A note on the posting below --

"95% of them are good MEN."

Priests are MEN.

Good MEN, not Good PEOPLE...

Not being a member of that church -- and especially not privy to such secret inner teachings as there might be -- as someone who is just an ignorant outsider, I find the "No girls allowed" in the Priest Club attitude really stupid, depriving women of full participation and depriving itself of the universality it claims.

The reason for priests MUST be men, at least as told by Jimmy Breslin in his novel, He Got Hungry and Forgot His Manners was that the inner teaching (rationale for why women can NOT be priests) is that sperm is the vehicle of the Holy Spirit.

If that is so (and I have no way of knowing if it is or isn't) then the large intestines of Altar Boys must be right up there with the holiest of holes. 


Regarding the perception of President Obama's actions

I'm not taking a side on anything he's done or is doing, pro or con, not here.

This is about something else.

It's about the perception of him that seems to be nearly universal:

That's he's the King ... or the Pope ... or God

But he's not the King... he's not the Pope ... he's not God ---

He's just an elected official -- the duly elected President of the United States, holder - -with the Vice President -- of the only truly national office, the only office that is filled according to the will of the entire nation.

He doesn't believe he can just say "Let it be so," and have it done.
Unlike a lot of people who have been in the Executive Branch.

No Fiat Lux there.

He's a very intelligent man committed to pulling the USA out of the nasty angry hole it's been digging itself into -- deeper and deeper and deeper -- since the Nixon foam-flecked attacks on Jerry Voorhis and Helen Gahagan Douglas, i.e. that Democrats are all Communist enemies of Freedom.

But even Nixon had reservations about some of the exoskeletal types who danced the Texas Two-Step with George W. Bush.

The same people who now -- during what seems to be their 'Senior Moments' -- consider themselves to be senior statesmen.

They're not.

They're people who are actively encouraging  sedition.

 In other words: felonious criminals


They say that 95% of priests are good men...

... that only a tiny minority -- 5% -- are buttfucking child rapists ... but the "GOOD MEN" are being tarred by the bad behavior of the bad...

although there's an old saying -- and it's directly related to the concept of the martyr, i.e., the person who must speak out when asked (Romans asking if they're Christians, etc) -- and that saying, that insight is this:


So those 95% -- of which many knew what was happening -- are, if not accessories after the fact, then merely moral cowards. Either way, doesn't equate to "GOOD MEN" in my book.

I'm not a Catholic, but it looks to me as if the continuing evasions are protecting the individuals but actually destroying the Roman Catholic Church.

None of them can imagine that actually happening, which means they have no idea how to prevent it.

(And by the way, once the raped children get through with finding justice, there are a whole lot of Jews who would like to discuss their feeling that John Paul II's well-meaning "Sorry," doesn't come close to a valid apology for the historical monstrosities.)



Tony Powers's great classic -- Don't Nobody Move -- he's got a new CD out ("Who Could Imagine") with a version of this and some other songs -- all amazing -- find it, buy it

Check out CD Baby for his new CD.

CDBaby is a great source for idiosyncratically rare and excellent music -- and, oh yeah --  I have no connection to them other than finding and buying hard-to-find music from them over the years and thinking they're some very nice folk offering some very nice music -- most of it is totally new to me, which is why it's a great help that they try to have preview samples for all the music they offer. 




Afterthoughts on the HealthInsurance Reform Bill

Over a week ago or so, I told Miss Jane (who knows I watch World Series of Poker during insomniac sessions (but NEVER -- never again -- the one with the ineffably sleazy creature Gabe Kaplan has become) 
"It's like Texas Hold'em and the flop was a king, an ace, and two sevens -- and the Repugnicans go 'YEEE-HAH!!" and go ALL IN, and turn over their two Kings and snicker until Obama turns over his twin aces. 
And the last two cards were nothing much. 
And then those two cold-blooded animals -- John Boehner and Mitch McConnell turned green around their gills.

And all their wet dreams of big victory in November ended up mere sticky spots on the pajamas of the body politic.

And I say "YEEE-HAH!!

It's as someone recently wrote: "Schadenfreude is the new Prozac."*

(yee-hah)Trixie Dorais

* Credit due -- found the article -- the "someone" was Trixie Dorais in her Open blog -- great title even though I changed the meaning, since her posting was about celebrity angst and trauma (the Sandra Bullock - Jesse James kind.

Trixie Dorais - -Schadenfreude


I am reprinting this in its entirety -- my thanks to Reader Supported News for their continuing individuality and courage in presenting otherwise-overlooked (or suppressed) news and opinioon

A Personal Issue, The Catholic Church Scandal

28 March 2010

y views on child abuse and child molestation are harsh and unforgiving and forged by the fires of my own childhood. I give no quarter on this issue.

I have no kind words or forgiving thoughts for the Catholic hierarchy or their enablers, which brings me to Bill Donohue's article on the CNN Opinion web site. You can read what he says here but I'll give you my version:
Child abuse and molestation is bad but this stuff happened a long time ago and times were different then and besides everyone does it including churches, schools, businesses and even the Jews. This is all about picking on the Catholic Church for headlines.
Mr. Donohue - you are performing a cheap parlor trick of turning the Catholic Church into the victim here and frankly, it is disgusting. The victims are at the center of this issue, not you and your Catholic ego.
This is not an attack on the Catholic Church. It is about holding the men accountable who lead the Church. And that includes the Pope.

In the wonderful novel "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini, Baba tells his son Amir: "There is only one sin and that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft... When you kill a man, you steal a life. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth."

Men, not God, not Church, stole innocence and trust, privacy and possession of one's body and spirit. Can there be a more heinous crime?

While you dress your Cardinals and Pope in fine linens and moral rectitude, the molested cover themselves in revulsion and self-loathing believing they did something to cause this crime.
While you parade about with burning incense and wafers of contrition the raped and battered wander in doubt and confusion as to how God let this happen.

While you sprinkle the Water of Oblivion and chant sacred liturgies the true victims suffer the holy trinity of abuse, alienation and abandonment.

How dare you cloak the Church in victimhood.

Should the deaf children thank God that they were not able to hear their rapist's grunts and gasps of pleasure at defilement?

Should the molested thank God that they eventually became old enough to no longer be attractive to priests? Or should they have prayed for faster transfers?

Should the abused take comfort in the knowledge that it was only a few "bad apples" in the Church and they were just "unfortunate" to be among the chosen prey?

What you defend is not the Church but the silence of power, the sin of willful ignorance and the sin of omission by those who turned a blind eye to the torture and horror at the hands of God's devoted servants.

What you defend is the murder of the soul.

The first day of abuse becomes an eternity of pain and despair and night becomes a never-ending reel that assaults the senses. The smell and feel of sin forever burned into the brain haunting the heart and soul.

I don't know how to explain this horror in a way to make you understand.

I can tell you that abuse smells like Old Spice and Vaseline Hair Tonic wafting in the air with each blow. I can tell you that abuse tastes like oatmeal on a dishrag in my mouth to keep me from screaming. I can tell you that abuse burns like a tub of scalding water boiling away my sins and it stings like the slice of a knife to bleed out that evil blood inside of me. I can tell you that the sound of abuse is an icy echo: I'm only doing this because I love you. If you were good, you wouldn't make me do this.

There is not a bonfire in Hell big enough for the souls of these people to burn in as far as I am concerned. 

And the statute of limitations should match the term of punishment and damnation - eternity.

The perpetrators stole innocence and purity, trust and love, and beautiful childhood souls like they were nothing more than trinkets of idol pleasure.

But the greatest theft came from the Cardinals and Bishops and authorities. They stole in silence just like a thief in the night. They were soundless accomplices to the murder of souls.

They stole truth from those who needed its protection most. They stole the right to be heard and to be believed. They stole love and hope and the sanctity of the church.

They stole God.

To defend any of this is to steal the last vestige of dignity and honor and justice from those who deserve it most.

There is only one sin and that is theft.

Thou shalt not steal.



Thursday, March 25, 2010 12:09 PM

Well, they always say times of stress show us the exceptional people... and true to the role of the Champion, Eric Cantor breaks the existing record to achieve a new, previously unheard-of low in the Competition for Most Slimy Hypocrite

So Eric Cantor rises to the title formerly held by such luminaries as Dick Armey (and all the Texas congressmen who are and have been right up there competing for recognition), Pat Buchanan, et al.

That title?

Most vicious, hypocritical, sleazebag, blame-others-for-what-YOU'RE-doing, soulless, conscienceless sonofabitch -- smiling and claiming that the violence is the fault of the Democrats who are talking about the attacks on them. This is the game of Holocaust semi-deniers who point a finger at European Rabbis and insist "THEY caused the holocaust to create sympathy for their own world takeover."

(Just coincidentally, note that none of the vicious morons who egged them on from the Capitol Building balcony were Democrats. They were ALL Republicans as well as being slavering monsters.)

And, as a Jew, it is as painful to note that Cantor is also Jew as it was some years ago to see news footage of the late and unlamented Meier Kahane. (In the world of reincarnation, it was clever for Adolf Hitler to come back as a Jew. But as soon as Kahane opened that sewer he called a mouth, it became obvious where -- and what -- he was coming from.).)

Cantor's people are out there screaming the REAL words, not the N-words -- I'll put them here because even in print they're harsh and threatening -- they're screaming "Nigger" and "Faggot" -- and Cantor and his ilk keep apologizing for them saying "Oh only a few of them are racists," when the fact is that only a few of them are rabid enough to scream those words from the safety of a mob while all the rest nodded in approval. Because any of the people in that mob who didn't come down harshly on the race-baiters and gay-bashers ARE ALSO racists and homophobes. As they say about abortion, it's also true of racism and homophobia -- "There's no middle ground." And those twin monstrous bits of insanity -- racism and homophobia -- ARE the primary engines driving the Party-going Teabaggers.

In the wonderful world of nasty dummies, the runner-up is Glenn Beck, the Pillsbury White Boy who denounced the Reps and Senators who linked arms to cross the street against the mob, getting all self-righteous and yelling that those people had no right to adopt the same thing as the people of the 60's Civil Rights Movement because "THOSE PEOPLE sat on the ground," obviously not aware that John Lewis -- one of the linked-arms people -- HAD BEEN one of those people out there in Selma and Birmingham who sat on the ground while dogs and redneck sheriffs (is that redundant?) attacked them.

Ahhh, sometimes (as Civil Rights heroes and other have found out) it's really difficult to adhere to Napoleon's good advice:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."

And that one always -- in my mind -- goes along with Voltaire's happy statement:

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 
  'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it." 




Abraham Foxman -- does more harm than good

The most recent fecal fling from Mr Foxman came the other day:

"... the Anti-Defamation League's Abraham Foxman yesterday formally condemned Gen. David Petraeus for warning that Israel's conflict with the Palestinians increases anti-American hatred and endangers American troops due to a "perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel." Foxman attacked Petraeus' remarks as "dangerous and counterproductive" -- and, indeed, they are: "dangerous and counterproductive," that is, for those (like Foxman and the neocon Right) who want the U.S. to blindly support Israeli actions even when doing so directly harms American interests."

So ok, let's deal with all the crap Foxman and his idiot pals will fling at the likes of me:

I am NOT a self-hating Jew.

I am NOT an enemy of Israel, in fact my criticisms of actions done by Israeli officials -- Netanyahu, et al --are prompted by seeing those self-serving actions making things WORSE and MORE DANGEROUS for Israel.

So we get to Foxman, who stands among the ranks of demagogues like Pat Robertson and Father Coughlan, each of them a man who acts as if he is the sole proprietor of his particular religion, in Foxman's case, Judaism, playing the role of SuperJew, defender of all Jews everywhere. Even the ones who didn't ask for his dubious help.


Abraham Foxman has been doing reactionary shrieing so often and for so l0ng and for incredibly petty things, he has devalued the concept of anti-Semitism (and it looks to me as if it is for his own aggrandizement) and he has overused it to the point where the phrase and concept are meaningless, and therefore no longer useful or effective. He's become the Jewish Dick Cheney, blathering and crying wolf until he turns into a bad and stupid joke.

(The Late Lord Buckley put it this way:
God says to someone not unlike Asshole Abe:

"You keep ringing that bell, you're gonna bend that bell."

So, little Abie -- why not try shutting up once in a while.



Perhaps the best TV commercial of the 21st Century.. simple to the point and want to watch it EVERY time.



Ahhh - 4 words that might make everyone ease up on flinging feces at the president

It's a 4-word mantra to increase the sense of well-being:





The Repugs' attacks depend TOTALLY on people having a short memory (how many times they attacked the Dems for doing a less venomous version of what THEY'RE doing now, but we -- as Americans -- can NOT afford to forget the first 8 years of the 21st century, and those four words.


Make that FIVE magic words -- and this the most powerful of the lot:


(I realized this last night, falling asleep, but would have forgotten to add it except for a reminder from long-time friend and master gadfly, expat to the UK, Stephen Bennett.)

It's a healing mantra, so say it frequently:

"Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin, and Rove -- ALL FINISHED!"

... and other than W*, the rest are still loudly screaming that they are alive and relevant.  They're not and just realizing that increases the feeling that Morning in America may actually be here.

Historically famous atheist Voltaire said it best:

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.'  And God granted it."


*(Who woulda thought HE would be the most astute of the lot?)



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