- Olberman delivers the long-awaited Redrum Rumsfeld version of the "Edward R Murrow Takes Down Joe McCarthy" Commentary

Keith Olbermann pretty much said it better and with a more learned historical twist than I could have, regarding Redrum Rumsfeld's "appeasement" comment ...

Via Crooks and Liars --

Oh -- one fact - when he mentions the list of things this administration has had wrong, for ideology or profit, and includes Flu Vaccine -- Redrum sits onthe board of directors of Gilead Sciences, the Foster City, CA company that manufactures the vaccine. So HIS retirement fund is filled right up to the top.


My only comment to add -- when the issue of "appeasement" comes up down the road, the only regrets most of the world's countries will have in that regard is having appeased this band of thieves, murderers and schoolyard bullies they call the Bush Administration, having gone along with them.




From Tim Grieve at The War Room:

They're painting pictures now of scenes they want you to remember. Listen to Rumsfeld yesterday at the American Legion convention: Bush "remains the same man who stood atop the rubble of lower Manhattan, with a bullhorn, vowing to fight back." Check out Cheney yesterday in Nebraska: "To stand here at Offutt Air Force Base is to be reminded of how the world changed on that terrible morning. This is where President Bush came to direct the initial response to the attacks, and to conduct an emergency national security meeting by secure video."

Yes, and this is where President Bush went fishing after being warned that Osama bin Laden was determined to strike America, and this is where President Bush continued reading with schoolchildren for five minutes after he was told that America was under attack, and this is where President Bush sat as he flew aimlessly around the country on what he would come to call an "interesting day."

OK, so we're not really expecting the president to mark 9/11 with a commemorative reading of "The Pet Goat." But amid all of the media discussion comparing the beloved and decisive 9/11 Bush with the reviled and detached Katrina Bush, hasn't anyone noticed that the same guy was on duty both times?



Iraqi made to change shirt before flight (because it was "very offensive") -- USA requested to change its own regime for the same reason

From the Sydney Morning Herald via Bushout

August 30, 2006 - 8:54AM

An Iraqi architect says he was forced to change his shirt before boarding a flight in New York because the shirt had "We will not be silent" written on it in Arabic and English.

Raed Jarrar said on his internet blog,, that he was required to change out of the shirt prior to boarding a JetBlue flight from New York's John F Kennedy Airport to California this month because officials told him people were offended by the shirt.

In an interview with New York Public Radio, Jarrar said: "I grew up and spent all my life living under authoritarian regimes and I know that these things happen. But I'm shocked that they happened to me here, in the US."

Jarrar could not immediately be reached for comment.

JetBlue said it was investigating the August 12 incident.

"We're not clear exactly what happened," JetBlue spokeswoman Jenny Dervin said.

The American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee said the US Transportation Department and the Transportation Security Administration were also investigating the incident after the committee lodged complaints on behalf of Jarrar.


Here's my quandary -- in recent years, psychotic religious fanatics have convinced out government not to allow tax funds to be spent on anything that offends them -- abortion, birth control, etc.

And I have asked Hey -- how about not spending my money on murdering the people who give little Monkey Boys nightmares because they think Saddam Hussein is Mommy... because they jolly well offend ME.

Jet Blue of course can't be clear about what happened because admitting to being a craven ass-kissing chickenshit that bends over whenever the guys with the power and the money yell at them isn't exactly the stuff shareholders want to see in a company press release.*

Because YOU KNOW, those who were offended don't read Arabic and wouldn't know if the T-shirt said "We will not be silent" or "Add 50 cents for the Deluxe Falafel."

I think, in this day and age if you DON'T successfully offend most of the people on a commercial flight, you're just not living up to your responsibilities as an American Citizen.


*"It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."
Upton Sinclair


Oh to have the clear, unconfused vision of the True Believer

August 29,2006 | SALT LAKE CITY, Utah --

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday accused critics of the Bush administration's Iraq and counterterrorism policies of trying to appease "a new type of fascism."

In unusually explicit terms, Rumsfeld portrayed the administration's critics as suffering from "moral or intellectual confusion" about what threatens the nation's security and accused them of lacking the courage to fight back.


We ARE fighting back, Redrum -- but some of us can see the REAL threat to our country. You can too -- for you, all it would take is a mirror. But, he went on ... (and on and on, and like we haven't heard this all before, nicht wahr, mein fearmonger?)


"I recount this history because once again we face similar challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism," he said.


Well, hell, that's what we (the bad guys who would like a little bit of honesty, have been saying all along. That Rummy and Rove and Cheney and Monkey Boy, Tony Scales and Uncle Thomas Clarence all represent "a new type of fascism." Glad to see Rumdum agrees with us.


Rumsfeld spoke to the American Legion as part of a coordinated White House strategy, in advance of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, to take the offensive against administration critics at a time of doubt about the future of Iraq and growing calls to withdraw U.S. troops."


Nothing like preaching to the choir, keeps it safe and meaningless.




aka "Sweetie-Pie Rat"

Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat
(Phloeomys pallidus)

The largest endemic rat in the Philippines.
They weigh up to 2.5 kilos. Unlike ordinary mice and rats, they don’t spread diseases or pose threats to humans. They are quiet and timid animals that nest in hollow trees. They actively forage in the forests and feed on tender young leaves. However, cloud rats are severely threatened due to the destruction of their habitat and by rampant hunting for their meat. Only one young is born in a year; thus, their slow-growing population also contributes to the threats they face.



I guess they -- the "My Way or You Die Way" Bush monarchy wannabe's -- STILL haven't packed the federal courts with enough of their stooges.

A federal judge ruled Thursday that the government's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it.

U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy.



"But Cheney... the vice president utters a pronouncement at least once a week that ought to qualify him for 72 hours' observation in a mental facility... "

Cynthia Tucker (August 12, 2006) on Dick Cheney claiming the defeat of Joe Lieberman would "encourage" Al Qaeda .



What a F*$&%ing coincidence -- a CRITICAL RED TERRORISM ALERT just when Bush & Co need one.

JUST AS word of Bush's proposed law -- "We still subscribe to the Geneva Conventions -- we just won't prosecute anyone who violates them" is ostensibly leaked, suddenly there's a terrorist plot to mass murder UK-to-USA plane passengers.

Of course, some observors made it clear that, as Hezbollah's attack on Israel got all the Arab crazies on their side (and even some not-previously-crazy people who were bombed out of their homes and families), that Al Qaeda (now, since Bush's War began, an actual international organization, enlistments pouring in since the USA invaded Iraq) would have to come up with "SOMETHING BIG." (There's STILL no love lost between Shi'ia and Sunni in the world of Islam.)

Maybe it's actually real.

Not my point.

Perhaps our deepest, most debilitating problem may no longer be the administration per se, but -- because of their consistent lies, deviousness, theft, plunder, payoffs, cronyism, and obfuscation -- the real threat to our society, the disease eating away at it, is that it's next to impossible to believe anything they say is ever anything more than self-serving manipulation.

THAT threat (combined with grandiose schemes invented as a reaction to piss-in-their-pants fear) can do us in.

Perhaps it already has and we're just cricling the bowl, yelling up at the ass on the toilet seat that we're ok.




Those who can't remember the past ... just make stuff up

Iraqis now talking about dividing nation --
Separating Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis seen as way to end Strife.

And three years ago, when some of us (including me) said that the only realistic result would be to return the three nations (Kurdistan, Mesopotamia, Iraq) to their former situation (altho the Iranian piece and the Turkish piece of Kurdistan might be problematic -- still the first step, Iraqi Kurdistan becoming fully independent, would be a good step)

And the neocons* all said "Omigod! That's the worst thing that could happen, the worst POSSIBLE thing." And of course denounced anyone who thought otherwise as traitors.

Just a reminder -- England carved up the parts of the Ottoman Empire they wanted for their oil-greed with T.E. Lawrence leading the Saud/Faisal family in doing do the dirty deed in return for Arabia being given as Saudi Arabia (they had discovered oil in Iraq, but not yet in Araby).

I always thought Saddam Hussein taking back Kuwait (since the Brits cut it off in the 20's to give to their friends) was an ok move. The Kuwaitis were always the assholes in the UN when someone said "Israel is illegitimate" (True) and should be removed (Get real, assholes -- God is on the side of the heavy artillery -- It's there, get used to it -- Israel is there to stay) -- the Kuwaiti's always added in "Kill all the Jews." So when Saddam Hussein went in to take back what had been part of the deal for, oh, a few thousand years, just looked like history correcting a glitch to me.

Oh, one other thing -- might as well add it here -- that whole bunch of horse-foof the Rec Room Patriots in this administration made about how Saddam killed his own people -- our Fearful leaders in the Nixon administration (Cheney and Rumdum, actually) urged Saddam Hussein to take over the actual grassroots revolution by convincing him he was the Second Coming of Saladdin, which of course meant killing all the Shi'ia heretics.

We gave him the weapons, because we wanted him to bust Iran's balls. (And oh, the dead CBW Kurds -- UN investigators released a report showing that the gas used was NOT the stuff WE gave to Saddam, but cyanide-based, meaning that was Iran's doing.

But wottehell, Archie -- lying seems to be the ONLY THING this administration is good at, and they're not so good at that, either.

* Neocons -- Noun -- Overeducated schmucks, i.e., living example of the old noncom saying: "Got more degrees than a thermometer and too dumb to pour piss out'n a boot with the instructions written on the heel."



Lieberman to run on the "Dog In the Manger" Party

He knows what a "dog in the manger" is* -- and he is one ...


Lieberman vows** to run as an Independent

The three-term incumbent senator was beaten by a political unknown, but on election night his team was already spinning it as a victory.


Dear Joey -- Your ability to delude yourself about whether or not the people of Connecticut want you around is right up there with Donny Rumdum and Dickhead Cheney still believing the troops they sent down the rabbit hole in Iraq are ok.

And now you're showing your true colors -- a megalomaniacal arrogant selfish little shit.

I was always surprised most people couldn't see that about you.

Of all the people in the world who should know EXACTLY what happens when a selfish little shit decides to split the vote, you're the guy.

So your deal is "If I can't have it, I'll bring down the Democratic party in Connecticut to show them they can't treat me this way."

Scarface Lieberman, eh?

Face it -- it's over.

My best guess?

You're terrified about the next guy (I know, you were supposed to out do Strom Thurmond for immortality in office) revealing all your dirty deals.

If some Democrats in Connecticut took out a contract on your flabby ass, I wouldn't be surprised.

My advice to you?

You're not going to be a senator any longer-- so DON'T BE SUCH AN ASSHOLE.

Walk away and perhaps people will come to appreciate you for your past services.

But at this rate, you're just going to be remebered as the kind of thing one scrapes off his shoe with a stiick..


* Dog in the Manger -- old folk tale about a dog lying in a manger when a hungry lamb comes in and tries to eat some of the hay. The dog growls and snaps at him. The lamb says -- "But YOU can't eat this food." And the dog says "So what -- neither will you."

** Joe Lieberman: Sore Loserman



Great Laugh Lines of Modern America:

Local CBS news today:

"Stability remains elusive in Baghdad."


Good Night, little Joey, and goodbye

So -- the day before the Connecticut Demo Primary, little Joey decides he actually DOES NOT enjoy smooching Monkey Boy's backside, as if to say (to paraphrase the old commercial) --
"I'm not a butt-kisser, I just play one in the senate."

And the "pundits" keeps saying it's ONLY about the war or ONLY about his "friendship" with Bush -- NO ONE is friends with Bush -- he's the classic Kiss-up/Kick down bully -- John Bolton with lots of daddy's money.

Bush acts tough until he's called on his swagger (Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Darfur) and then he's "Well, there's nothing I can do about it" ("This job is HARD.")

Or Condi "But we only want a LASTING PEACE (like if you can point to ONE in the Middle East the last 1200 years, I'll buy it) --

or Rumdum ("We're doing the best we can," ) and I don't doubt it, but thank you for your effort, you're OBVIOUSLY not up to the job.

And oh, Rumdum -- that arrogant, dismissive, patronizing, belittling "My goodness" he gave to Senator Clinton's long overdue harsh questioning... Rummy's perhaps the only person in the world (other than Dick Cheney) who still thinks we're even in the game in Iraq (4th quarter, Yale-Columbia, the score is 63 to 7 and the coach is saying "It's not over until the final gun.")

Noam Chomsky has said that none of them are liars or hypocrites -- that, at that level, you couldn't stand the strain if you didn't actually believe what it is you're saying, which is what makes it impossible to talk to those people from a different viewpoint.

I still say the first thing the new prez and new congress in January of 2009 should do is arraign the lot for crimes against and turn them over to the World Court (the one they refused to subscribe to) -- win back the respect of the world, and MAYBE go on from there, working for respect and not fear....

Again, my fantasist side comes up and colors the political side ... wll, hell, why should I accept THEIR reality -- you've seen THEIR reality -- it's crap.




A thought about America's favorite skinny blonde bitch sociopath, Ann Coulter...

In an article about Rep. Murtha and the attack on him, there was THIS bit of information:

That is why Ann Coulter bestowed one of the most coveted badges of honor in contemporary America on Murtha in late June, when she called for his death. The Democratic vet, she said, is "the reason soldiers invented fragging..."

See, when you're on the Bush side, you're allowed to posit the benefits of killing a politician... that fact that the troops in his command loved him doesn't matter.

I can only think, using that twisted logic, Ann Coulter is "the reason thug mobs invented gang rape."

She might be the ONLY woman in the world for whom that possibility might be attractive.

Altho that Adam's Apple suggests HE might be the only woman in the world who longs for being beaten and abused by a succession of thugs.


Why I love the U.S. Constitution and thinks it's one of the greatest documents in history...

... because it's taken those #*$$$%#^@ more than 200 years to destroy the Bill of Rights.

----And we know WHICH #*$$$%^@'s we're talking about, don't we? Here's a clue -- Both Grandpa's sent money to Hitler before and during WWII, then Poppy added to the fortune with kickbacks from Saddam Hussein, Col Noriega, and Arabian Oil Sheiks via Banco Lavoro.

And, as in the incredibly dirty old joke among comics, this incredibly dirty joke of a family:

"What do you do?"

"We rob, kill, help torturers, cover up for sociopaths who pay us off, lie, cheat, destroy everything people worked for generations to create and build, provide weapons for psycho's, sneer at poor people, let people die when we're supposed to help them, and generally swagger around as if we're hot shit."

"What do you call yourself?"

"The Aristocrats."




It's Called FLOP SWEAT

When you're circling the drain and can't just get behind it and enjoy the ride, you pull out every lame, desperate, piece of crap you can find. That's called FLOP SWEAT.

Little Joey Lieberman is now attacking his challenger because of who his forebears were. JP Morgan and others.

Actually, he's attacking Ned Lamont because he's rich.

Yep -- because he's rich.

No mention that one of those forefathers founded the ACLU.

Will we get to see a Lieberman version of Willie Horton show up before Tuesday?

If it's gonna happen (or is JP Morgan that Willie Horton?) expect it Sunday night, right after Deadwood.


What I would really like to see/hear in/from a politician (or, In Your Dreams, Saintperle)

I have some friends who describe themselves as "Yellow Dog Democrats," meaning they'd sooner vote for a yellow dog than a Republican.

And while I was raised in that sort of family, I leaned heavily Democrat, but wasn't fanatical about it.

There used to be a spectrum of Republicans, from Lowell Weicker and Everett Dirksen to Barry Goldwater and Taft.

But then the Republicans, led by Nixon and later followers, decided playing the race card over and over and over again would get them back in contention in the south. OK, unfair enough.

People thought "Oh, it was just Nixon, that slime-thrower." Right. Remember Willie Horton? Yeah Prez 41 -- you're SUCH a gentleman.

Willie Horton was why I realized the difference between Aristocrat, which some people claimed to be, and vicious trailer-trash with a lot of money (most of it made from sending money to Hitler to buy weapons to kill our guys, and taking seriously large kickbacks from Saddam Hussein and Col Noriega. But no names.)

Then they sold their souls to the post-Cromwellian psychotic fundamentalist literalist slimy side-mouth talking hypocritical bible-bangers like Pat Robertson (which to any Jew means Father Coughlin, Adolf Hitler and lynch law) and did a Stalin Purge on the reasonable moderates in the party.

(You ever think the name "Falwell" might refer to an Olympic "10" appreciation for Lucifer's plunge? No, me neither.)

Then this administration, the Bush-wahs, went all the way into total insanity.

And I hear Republicans as upset and pissed off at what they're doing to America (and the Republican Party) as I am.

And all along, the Democrats, supposed to be providing an alternative, just dithered their way into a long-time caving and a long-time worthless, and turned into crazed smurfs.

So here's what I long for now:

Any elected official displaying BOTH intelligence and integrity.
Democrat, Republican, Green, or Independent, I don't care.
Just someone who actually THINKS about the situations and acts from conscience and not from poll-responses.

Right, in my dreams.


Bill Maher on Mel Gibson

"...But he'll never win as long as he's so religious, because, I hate to tell you, the disease isn't alcholism, the disease is religion."

---And again, I reiterate -- Mel Gibson has NOT made ANY comments -- not apologies, explanations, or, more in character, 'fuck you's.'

His PRESS AGENT (Publicist) has issued several that are more or less just what everyone wanted to hear.

And to Abe Foxman -- for a man as hair-trigger on anti-semitism as you, I'm disappointed you'd buy some typing from a flack as the real thing.



Chertoff MIGHT watch "When the Levees Broke"

So Michael Jerkoff, the incompetent political appointee pal of Monkey Boy, collecting a salary as head of FEMA, compensating for not having gotten his shit together for Hurricane Katrina, NOW is ahead of the game:

Says he'll watch it "IF I have time."

Getting in there ahead of the game to make sure all 'dem black folk understand the TOTAL CONTEMPT he has for them and their suffering.

The first time I looked at Jerkoff and said -- "Jesus, he's a William Burroughs cadaver," I was told "No, he's a runner."

Again I said, "NO -- he LOOKS and ACTS like the soulless living dead."


Totentanzing for Castro

I fail to see -- other than relative to the degree of the event in question -- why Cubans dancing in the streets of Miami to the news that Fidel Castro was undergoing life-threatening surgery is any different or less despicable than the group of Arabs we saw (in the same footage over and over) dancing in the streets on 9-11.

But I suppose the children and grandchildren of Batista's Death Squads and Torturers learned their attitudes at home.




You ever hear some mother saying to an infant: "Who's the cutest baby in the world?" Not even close.

July 31, 2006—National Geographic News

Imagine the weight of three U.S. quarters in your hand.
That's how much this pygmy slow loris , an ancient primate species, weighed when it was brought last month to the nursery of the San Diego Zoo in California.

After giving birth to the 0.6-ounce (17-gram) male at the zoo on June 24, the mother didn't take proper care of him. Zoo officials intervened and placed the big-eyed baby in the nursery's incubator.

Mother and son have since been reintroduced and now spend a few hours together each day, says zoo spokesperson Andrew Circo. The initial lack of care may be due to the female being a first-time mom, he says, but now she's starting to get the hang of it, and the baby has beefed up to a whopping 2.12 ounces (60 grams).


Tuesdays with Melvin

Dear Mel -- if YOU don't PERSONALLY make the apology, but instead have (or let) your publicist do it, then it isn't an apology at all.

It raises the prospect that maybe all you did was just tell the publicist "Take care of it," and didn't write it, work on it, say it, or even know what it was in either press release.

Your ongoing characters' primary virtue is they all have serious large brass balls.

So far, you haven't shown us that YOU, as an individual, have any.

It takes a big man to make a public apology, but you seem to be just one more short little punkass hiding out from the pissed off public at some rehab center for drunks. (Got a note from your doctor, eh?)

There are lots of other swaggering little banty roosters out there who'll gladly step into your place in a Noo Yawk minute, so don't worry about us lacking for your kind of entertainment. We'll survive.

And if I can't find a good action-adventure movie to occupy my time, well, I'll just have to call up some other Jews and start a war.



The problem is this:

Now that what we always knew was going to happen IS HAPPENING and it's apparent to EVERYONE that Iraq is circling the drain (I wish they would have read T. E. Lawrence's "7 Pillars of Wisdom," where he explains why), every death is even MORE unnecessary than any of the ones that came before, and every daily death count pierces the heart.



A bunch of amachoors..

August 01,2006 | WASHINGTON -- President Bush is pressing for a United Nations resolution linking a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon with a broader plan for peace in the Middle East, despite rising international pressure for a simple no-strings-attached halt to the fighting.

Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the president's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, discussed the next steps over dinner at the White House on Monday.

An orthopedic surgeon I know -- whose work MUST actually work the way it's supposed to -- was fond of saying "Perfect is the enemy of good enough."

I would think any agreement in the Middle East has even LESS of a chance of being perfect than a hip or knee joint replacement.

But it would take someone who actually knows what he (or she) is doing to know that.

Blame it on Hezbollah, or Iran, or Israel or Syria, but the fact is EVERY DROP of blood of those deaths is on the hands of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Hadley.

They can whine all they want, but we know they could do it with a phone call -- just "call Olmert and tell him to have the Israeli troops knock off that shit."

And they could do that and it WOULD happen, because the Israeli government (as distinct from the citizens who have as little control over their runamuck poiticians as we do) doesn't wipe its ass without the toilet paper we provide for them.

But our Jesus freak prez and the people who play him know that he's convinced disagreeing with someone in the so-called Holy Land, won't sit well when the End Times he's trying so hard to bring on hits Rapture level.

They say that Christians in America focus on Jesus' death, but seem to not care at all about his life or his teachings.

Similarly, they say that those psycho assholes who call themselves "conservative"( even tho they're actually authoritarian National Socialists), follow Barry Goldwater. But the only thing they've manifested of the things that stand-up straight-shooting guy said is his observation that America is "a pitiful helpless giant."

They've made THAT statement come true.



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